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  1. Currently in Pre-Launch but accepting registration Now. Admin and Owner: Larry Wolfer Welcome to Ad Cash Traffic! :thumbsup: Be apart of our brand NEW Revenue Sharing program today! We have many cash earning features and pay out 75% of all revenue each week. AdCashTraffic has been developed in the minds of all of our members. With our advanced traffic exchange system you can start to advertise your website and get hundreds of hits daily! You will start to see a terrific traffic jump in your business and we give you many options for sharing your website/offer to everyone. Join today and start getting all of the benefits of being an Active Advertiser! You will receive 75% of the weekly revenue back from all of the Cash Packs Purchased. Once you signup in ACT you will have access to multiple features including Text Ads, Banner Ads, & hundreds of hits daily to your own business in our rotator. Once you purchase what we call 'Cash Packs' you will be an active member and receive DOUBLE the amount of each Cash Pack you purchase. Get in early now to maximize your earning potential! You are allowed to buy up to $6000 worth of Cash Packs and start earning weekly from our Revenue Share. "Enjoy 15% Referral Commission Today!" ACT offers 15% Referral Commission to Active Members from any amount of Cash Packs your downline purchases! Our Free Members will also earn along with the Active with a still rather good profiting 10% Referral Commission. Your account will be credited with Referral Commission EVERYTIME your downline makes a purchase of Cash Packs or rollover their earning to purchase more Cash Packs. Signup & Receive 1000 Credits Instantly! SIGNUP HERE
  2. Just Launched: I am not the Admin. MassiveRevShare (MRS) is a manual surf exchange, sharing 85% of their Revenue with members. MRS shares a total of 20% Ref. Commission with their referrers! ** You'll Earn a variable weekly rebates on your Ad Packs ** Everyone gets Paid 200% rebate on their AP's before expiration! ** You Can Advertise up to 25 of your money making sites. ** You can Earn up to 20% Referral Bonus 2 levels deep. ** You'll only have to View 50 sites to earn your weekly rebate. ** You Get Free 200 website visitors at joining. ** You'll receive 20 Ad Credits with each AP you Purchase. ** You get Top-Notch Quality Advertising that produce results. SIGNUP NOW AND RECEIVED 200 FREE HITS! JOIN HERE
  3. Just Launched. I am not the Admin. AdShares4U Welcome To ADSHARES4U.com Quality Traffic, Revenue Sharing and More ..! ADSHARES4U has been designed to provide superior advertising, business building, and a Fire-Cracker support service. This, combined with a wide variety of tools and resources, will help you escalate your earning potential. However, we don't stop there. Read on... . Passive Recurring Income Through Profit Sharing! ADSHARES4U FEATURES No Recruiting Required - You decide if you would like to build a downline. We do not place any requirements on our members in order to participate. 5 Tier Affiliate Program Included - Should you decide to participate, AS4U pays affiliate commissions 5 levels deep - 10% Direct ref. Bonus, 4% on 2nd, and 2% on 3rd, 4th and 5th level referrals. Your Advertising Dollar Doubles In Value As We Grow! - Purchase all your advertising needs and our profit sharing pool will refund your AS4U purchase 200% 100% Backed By Businesses - Our profit sharing pool is backed 100% by businesses. We are constantly on the lookout for established and/or new businesses to add to our network, enabling us a constant cashflow, and benefiting the membership as a whole! SIGNUP HERE
  4. New program called EarnerSurfer. It's based on the same script developed by Gotenks (like Aggero and PAC) and offers 7% for 20 days with payouts made on expiry. The minimum to invest is $10 and the current maximum is $2,000 (will be raised every week to avoid hit-n-runners). EarnerSurfer accepts SolidTrustPay, StrictPay, LibertyReserve and AlertPay. You must earn 20 sites daily in manual mode to earn your daily rebates. EarnerSurfer is hosted on a dedicated server and has a beautiful layout. In my opinion EarnerSurfer is a very promising program and hopefully it will become very popular soon. Welcome to EarnerSurfer, The autosurf industry has dramatically crashed since the start of the year. EarnerSurfer has been planned and organized to change this disaster. We are here to bring the autosurf industry a new life and to show a new way of generating income online. First and foremost, EarnerSurfer's goal is to stay open for more than 1 or 2 months instead of 90% of autosurfs launched recently.. We planned our project carefully and we are more than confident about that. The team that EarnerSurfer is composed of are professionals with excellent knowledge in Marketing, High risk industry, and others Internet business's. Some of us have been investors our self in the last couple years in autosurf and hyip industry. We have seen many of these sites crash, and we know we have the experience and solutions to avoid problems like hit and runners, cheaters, DdoS attack. Thinking about our members and advertisers, we decided to work with the best script available, hosted on a dedicated server with high DdoS protection level and all others security features. We offer 7% daily for 20 days on money invested with us. It means you will get 140% of your investment after expired. 10 advertising credits are also included for each dollar invested, which you can use to advertise your site, and your referral link.. You will have to surf 20 pages each day in our surfbar to get your daily rebate. You can request cashout when the period expired. The minimum to deposit is $10 and we allow up to $2000 maximum investments by members. (This limit will increase each week to avoid hit and runners). SIGNUP HERE
