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  1. Hello friend,,,,,, how are you
  2. I was just wondering... what to do if you have an eCommerce like category menu (categories and subcategories in the same page) and there's 70 of them in total. I also have all the brands (64 in total) under the side navigation and again under the content. It's a medium-sized online store and my client wants them as they are. I was just wondering... what do you think is the best seo practice in this case? I have placed the html layout elements in this order: header, content, category navigation, brands with images, text brands, footer. Because I already know that more than 100 links on one p
  3. HI, This is Rahul, I am learning Wbdesign and seo by studying your blogs, I plan to start my own company in the name of Innowia solution providing the SEo and Web development. I have started a blog on live news , my blog is all about latest news or news bulletin for the viewers my main purpose to start this news bulletin that " no body reads the whole newspaper, there are lot of new that is still interesting and important that we forget in our daily life, and all popular sites are providinga great content but who has the time to search for the whole website to find the content, say for examp
  4. All, I recently noticed after some SEO work that my home page is the 1st company after searching in google for "Novi Computer Repair". I was excited and happy about the results!! BUT I noticed that when I'm on Google and not logged onto my iGoogle account and perform the same search, I'm not at the top. Any ideas or explanation that you can give me? Advice? Thanks, Play Online Poker Online Sports
  5. Hello everyone, Just a newbie here...hope to stay close to all! :lol:
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