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  1. you took excellent topic..Thanks for the great article!your example of business plan blunders I appriciate most which you explain point to point..I look forward to reading your posts in the future.I think leaving the business speak at home is a huge one..I'll waitting for next
  2. I agree with Jennifer sometimes the professors and students must be able to meet even if the whole class is taught online. Human interaction in office hours can still go a long way. However I think adding a discussion board online with various topics is a great non invasive way for students and teachers to communicate with one another.
  3. Blackboard includes a basic tool they call Virtual Classroom, which is a simple online, realtime chatroom. It is located in every Blackboard coursesite under Communication Tools.
  4. Great stuff, Bruce thanks for describing QCC's system, which looks great. I know that City Tech has something in place, but I'm not sure of the details, so I don't know how it compares. What you have going at QCC looks like a good model to me, though.