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  1. You'll have heard it said that there's no such thing as a safe investment, but you'll also have heard it said that something is worth its weight in gold. That's because everybody knows that gold is a solid, reliable, dependable, valuable material. While other forms of investment and commodity come and go, gold stands firm. People have been using gold as both an investment and a form of currency for thousands of years, and there's no sign of that trend changing any time soon. That's why we believe that it still deserves consideration as the best possible choice as an investment, and w
  2. Hello TopGoldForum members, Last week we updated the forum to the latest version released by the developers. Unfortunately, the old visual theme is not compatible yet with the forum software so we had to change it. This new one looks good enough but there are still customizations that needs to be done. We will take care of them in the next couple of days. Also, yesterday we did some work on the forum and generated an error that prevented users to reply to topics. I would like to send thanks to the members (Irina and Eusha) that reported first the error on our facebook page. Is
  3. Most probably because it is Free. However I'm a big fan of SEOPress which is very affordable and better than Yoast SEO and Rank Math
  4. National banks are huge parts of the gold market. Banks purchasing physical gold and trading it for paper cash began in the last part of the 1800s and from that point on, we have held just money. Central banks commonly hold gold as a safe resource. The explanation behind national banks holding gold reaches from a store of significant value to money related insurance to resource diversification. Its notable renown ensures it as a fitting safe-haven as the gold price generally increases during seasons of financial vulnerability. Gold possessions are classified as part of a nation's foreign
  5. Hello Ivan, I've checked your project and looks very nice. Congrats for it and keep up the good work. Feel free to add your project in your monitors section: https://topgoldforum.com/forum/122-monitors-blogs/
  6. Once again, welcome to new members. Glad to see you folks from all over the world 🙂
  7. There’s never been a better time to be an online slots player. We’re fortunate enough to live in an era where great new online slots websites spring up almost every day, and they’re all in direct competition with each other. That means they’re falling over themselves to bring you the best introductory deals and the best loyalty reward schemes in order to entice you to stick with them instead of checking out their rivals. From Amazon vouchers to meal deals and endless free spins offers, if you’re prepared to shop around and spend your time weighing up offers, you can get a lot more sp
  8. If you’re part of a financial services company, whether it’s a local credit union or payday loan provider, you may be wondering how you can create a more effective marketing strategy – and sell more products like personal loans, payday loans, or short-term loans. If so, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at a few top marketing strategies that finance companies can use to appeal to more customers, bring in more sales, and boost overall revenue and growth. Let’s get started. 1. Make Use of Social Media First, make sure you’re making use of social media.
  9. A checklist for site owners who don’t give a damn about SEO and site stats. You can hardly surprise anyone today talking about the importance of optimizing your sites for search engines. To appear in Google’s top pages, you’ve got to make your website SEO-friendly: build correct site architecture, embed keywords into your content, optimize titles, tags and meta descriptions, optimize your websites for mobiles. Usually, website owners entrust these tasks totally to their webmasters, SEO specialists and content writers. This works well for large business entities, editorials of ma
  10. You don’t need a store or an office to run a successful business anymore. Thanks to the internet, you can have your items stored in a warehouse (even a major one, like Amazon), you can have a complete payment system all set up just by creating your own account, and with some decent social media posts, the money will roll right in. Right? That’s the story you’ll hear over and over again, and the reason it sounds so good is that is almost certainly too good to be true. There are going to be plenty of speed bumps on your way to success, and if you aren’t ready for them, they can be
  11. Willing to send and receive money from anywhere in the world within seconds? Then, you have landed on the right page to get reliable guidance for your international money transaction. This article will take you through the world’s most secure payment services that are trusted and recommended by the industry experts. No matter if you are doing international export-import business, sending or receiving money from a family member, working online as a freelancer, doing online business etc. you just need a reliable payment gateway to get your hard-earned money in your hand. I s
  12. One week passed and still managed to not wear a mask outside.
  13. Hello @Garrygold, Welcome to Top Gold Forum. Hows Odessa nowadays? Is the beach opened? 🙂
  14. Hello @Colin Miller, Are you the owner or you are working for this business? I have some questions.
  15. It is imperative for investors to find the best trading brokers to handle their transactions. In this article, I will review the firms that have recruited these talented people and how they can help you with trading securities. We will also detail each firm’s commission costs per trade, minimum balance requirements and what type of investors they fit best. The following trading brokers have proven to be the best by bringing their customers’ investments to fruition. 10. Motif Investing Motif Investing is a brokerage firm that is best suited for advanced traders, stock traders
  16. Hello TGFers, 1) Today our community achieved a great milestone: 40000 members. I would like to thank you all for joining. This couldn't be possible without your involvement. 2) Another good news are that I've checked most of the categories and put the threads in order and deleted the spam so you can easily access companies and money making opportunities. 3) We have over 100 official representatives of different companies here in our community so you can get top notch support and news from official sources. 42 Forex Broker Active Official Representatives [View Fore
  17. This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.
  18. Hello guys, Bitcoin price rose sharply from $6,600 up to $9,290 today, May 7. Warm-up? History Shows Bitcoin May See Epic Rally After 150% Gain https://cointelegraph.com/news/warm-up-history-shows-bitcoin-may-see-epic-rally-after-150-gain
  19. Hate me or not I don't wear a mask yet.
  20. Rolling the ball here at TGF 🙂 Thanks for the info. It helps us focus our marketing budget better.
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