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  1. anything you need to know shoot. I am following traders for the past 2 years and on. whatever you do, always follow with low risk! ;)
  2. check out the ranking and this is more than enough to get the latest idea of how the best performance. One point though, no matter what you do, always, follow with low risk.
  3. Zulturade is a platform my friend! You have the chance to follow the trades of profitable traders, along with the protective tools it has of course, and get a positive outcome at the end of the day, with little money and time invested on your side. Open a demo account and you will see for yourself!
  4. So zuluinvest, you still alive and kicking? Hope you didnt burst your trading account into flames! I myself am doing pretty much profitable - nice and sound! 3500 usd for the past 4 months.
  5. very good performance my friend very good performance! what is your ahead trading strategy plan?
  6. any news of the trading world? I am looking to new providers to start fall trading :)
  7. hello there are you still with zulutrade? care to share some traders that you think are worth following ?
  8. hey there!!! you seem that you are trading with zulutrade for quite some time. are you still kicking and alive trading with the platform or you bursted your accounts into flames already?
  9. as an alternative investment or approach so to say i recommend you open an account with zulutrade - this platform actually makes it easy as a child-game to copy forex trades ;)
  10. heyyy, yeah the website is pretty awsome :) check out the zulu-guard...we followers need for quite some time a tool like this! try to learn and utilize the most possible. btw, who are following now? for your information, I am having 2 live accounts and have been through lots of demos in mastering my account.
  11. are you following traders on zulutrade as well, my friend?
  12. hello are you still trading on zulutrade? i really hope so!!
  13. so guys, who are you following these days? anybody worth mentioning ?
  14. sure, I also encourage zulutrade ;) the easiest fast made pips ever!!!
  15. Which one is your fab (or top 5) forex brokers and why? :wink: