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  1. nice sharing... :wink:
  2. As we knew that FBS giving 30% deposit bonus, moreover if we making deposit using LR we get another 3% bonus
  3. I agree with you. I think better manual trading. We can increase our ability in forex trading. Just using technical and some analysis market news from my broker.
  4. I am using STP broker now with wide range of services. You can check here
  5. Yep, with FBS there are many opptional methode for the deposit and withdrawal. But if you are prefer with liberty reserve, from now on we can using libertyreserve again for deposit or withdrawal from FBS.
  6. How about the rate sist? I think fasapay become another options fro deposit and withdrawal sice Liberty Reserve are in maintenance now.
  7. FBS strives to make our trading with FBS as much convenient as possible. FBS has expanded the list of deposit and withdrawal options in our local currency. Now we can use local exchangers to deposit our FBS trading account online in IDR or USD with minimal commission within the shortest period of time.
  8. FBS - Best Forex Broker Asia We are pleased to announce that FBS won the “Best Forex Broker Asia” at the World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards 2012. Being awarded as the Best Broker in Asia is a very special recognition for FBS. Our team always strives to provide professional and high quality services to ensure that our clients receive excellent trading conditions, personalized Customer Service and widest choice of promotions and offers. Everybody knows that the key to successful trading is choosing the right broker. The dependability of a brokerage company, its reputation, the services offered and its attitude towards customers – these are the main factors a trader needs to consider before investing in Forex. That is why FBS is a trader’s best choice – a large broker that has proved itself as an innovator and leader in the international foreign exchange market. Word Finance is a leading financial magazine published twice a month by the company World News Media (London, Great Britain). Among the magazine staff there are award — winning journalists, analysts and experts from all over the world. More FBS awards
  9. She is really lucky got $150 from FBS. Congratulation for her :) Let's wait for the next Forecast Contest, just stay tone with forumfortrader.
  10. Registration for 999 is open Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 11:45 Dear traders! Registration for “999”demo-contest has already opened. Don’t miss your chance to take part in the most favourite demo-contest between traders and win real money! The idea of “999” is very simple: each participant gets a demo account with 9999 USD balance and 1:100 leverage in it. You can trade 28 currency pairs and EAs are allowed. The winners of “999” contest will be 3 participants with the highest deposits by the end of the contest period. The total prize fund is $999. Participant with the lowest deposit will get FBS MasterCard as a consolation Prize from FBS. Period of the contest: 07.08.12-07.09.12 Registration is open from 24.07.12 to 06.08.12 Take part and win! Get all the luck! Contest details Registration
  11. “999” contest results Dear traders! On the 20th of July “999” demo contest was over. Today we are pleased to announce its results. Special prize from FBS – FBS MasterCard – is taken by a participant from India with 244554 contest account number. Third place is taken by a trader from Estonia with 284522 account number and 133223.63 USD balance. He gets 111 USD from FBS. Second place is given to a contestant from Russia with 282971 account number and 176318.46 USD balance. The participant receives 333 USD on his trading account. First place is taken by a contestant from Ukraine with account number 287774. His balance reached 180211.79 USD by the end of the contest. The trader gets 555 USD from FBS. FBS congratulates the winners and thanks all the participants for the intensive trading and unquenchable will to win. We are happy to inform you that registration for the next “999” Conteststarts on the 24th of July. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy trading with FBS and get worthy prizes for it. Registration for 999 is open
  12. Last standing for top ten 999 demo contest : № Account Country City Equity Forum 1 287774 Ukraine Slavyansk 180211.79 grigorev_74 2 282971 Russian Federation Krasnodar 176318.46 genetl 3 284522 Estonia Valga 133223.63 hodorkin 4 282463 China Chengdu 132039.36 feng_1948 5 282462 Indonesia Tangerang 63544.99 nur_78 6 282371 Indonesia Pekanbaru 63259.37 maizal 7 284029 Indonesia Kebumen 63118.56 herry_h_76 8 283140 Italy Venezia 56144.92 chen_1993 9 286579 Netherlands Drachten 56105.85 egbert 10 283333 Russian Federation Borovichi 52869.61 Alex023
  13. FBS congratulates all its Muslim clients with a holy month of Ramadan! We wish you and your families good health, prosperity and happiness!
  14. Update today for 999 demo contest FBS : Here the top ten : № Account Country City Equity Forum 1 282196 Indonesia Jakarta 147671.06 putu_1972 2 283333 Russian Federation Borovichi 107516.69 Alex023 3 287774 Ukraine Slavyansk 91925.98 grigorev_74 4 288556 Ukraine Krivoy Rog 90575.93 zaika vladimirovich 5 282781 Indonesia Jambi 72259.77 randy_90 6 282463 China Chengdu 70142.00 feng_1948 7 287079 Indonesia Bandung 60308.10 candra_t 8 282451 China Chengdu 58588.07 liu_49 9 282462 Indonesia Tangerang 47692.84 nur_78 10 282356 China Chengdu 46842.16 sun_54 Make a good competition all... Detail here : 999 Demo Contest Participants // FBS Markets Inc. Contest period: 20.06.12 - 20.07.12
  15. Have read a new promotion bonus from FBS? Read detail here