  5. Paid Again from this wonderful site! AP: 8.50 09-06-07 Transaction: ABE-XXXXXXXX Thanks Will.
  6. This one is dead. Not Paying. Do not upgrade!
  7. Just Launched. I am not the Admin. Daily Trust Pay Two Surf Plans and Two Non Surf Plans: AP STP LR PM SP: Non Surf Plans: 3% Daily for 60 Days (180%) - 5% Daily for 30 Days (150%) Surf Plans: 9% Daily for 16 Days(144%) - 10% Daily for 14 Days (140%) 5% Ref. Commissions. Minimum Upgrade 5.00 Secured and Protected Site SIGNUP HERE
  8. WOW - Over 1,000 Members!! :thumbsup: Congratz to a Great Admin and some super supportive members! :unworthy:
  9. I would advise caution with this site. This is a possible relaunch from a past scam. Admin has not answered requests to introduce the program to the forums.
  10. Just Launched: I am not the Admin. Welcome to Surfadstime.com. We are a stable advertising platform where you can earn money for visiting websites. Advertise with us and reach the most people you can, while spending as little as possible. Our members have the unique ability to advertise their sites to people that are interested in their products and sites. Not only do they have the ability to advertise their sites or products, but they also have the opportunity to receive a amount of commissions from their daily advertising viewings. Of course, once you have satisfied with the reliability of Surfadstime.com, we are pleased to invite you to be a member of our project. Free member >> • 50 free credits • 20 second timer • 3% referral commission • Advertise up to 1 site • Cashout at $1 Upgraded member >> • Upgrades $5 only • Earn 12% daily for 12 days • 8% referral commission • Advertise up to 5 sites • Daily cashout • Fast Interest Payments & Withdrawals • Guarateed Daily Earnings • 8% Referral Commision • Cutting-Edge Account Features • State of Art Server Protection • Improved Account Security • Excellent Customer Service SIGNUP HERE
  11. Update from the Admin of 15AdsDaily: First of all let me thank you all who joined during our first full day of online presence! We are getting lots of requests to add AlertPay and want to reassure you all that we do have AlertPay planned, we just need them to complete the verification on our account, which should not take very long. With regards to Liberty Reserve and C-Gold, please understand that there are lots of people that may not hold a credit card, or who are living in countries that are not accepted by AlertPay or other processors, or that simply belong to the 'unbanked', and these people do find it convenient to use a system like Liberty Reserve or C-Gold. Server time has now been added to the side bar of the site as requested by several of you , so please do send your comments and requests, we do listen to our members! regards Dean
  12. Ok it seems the purchase button has been activated. My purchase went through LR with no glitch. Admin states they will add AP once its is verified. This Rev. Share program looks promising. #57981
  13. Update from the Admin: I am pleased to introduce our program : 15adsdaily.com The site has JUST launched and we are taking initial registrations, purchasing will open at the end of this weekend. 15ads is a surf based revenue share program, where members get 90% of ALL revenue generated by the program, both on the site and on other enterprises. We are a marketer friendly site and reward active promoters with a whopping 3-tier commission plan. 15%-3%-2% . Minimum purchase requirement to participate in the revenue share is $10. Revenues are credited to the members' cash accounts every week and are immediately available for withdrawal. We have chosen a tested and proven script to run the front operations so we can concentrate on keeping this a profitable endeavor. We will set new standards in terms of longevity, user friendliness and customer support! Please do visit our site and feel free to post your comments or suggestions! regards 15AdsAdmin
  14. Just Launched: I am not the Admin. 15 Ads Daily Owned and Operated by Professionals, so that everybody can make money! with significant money management and online marketing experience, 15 Ads Daily is a program designed to last and provide a steady income for years to come. Stable, tested software ensures smooth operations. Free members are welcome to join and refer others, paid members can enjoy significant revenue from a totally passive , unique opportunity. We pay out every week, week in week out. No hype, no flashy videos. No monthly fees, no false promises. We share 90% of what we earn, until the value of your initial AdPack has doubled, it's that simple. And all you need to do is login to the site every day and surf 15 sites, some of which will probably even offer you an additional income opportunity that is right for you!!! How's that for a win win situation!!! We pay every week, directly to your Liberty Reserve or Cgold account, just login and request your cashout every Friday (for more details please refer to our FAQ section and info in the member's area). Every Monday the revenue share and the referral commissions are posted to your cash balance, and they are yours to spend Active marketers are of course welcome as well! Earn HUGE commissions on THREE LEVELS 15% - 3% and 2%! on ALL purchases made by your downline, for the life of your account, even if you are a free member! See for yourself, JOIN HERE
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