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  1. darwin

    Admin added 3 new altcoins and one new stablecoin to our deposit methods. The name of these coins are: Tether,OMNI, MAID and SYS
  2. darwin

    Earn $0.01 - $0.001 per click Earn 20% per referral click Minimum cashout is $2.00 Accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin Effortless income Earn from home Guaranteed ads daily Detailed statistics Upgrade opportunities A dedicated community ClixGrid Clone + Offers Secure and stable environment Professional support Instant services Owned by ClixCareTeam Sister site of ClixCare and BizzCare! Free registration, thank you: ADSCARE - Easy Way to Earn Money
  3. darwin

    Promotion Golden Six Months (8.33% off): Now you can pay only $55 ($5.00 Off and then the normal price will be $60) Golden Yearly (11.11% off): Now you can pay only $80 ($10.00 Off and then the normal price will be $90) Ultimate Six Months (4.76% off): Now you can pay only $500 ($25.00 Off and then the normal price will be $525) Ultimate Yearly (6.32% off): Now you can pay only $740 ($50.00 Off and then the normal price will be $790) Please note that this promotion will end on 30 June 2019. Solidtrustpay added to Buxeleg!
  4. Earn $0.005 per click Earn $0.0005 per ref click Low $2 minimum cashout Accept Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Neteller No investment needed Offerwalls ClixGrid Everyone Get 1$ in the Purchase Balance as signup bonus ( 2 RR ). earnhomebux.com uses legal EvolutionScript license! Free registration, thank you: EARNHOMEBUX - Easy Ways to Earn Home
  5. darwin

    You can request for payment once your account balance is at least $2 for standard membes and $5 for all premium members. Your payment will be processed and issued within 2-7 days.
  6. darwin

    Verification improvement Coinpayu has added a function. If you do not verify the email in registration page, you may also verify it in login page. Surf ads improvement Admin fixed the surf ads issue for firefox and opera browsers.
  7. darwin

    STANDARD Earn $0.005 per click Earn $0.0005 per referral click PIONEER Earn $0.0075 per click Earn $0.0005 per referral click Minimum cashout is $3 Accept Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, TRON, Monero, Lisk, NEO, Komodo, Vertcoin, Waves, NEM, Verge, BitTorrent, Qtum, Nxt, Dogecoin, Decred and +50 altcoins Earn up to $400 per referral upgrade. Earn up to 10% per referral Ad purchase. Play games and earn up to $1000. Earn by doing micro jobs (forum posting, creating tutorial, etc.) Up to 70 chances daily for playing AdGrid. 15-day and 30-day RR renewal period are available! Earn up to 205.2% with our revenue sharing. Use our internal send money feature to help your referrals. No need to invest to get payouts and there is no deposit fee. Unlimited withdrawal. Get your payment within a few hours. Join our telegram channel and earn more by our Binance signals. PROMOTIONS: The first 10,000 members will instantly get a free Pioneer membership with 3-month expiry upon joining. The first 5,000 members will get $0.15 in their purchase balance upon joining. The first 30,000 members will get 3,000 banner credits upon joining. buxeleg.com uses legal EvolutionScript license! Free registration, thank you: BUXELEG - Welcome to Buxeleg
  8. darwin

    Earn $0.01 per click Earn 30% per referral click Accept Skrill, Solidtrustpay, Payeer, AirTM, Neteller, Perfect Money, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Minimum cashout is $2.00 Instant Payments System Detailed statistics Profesional Support Secure and stable environment Professional team Instant services High traffic for your advertising Free registration, thank you: TIMBUX - Earn Easy Money
  9. darwin

    Paid To Surf section is back with partner "Jungle Offerwall" from MoreTvTime team. You can earn up 95-110 Wcoins ( ~0.0016-0.0018$) each time you complete a session (1-2mn) depend on membership. Just follow partner rules and instructions (need Facebook or Google account to connect).
  10. darwin

    4th Promotion of the Month 50% discount on all memberships. BizzCare Memberships 1: *Regular* $12.50 [Actual price $25.00] 2: **BizzLite** $50.00 [Actual price $100.00] 3: ***BizzMx*** $125.00 [Actual price $250.00]
  11. darwin

