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  1. Happy Anniversary Randy Zimmerman!

  2. Happy Birthday Randy :)

    GREAT DAY to Ya !!!

  3. I am new to the internet and was woundering about online surveys can you make any money doing them? And If not what would you suggest for a Pre Newbie to maybe make a few buck and learn more? Thank you for your help and suggestions.
  4. PMed you with response Randy :)

  5. Question I am new to all this stuff so it will take awhile to get it figured out. My question is do online survey work or things like that? I thought if I could start with something that not to hard I could learn and go from there. This maybe something I should have put to the members but honestly Im not sure how yet.

  6. Being new to anything its nice to know there are people willing to help.

  7. I am new to this all so I will be watching for anything you post !

  8. Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to being here

  9. has not set their status

  10. I am have alittle problem getting around in site could you get me started ?
  11. I am 52, male from a small town in Ga. . I am new to the internet as well as the computer. Im here to hopefully learn from all you pro s