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  1. Hello is this script still available ? pm me ur skype if possible show me demo on ur link
  2. Hello got paid from Bulkmoneyforum.com Transaction of 0.8 USD to account U3042185 was successfully completed. Transaction batch#: 34284110 Timestamp: 09.11.2013, 12:01 thanks to admin
  3. Hello i got paid again thanks to admin and Bulkmoneyforum's team Received Payment 2.00 USD from account U3553003 to account U3042185. Batch: 34059932. Memo: Cashout of BMF$200 from bulkmoneyforum.com
  4. Hello here are some payment proofs i have recieved today via cashout of my BMF$ , that i earned while doing my hyipmonitering services, am sorry for i could not share the previous payouts from bulkmoneyforum that can be seen in contest section . here are the payments that i have recieved today Transaction of 2.00 USD to account U3042185 was successfully completed. Transaction batch#: 33877501 Timestamp: 09.07.2013, 11:17 Transaction of 3.00 USD to account U3042185 was successfully completed. Transaction batch#: 33894302 Timestamp: 09.07.2013, 14:55
  5. 04/10/2013 19:13 139621228 U0778433 (Financa.biz) + $1.00 Merchant Reference: Memo: Withdraw to hyipexaminer.com from Financa.biz Thanks admin
  6. SCAM SCAM SCAM not paying from last 4 days Stay away .. Regards
  7. Hello iam in with 35 lr Payment Mode Account Date 03/30/2013 14:22 Batch 137996471 From U7130387 (hyipexaminer) To U1829104 (Financa.biz) Amount $35.00 Memo Deposit to Financa.biz User hyipexaminer.com will update here soon
  8. Sign up Offer bulkmoneyforum dot com Hello friends Sign Up Contest you will find Simple and interesting and offcourse fruitfull also , what you have to do is Just need to Sign up and u can earn 1 $ Payment made to your LR , PM or WMZ post u r username and e-wallet below to claim bonus you must have made 50 posts at least in Bulkmoneyforum to qualify thanks.....
  9. Payment Received.. 04/09/2012 09:52 90928390 U1541904 (hiseastrading) + $1.00 thnx admin
  10. iam in now Payment Mode Account Date 04/05/2012 11:28 Batch 90568333 From U7130387 (hyipexaminer) To U2923937 (Silver Structure) Amount $13.00 will update u soon
  11. geniusventure admin is a damn Scammer , plz let save investors ... my proof is attached and i can show more screen shots also of inside account -- PLZ STAY AWAY -- i have lost my 252 $ LR new investors must see these proofs before invest in geniusventure.com this is for your investment safety. www.hyipexaminer.com
  12. Welcome to the forums hyipexaminer :) Enjoy your stay and thank you for being a member. If you need help or have questions don't hesitate to contact me and other mods. We are here to help you.