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    This site is unstable and with a lot of problems! The first bad omens appeared about 2 weeks ago, when some reclamations and reports made by the members were simply erased by the admin!!! You just don;t do something like that!!! Unless you have to cover up a scam. The erased reports of the members covered the following problems : 1. Problems regarding the ammount received per reffral click. It was smaller than they announced. They said they fixed it, but they didn't! Instead , they erased the reports. 2. The most common problem, which I shared as well, was that the number of refferal clicks was incorrect! Thus, for refferals with more than 30 clicks it showed me 0 clicks!! Because of that the balance was wrong. In other words, my refferal clicks were not getting credited though I clicked daily! Because of that my cashout got delayed a lot. For over a week I kept submitting support tickets, talking to the admin about my balance that wasn't updating .Him and his technical crew tried to deflect the discussions and told me not to ask about MY OWN MONEY anymore. Finally, after more than a week of negociations, THEY DELETED MY ACCOUNT!! Very legit action, indeed, to delete someone's account for requestiong what it's rightfully theirs! I pitty the people who still use this PTC. They need A LOT OF LUCK to receive their payments from this site! 3.The worst accusation of all is that some people actually invested money into this PTC and the admin pretends it never happend! Not only they did not receive their upgrades and refferals and whatever else they bought on the site, but the admin says there's no proof they ever paid! 4. After all this, he started allowing cashouts , although at first he said that you can only start requesting after 01.01.2010, because the site is in prelaunch. After all the reports on the forum, he started a topic with some payment proofs, but reports on so called "bugs" like the ones mentioned above keep comming. Every action they make contradicts the others before. In my eyes, this is an extremly unreliable, unstable site which I believe will most definately be declared edited after the official launch by every ptc investigation site out there!There is no other way for such a site! See you after the official launch, but be aware : YOU"RE JOINING THIS PTC ON YOUR OWN RISK....AND MONEY! Edited: your opinion is okay as long as it does not infringe on others rights...