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  1. WOW!! PLEASE READ THIS GREAT NEWSLETTER. IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! TFT are about to take the entire Daily Deals industry by storm. Make sure you take advantage of this now before it really goes viral and explodes. Timing is EVERYTHING!
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  3. YEAHHHH!! After 24 hours I have more then 1200 Peoples in my Powerline!! This will be HUGE!!
  4. Our Straightline Compensation Plan Is The First Of Its Kind In The World. It Is So Unique And Profitable That We Have It Fully Protected Under International Copyright Law! EVERYONE needs good leads. (sun) Friends and Partners, A new company is emerging and launching in a few short days. The CEO of the company is J. R. Jackson. He's been hugely successful in Direct Sales and NWM. See why EVERYONE is saying "YES!" ... and how YOU can make money from the worlds 1st true straightline compensation plan! Imagine Getting PAID DAILY! Imagine Earning Income From Every Sale In The Entire Company! Imagine Achieving The Top Position In The Company Without Ever Sponsoring Anyone! Imagine Everyone Who Joins The Company After You Anywhere In The World Is Under You! Straightline Compensation Plan Is The First Of Its Kind In The World. X - This is NOT a Unilevel! X - This is NOT a Stair-Step Break-away! X - This is NOT a Binary! X - This is NOT a Forced Matrix! ***Achieving The Top Position In The Company Without Ever Sponsoring Anyone! ***Everyone Who Joins The Company After You Anywhere In The World Is Under You! ***Earning Income From Every Sale In The Entire Company! ***Getting PAID DAILY! At some point in their efforts to grow a successful marketing team, everyone will exhaust their Friends and Family and Circle of Influence contacts. That's when the reality of needing to talk to more people and contacting more prospects becomes clear. So, a new and experienced Lead Generation company is coming on the scene in a few days. It has not began it's pre-launch yet. It's a Utah based company, and will be using the industries' premiere software company to run it's system. No matter what company you're promoting or what program, you'll benefit from leads this new company will provide for you at reasonable costs. DON'T DELAY: JOIN NOW FOR FREE SEE YOU AT THE TOP Christhom
  5. TFT is moving fast!! I think this is one of the BEST Networks EVER!! Read the latest Newsletter:
  6. Earn 3 Ways with NEW Marketing Innovation If you've EVER wanted or needed an autoresponder and had to SETTLE for aweber or get response... THIS IS YOUR DAY! Unbelievable, State-of-the-Art Autoresponder System: - You Can Import Up To 5,000 Leads Per Day! - There Are NO Double Opt-In Requirements! - You Can Have Up To 100,000 Leads Per Account! - You Receive 5,000 Leads Per Month From Reply Rewards! - You Get Industry Leading Email Deliverability! - You Get a Cutting Edge Compensation Plan! - And Much More… PLUS... Earn Killer Monthly Residual Income With The Reply Rewards 3 Part Compensation Plan: 1) FORCED 5x5 Matrix 2) Monthly RESIDUAL Referral Commissions 3) 100% Matching Bonuses In Reply Rewards, every time you refer a new member to the program, you receive a $10 referral bonus but not only do you receive it when they upgrade, you also receive it every single month they remain an active paid member! Whether you refer or not... you can EARN in Reply Rewards and use the Reply Rewards system to FINALLY use your mailing lists EFFECTIVELY (just like the big dogs) Get started today and sign up NOW: JOIN HERE!! SEE YOU AT THE TOP Christhom
  7. WOW!! TFT IS SOOOO AMAZING!!! THIS WILL BE THE NEXT BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRIE!! __________________________________________________ ________ New Updates from TFT.. It Just Keeps Getting Better :) As we get closer and closer to our launch date of October 1st, you will be receiving a lot of updates with new features and upgrades as they continue to go live. Our launch is only 22 days away... We are so excited to share all the details of the next phase of TFT with you. In fact, the hardest part has been keeping a lot of what we have been doing a secret until the day of the event, but we are very close now! Updates... 1. Details on the Launch Event in Las Vegas If you are not registered for the launch event yet then you are going to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. This will be the best event you will ever attend for the price. You still have 3 weeks to book your reservations and get there. We have some incredible things planned and just by being there you will receive so many valuable freebies and special offers that no other members will get access to. This is MUST attend event if you have the ability to get there. To get more information visit our NEW Launch Website http://www.tftlaunch.com 2. New Freebie "I Got This" Redemptions... A new feature just went live in your back office. You can now see all of the Freebies that you have looked at in the past (starting from yesterday moving forward). If you have received any of the free products or services all you have to do is find them in our freebie database and click on them. Once you click them they will show up in "My Recent Freebies" and then you just have to click "I Got This" to show that you have received the offer. You will see a running tally of all the Freebies that you have received. This will be used for all kinds of promotions in the future and it will give you real tangible value on how much stuff you are getting with your membership. NOTE: This is a sneak peek at a robust set of features that will be live with our new Discount Module. We are creating an incredible platform between Merchants (business owners) and Customers (you) that will provide so much value to both sides that it will be a no brainer for everyone to use it. There is nothing like this in the market place... Period! The future of TFT is HUGE and this is only the tip of the iceberg. To get all the details you really want to be at our LIVE launch event. 