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  1. Well, I got my money back and now my account with Reality network is closed. Thanks.
  2. I just got a letter in my inbox saying that the email that I sent to the PayPal address has bounced.
  3. I still have not heard from any admin in my concerns. Below is the list of all the address have sent in my complaints to. After I post this I will got to pay pal and see if I can get a refund. Thanks..> Bill [email protected] ( PayPal address ) [email protected] ( Email Verification ) [email protected] ( The "non" support email )
  4. I do hope that I have helped stopped people from signing up on this site. I have even taken this scam site off of my blog. I am no longer advertising for them. I have read enough about this site. Till now still (3 emails later ) no word from any admin. I will keep you all informed of what goes on for me. Take care. Bill
  5. I joined about 2 weeks ago. I paid $150 to join to get to the "fast track" in short put into the second level. I have sent in 2 support tickets with no response. and still stuck on level 1. I am thinking to put a complaint with paypal and see if I can get my money back. Just want to warn you all to stay away. Thanks..> Bill

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