    View Ads - Up to 500 Satoshis! 10% from noFrame Ads 10% from InFrame Ads 5% from Ref Purchases Flash Ads Minimum payout is 0,0002 BTC H Faucet - Win 1,100,000 Every Hour Rent Refs - Incurance Triger! Adverts - 150% CashBack Co. Shares - Lifetime Dividends Daily Bonus - Bonus is generated randomly. Only one bonus can be collected per day. SAME OWNERS AS BITS-PAYS.COM!! Free registration, thank you: BITERDZ - Sister site of Bits-pays!
  12. darwin

    48HOURS DEPOSIT PROMO From the 18th of May until Sunday the 19th 23:59 server time, Add more than $100 and get 10% bonus. Add more than $1000 and get 20% bonus.
  13. Earn $0.01 per click Earn 20% per ref click Minimum cashout is $2.00 Accept Payeer, Perfect Money Guaranteed ads daily Effortless income Detailed statistics Forum permissions Upgrade plans Instant Payment Registered Company Secure environment Instant services High traffic Professional support Instant services SISTER SITE OF CLIXCARE! CLIXCARE GROUP Free registration, thank you: BIZZCARE - Welcome to BizzCare
  14. darwin

    How to Earn Points? For every $1.00 deposit = 10 Point For every member registered under you = 10 Point For every PTC Ad clicked = 1 Point For every Ad Pack purchased = 25 Points Conversion rate: $1 = 5000.00 pts No Investment needed to cashout
  15. darwin

    Earn 40 satoshi per click Earn 20 satoshi per ref click Minimum cashout is 0.0005 BTC Payment Processors: We support CoinPayments, LocalBitcoins, Payeer & PerfectMoney. Upgrades: We offer 2 type of Upgrade. Golden & Ultimate. Upgraded members can rent referrals and enjoy our unique renting algorithm. Golden members can rent up to 2500 referrals and Ultimate members can rent up to 6000 referrals. Languages supported: 8 English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Turkish. Earning Methods: Paid to click, Surveys, Offers, Offerwalls, traffic exchange, Direct Referrals, Rented Referrals. Live chat: We offer Live Support 7 days a week during regular business hours. Direct Referrals: Unlimited Direct Referrals for all membership types. Unique Renting Algorithm: We use an unique algorithm to our renting system. At Bitsor.io, each rented referral is treated as slots. Every day, new referrals come in and go out of each slot. At the end of the server time each day, we reassign a new user who were 100% active to your referral slots. Our system scans and finds users with 100% activity during the day and randomly reassign these users to your referral slot and credit their clicks to your account at the end of the server time. You would never need to Recycle your referrals since we reassign new referrals everyday through activity filter. Due to our unique algorithm, our renting system is extremely popular and referrals are scarce and in huge demand, and so, you need to upgrade to Rent Referrals. No more recycling: Since our system scans for active users throughout the day and put them under your downline and credit their clicks, the purpose of recycling is dead as all your referral slots will always be 100% active. There is no need for recycling. Advertising price: Our traffic exchange price is the cheapest on the Internet. 1000 Unique views only for a tiny fraction of BTC. You may not find cheaper prices than ours. On each PTC pack purchase, advertiser get 50% of the price as cashback. Cash back will be instantly credited to your Traffic Exchange Balance and can be used to Purchase extra visitors. Bonuses on what is already the cheapest you pay for. Additionally, advertisers have the option of traffic source - Anonymous / Direct traffic feature available. Offer Cash: Offer Cash is like points and can be earned by completing offers in our offerwalls, clicking ads and referring other users and when referrals click ads. Offer Cash can be instantly converted to BTC. No more Iframes on PTC ads: After clicking an advertisement, new tab containing timer and watch button will be displayed. Clicking the button will start the timer and open another tab with the advert. Contest: Stay tuned for various innovative contests at Bitsor.io Give-Aways: Stay-tuned for the big news of Free Cash-Give away instantly to the payment processors in the coming days. Free registration, thank you: BITSOR - A Super-Awesome Bitcoin GPT|PTC
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