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  1. I had invest AP40 on the 12 Dec 2009, and here's my latest withdrawal proof.
  2. Fund Duration: Your investment is held for 30 calendar days. You earn interest Monday through Friday. Principal is returned at the end of term. Interest paid daily. The Golden Fleece Fund is a private investment group consisting of traders of precious metals. Our group of investors is diverse. We have a hand in every aspect of the trading of precious metals. In light of the global recession, precious metals are where we find our security "fleece" in the world of investments. The Golden Fleece Fund is in the business of trading precious metals. Our investment group has relationships from start to finish in the production of precious metals. Our team works with mines, refineries, and distributors of Gold, Silver, and Platinum to generate profits during a global recession. The global recession has sparked higher demands for Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Through the release of GoldenFleeceFund.com we have opened the profitable world of precious metals investing to the average investor who doesn´t have a team in every avenue of the precious metals markets. Gain your security "fleece" through the Golden Fleece Fund. Join me here!!!
  3. Date: 8/13/2009 12:08 Batch: 18450380 From Account: U8053125 Amount: $24.20 Memo: Surourcolors Payouts Thank you.
  4. Just upgrade with AP40 here, I'm sure this will last longer then the others...
  5. Hi, I'm not Admin. Welcome to Surf-Our-Colors. Hello surfers, I am KATHRYN OWENS; I was a regular investor in Auto-surf and hyip programs for the past 3 years and also a supporter in MMG forum in the name DOLLORTREE. With my experience I came to know that the autosurf industry is filled with secrets and mysteries. Many programs succeeded in short time and disappeared in a very short time. But there are some good program organized by honest admin?s in this arena which is still running successfully because of their professional planning system and a good support from the members. If we need to earn in this horizon we need to give a best support as much as we can to standardize a program. The vision of surfourcolors is to entertain, educate, awaken, inform and make the investor realize the beauty and wonder of joyful income. He must realize how thrilling and exciting the world is. Our features are: - Plan A: 11% Daily for 10 days with daily payout system. - Plan B: 11% Daily for 11 days which will be paid after expiry. - Plan C: 4% Daily for 30 days with daily payout system. (Non-Surf) - 3% referral commission (Only for upgraded Member) - $5 Per Ad unit. - No withdraw Fee. - We accept Alertpay, Strictpay, Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney. - View 11 websites to earn daily percentage. Join Here.
  6. Paid!!! From Account: 58589 (Investimates) Amount: $14.90 Date: 07-25-2009 5:00:28 Comment: Payout to member #67 from Investimates payid 7700 Your Transaction ID: 360854 Sender Transaction ID: 360853
  7. Thanks for the info...btw, I had just made a deposite into it... current status: Bought 20 Business cards today. :lol: :lol: :lol: Enjoy the shuffling mate!!
  8. Updated 21 July2009: Lucky Draw Contest Tired of small contests and small prizes? You want the BIG money? How does $500 sound? We are giving away 1 (one) $500.00 prize. That's right if you win you get the WHOLE thing. How to win: * 1) Deposit money into your account * 2) For every $10 that you deposit you get a chance to win $500. * 3) Spend your deposited money on anything you want on the site. (except forum advertisements) * 4) Wait for the drawing which will take place once $5000 has been deposited! Currently 30 Entries Odds of winning 1:500 per entry. If you make more than one deposit your odds of winning increase. Disclaimer: This is not a gambling site. We are running this contest to encourage our members to begin advertising or continue to advertise. All prizes will be awarded into your 10DD account. Fun 10DD Trivia Fact: Did you know that a prize the size of $500 can affect not only you but 2 other people? You get $500. You buy 50 cards. Your referral gets $50. They buy 5 cards and their referral gets $5.00. So when you win so do 2 other people. Prize: $500.00 GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE AND WELCOME ABOARD!!