3. Update on Seth's Worldwide Trip If you didn't know... One of the Co-Founders of TFT, Seth Fraser, is on a 3 week worldwide trip setting up partnerships and business relationships around the world. So far... We have successfully established a new corporation in Hong Kong and have an office in Shanghai. We have formed an awesome partnership out there with a Chinese company that will allow us to get into the Chinese market place very easily (more on this later as Seth is currently there making this happen). Next, Seth is off to Thailand in a few days to set up the roots of TFT there and really get our leaders rocking. We feel this is going to be one of our biggest markets and we will be spending a lot of time and money for this country. If you are anywhere near Thailand and you can get to the event it will be worth it to see what is happening there. After Thailand, Seth will be in South Africa to set up another physical office and establish a business that will become the hub for all of Africa. The leadership in South Africa is truly amazing and we are expecting between 3,000-4,000 new members to join in South Africa while Seth is there. We will continue to update you on Seth's progress and if you know anyone in these countries make sure you tell them to get to the events! All of us at TFT are fully committed to making this company a worldwide BILLION dollar entity that brings incredible value to all of our members. As you can see there are huge things happening that are leading up to our October 1st worldwide launch. Make sure you stay up to date because you don't want to miss this train! Here's to our success, -TFT Customer Support Team __________________________________________
  8. We have some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS for you in this email. In fact, this is one of the most exciting emails we have ever sent out because we know it will have a profound impact on your business over the next 30, 60 and 90 days. Why? 1. Mystery Keynote Speaker added to launch event! We just landed an incredible speaker to headline our launch event. This guy is so amazing that we are keeping his name a secret until the day of the launch event. Here's what we will tell you about him... He's being called one of the world's top innovators, game changers, and marketing geniuses of our time. Seen as a modern day business guru. He has worked with and formed strategic partnerships with Donald Trump, Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Brian Tracy, George Foreman, Chuck Norris, The Dutchess of York and many more powerful and influential leaders. He has done multi-billions in sales and many experts have paid him over $100,000 just to learn from him. But here is the crazy part... He actually reached out to us to let us know he thinks we are creating a billion dollar empire and he wants to help us train our members to become an unstoppable sales force. This is incredible... Now you can get trained by the one of the greatest trainers and motivators of all time and it won't cost you anything extra. All you have to do is buy a ticket to our launch event for only $99 and in addition to all the things we already have planned you will now get trained by the best of the best! Don't miss your chance to be part of the next Billion Dollar Company! If you have not purchases your launch tickets all you have to do is login to your Member's Area and click on the banner for Launch Event details. A full schedule of events will be posted within the next 48 hours. 2. Three New Contests We are starting 3 new contests tomorrow September 7th that will run through the end of the month. Below are all the details... Contest #1 - Enrollments Between Sep 7th - Sep 30th We are giving away some very big prizes to the leaders who promote right now through the end of the month. You will be recognized at our Launch Event for your effort and Contest #2 - The Most Freebies (All Time) In the next few days you will see a link go up in the freebie section that will allow you to click "I got this." If you received a freebie from our database it will add up the value in your Members Area and those members who have accumulated the most free things will be rewarded in a big way (prize details coming soon). *Note - You must verify this so please be honest :) Contest #3 - The Most Personal Enrollments Attending October 1st Launch Event We will be rewarding our leaders BIG TIME for encouraging their personally sponsored members to attend our launch event on October 1st. The top 3 leaders who have the most members at the event will receive a Lifetime Prize! This will be a very big deal (more details coming soon). 3. Tons of Upgraded Features We have many features going live that we will be sharing at our Launch Event. This list includes... - New Stats Page that will show all active members, inactive members and have a lot more details on managing your business - New Discount Module - New iPhone & Android apps - New Free Hotels - New Training Platform (Step-by-Step) - Freeloader Stats - (coming with new discounts module) - Europe Freebies/Team Training - Thailand Freebies - AND MUCH MORE... Here's to our success, -TFT Customer Support Team
  9. THIS WILL BE HUGE!! I have NEVER seen something like this before!! And all for ONLY 9,95$ a month!!
  11. Ok, TFT is going to be one of the fastest growing Opportunities in the NET!! NOW you can earn a 10$ FAST START BONUS... THIS IS THE BEST COMPANY WITH ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCT!! EARN MONEY WITH FREE THINGS!!
  12. Wow... What an AMAZING Launch today!! NOW all the advertising tools are live!! You can have Text Ads, Banner Ads and you can Mail your Ad to all the FAP Members!! And don't forget: YOU CAN EARN WITH A ONE TIME PAYMENT OF 24.95$ UP TO 16.000$!!! Come on and JOIN our TEAM here at FAP!! You only need 2 people to cycle... We can make a HUGE TEAMBUILD here at the TopGoldForum when you are interested??!! Ok, here are some News from today:
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