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  1. Firstly, don't worry this is a completely safe website that's been around for years. You've just got to type it into google and you'll see hundreds of positive reviews. What Is An Affiliate? Aight, so you might know already what an affiliate is.. If you do skip this section, if not carry on reading. Basically it means a promotor.. At Affiliate Future you get paid to promote hundreds of different websites from gambling to groceries. Some programs pay you a set amount for free sign ups where as some will pay you a percentage of the sales you generate through your promotion. You've got loads to choose from so you won't have a problem finding the right one for you that'll earn you big money every day. How Do I Promote? Firstly almost ANYONE can join. There is an American, British or European option when you register. You can promote or advertise a website any way you like.. Post links in forums, blogs, websites, classified ads, email marketting, social networking... The lists endless. I'm always thinking of new ways to milk this website! How Much Will I Earn? There are over 750 websites to choose from. Each website will have their own pay scheme for either leads or sales. If you want an aproximate amount, free sign ups will be anywhere between 30p (50c) - £10 ($16) each and sales will be around 5% - 20% of the revenue. It's hard though to say an exact number because there are just so many different programs. I've only been using Affiliate Future for 3 weeks now and I've already clocked up £118 ($192).. And in the last week I've earned £50 which is about $80 for the Americans.. And what's even better is that the money is going to snowball as time progresses. How Do I Get Paid? They pay out monthly which can be looked at as a bad thing or a good thing really. Fair enough you won't be able to demand money as you please but when the payday does come it's gonna be ALOT of cash. Something you can really look forward to. You can look at this as a legitimate job you can do from home with a real wage. You'll be paid either by check or direct bank transfer, whatevers best for you. UK members will be paid a little bit faster than those across seas as it is a UK based wesbite but it won't be much difference at all. Sorry folks but they don't use paypal. So that's enough brief information to give you the jist of what it's about. If you're interested just have a look at their website. If you've got any tricky questions that aren't covered on the webite just post in this thread and I'll answer as quick as I can. REGISTER WITH AFFILIATE FUTURE HERE

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