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  1. Hellow followers, I being the owner and NTI have come here today to annouce that NTI is not officially closed. I know I had about 3 weeks left but I have paid everyone what is owed to them and I am closing the site now. It was a nice run and I thank you for all the support. unlike other forums who wanna cause trouble no one ever did here. Even as we speak I am downloading files and backup the database and will be removing the domain from hosting. I am moving this topic to closed.
  2. opps there was a typo. I am offering 15% referral commision. Sorry about that.
  3. Hey everyone as you proberly know I am the admin of this site. I have paid every member with honesty and loyaly just ask skylady here in the forum. anyway I am closing the doors on NTI. I have had a nice run for the yr but since I have now developed a new script I am just going to work with that for now. I appriciate all the support and this will be the last time I post for this site. The site will close in 45 days. I ran the site the best i could provided i had hyip monitors try to say i was scamming when its hard to scam someone when they dont even have a cashout request in.? funny huh, So once again thank you for the support. Don
  4. hmm well since i am talking to myself here. I am now offering 15% referral commision for anyone who refers someone to buy a item at the site.
  5. hmm I am starting to think I am talking to myself in here? Anyway Alertpay is not a processor of the XtremeHyipscript family. It can be purchased on the site as an addon. Thanks
  6. 10% off web hosting when you use coupon code hostAJ9 visit the site for more details.
  7. The new design is up. with alot of better features and cleaner member pages and more options. Plus we now offer webhosting for the script and discounts and promotions. Contact Live support for a discount or promotion offer.
  8. Hey guys wanna tell everyone about some exciting news I am just about completed the work on the new look with better function to provide service to you. I will be offering hosting for you to host the script on or you can provide your own. For a limited time I will be doing installation for free of charge. so act now while the free install lasts. Dont forget I have LIVE CHAT on my site also and you can talk direct to me or one of my support staff with any problems you may have or you may be concerned with. Thanks Don
  9. Yeah I worked fast to get the site back up. So its time to sell this thing
  10. Sorry for the down site. Its a long story but needless to say the site is back up with a new domain. I hope anyone interested will come back to visit
  11. The offer for free hyip script is over. Superhyip has 1 new customer now.
  12. Hey everyone as you are aware I am a supermod here in the forum but besides all of that I also have spent the last 14 months developing a new hyip script that will be better then anything out there. Now I am sure alot of you are saying "yea right! another junk script" Well I do not have the crap goldcoders have. my script works and you cant falsly pay a member like you can in goldcoders. Shall I go on? Okay here is another bit of info about goldcoders and mine.. They have back doors. Mine does not. Theirs have code that actually send information back giving them acces to your admin panel. Mine doesnt. Anyway folks enough about them. Some features are : Verification check for license. Secure login disable and enable signup,login,transfers,deposits and more. cancel pending withdrawals. enhanced support system not sent to email but a internal email. many many more. Our banner: Visit us Xtreme Hyip Script. I am not out to get rich I just got tired of the crapy scripts out there. I hope I will get some replies and some purchases. Thanks Don
  13. Happy Birthday tifarez Don
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