  9. Paid!!! Payment Details Date: July, 21 2009 12:56:55 AM Amount Sent: $7.00 USD Sender Name: surfinglegacy Sender Email: surfinglegacy@yahoo.com Reference Number: B3820-4B51C-24891,
  10. News updated: Black Belt Jackpot Just a few days left and there is still $50 in the Black Belt Jackpot. This amount will be forfeited if no one becomes a Black Belt this month. Lucky Draw We really want to have this drawing and the only way to do that is for people to continue to add funds. For every $10 you add you get an entry in the Lucky Draw contest worth $500.00. This prize will go to 1 person. Think about the odds of winning. 1:500 Those are great odds. Plus you get to buy Business card and make money that way too. The drawing will take place once we have had 500, $10 deposits. Let’s make that happen by the end of the month.
  11. News updated: We here at 10 Dollar Dreams would like to see this dream come true. Every card to shuffle everyday. So how would it come true? Easy...You. If we got every Black Belt and a Every Green to do the following, you would see so many shuffles you would not know what to do. So here is the plan: 1) EVERYONE make it a point to go the forums 1 time a day and make one post. Either start your own post or reply to someones post. This has actually been proven to increase site participation, so the more active the forum the more active the site. 2) EVERYONE make it a point to get one referral every week. The more people signing up the more people buying cards 3) EVERYONE make it a point to encourage referrals to purchase a card. Possibly offer that if they buy a card you will buy them a card too. (Since you can transfer money to referrals this makes it very nice.) 4) If you have received a payment from 10 Dollar Dreams, go to the forums and post a success story or payment proof. People want to know that we are paying. This is what you need to realize. 10DD is not a site that you just invest money and watch it grow. This is site that depends on it's members being active in every aspect. We WANT you all to succeed. If we all work to gether we can all succeed. ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ Contests So far there have been entries into the Black Belt Jackpot so I am going ahead and setting the Jackpot to $50. That means if only person becomes a Black Belt this month we will add another $50 and they will win a total of $100. Obviously if more than that join there will be a drawing and up to 4 people will walk away with a cash prize. Lucky Draw Contest now has 24 entries for a chance to win $500. One person will walk away with $500.00 As soon as $5000.00 has been added to funds we will have the drawing. Good Luck!! ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ Thank You! I would personally like to thank you all for your patience and your prayers as we had a tragic loss in our family. It has been a difficult 2 weeks. I just wanted to say thanks and I really do appreciate my 10DD family. Pastor G Admin
  12. Thanks Roger... From Account: 58589 (Investimates) Amount: $2.20 Date: 07-15-2009 0:19:40 Comment: Payout to member #67 from Investimates payid 4067 Your Transaction ID: 341691 Sender Transaction ID: 341690 Date: 7/15/2009 07:13 Batch: 17301534 From Account: U8952851 Amount: $0.30 Memo: investimates.com Payment Details Date: July, 15 2009 1:13:28 AM Amount Sent: $2.20 USD Sender Name: Investimates Sender Email: investimates@gmail.com Reference Number: 1BB1A-518B3-DCF7B, Message: Payout to member #67 from Investimates payid 4070
  13. Thanks Roger. From Account: 58589 (Investimates) Amount: $3.80 Date: 07-12-2009 20:13:01 Comment: investimates.com Your Transaction ID: 337696 Sender Transaction ID: 337695 Payment Details Date: July, 12 2009 9:10:26 PM Amount Sent: $1.90 USD Sender Name: Investimates Sender Email: investimates@gmail.com Reference Number: 9CAD5-7C86A-22D20, Message: Payout to member #67 from Investimates payid 3498 Payment Details Date: July, 13 2009 3:51:19 AM Amount Sent: $3.00 USD Sender Name: Investimates Sender Email: investimates@gmail.com Reference Number: D99AC-2F09E-691F2, Message: Payout to member #67 from Investimates payid 3563
  14. News updated: normal. Once again thank you all for your prayers for my family and my uncle. They are greatly appreciated. We as a family are setting up a memorial Fund in my Uncles name for the school that he taught at and coached for. If any members would like to make a donation to that Memorial in my uncles name please send a PM to 10dollardreams on the forum or send an email to admin@10dollardreams.com. You may make a donation 1 of 2 ways. 1) If you make a withdraw you may choose to donate all or part of the withdrawn amount. 2) If you would like to just donate via Alertpay or Paypal send an email to admin@10dollardreams.com stating that and I will send you the details on how to make a donation. Pastor G Admin
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