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  1. A checklist for site owners who don’t give a damn about SEO and site stats. You can hardly surprise anyone today talking about the importance of optimizing your sites for search engines. To appear in Google’s top pages, you’ve got to make your website SEO-friendly: build correct site architecture, embed keywords into your content, optimize titles, tags and meta descriptions, optimize your websites for mobiles. Usually, website owners entrust these tasks totally to their webmasters, SEO specialists and content writers. This works well for large business entities, editorials of mass media or large wholesale companies. The picture is quite different for small businesses where the bosses run everything by themselves 24-hours per day. There is the slippery path to spend hours and hours on learning every little thing in the world and become Jack-of-all-trades in a while. So, how not to get sunk in the whirl of information and data? How to optimize your business processes, reduce costs, spare your time and efforts? I hope these tips will help online newcomers to master their business on a professional level. Why focus on SEO? This is a relatively cheap method to attract audiences. It takes some resources from the beginning but will pay off lavishly in the future. Whereas pay-per-click advertising is a short-term campaign, search engine optimization will keep your website afloat times and times more at a minimum effort. Increase your online visibility, find your niche, build up your brand reputation - you can do all this alongside with your SEO tasks fulfilled smartly. Optimized websites have all chances for ranking in Google’s top. Ensure there are no broken links or broken resources, internal links are correct, and beware of spammy links to manipulate Pagerank. You will soon feel the lasting effect of the SEO as compared to timely PPC campaigns. What SEO data are important for business owners? This is a big mistake that site owners ignore Google website analytics and walk in the dark trying to build their content by intuition. Actually, SEO involves pretty many aspects, but to measure its effectiveness, you should consider these main figures in your Google analytics report: 1. Organic search traffic Just general figures to know your website’s success and separate pages’ success. The more, the better. However, you should think of quality over quantity. You should be aware that black-hat SEO might bring you profit over some span of time, but finally, your SEO will end up in tears and no money. 2. Unique visitors You should know your users’ retention rate, guess their intent, and find out where you can meet their expectations. 3. Sessions (daily, monthly) and session duration Know your audience behavior: how many people return to see your pages, how often they do it, how long it takes them to read your pages on average. 4. Click-through-rate (CTR) This figure directly measures your SEO KPI, showing how many people click on your website when they see your website in search engine result pages (SERPs). You compete with thousands of different sites on similar topics, and SEO should help you reach your target audience. The higher your CTR, the better your site breaks the message. 5. Audience breakdown You’ve got to study your audience to know better their needs and values. See how many people view your site from mobiles or from desktop, what’s their age, sex and interests. This analysis will help you in two ways: first, to adapt content to serve better their intent; and second, to develop your business in such a way that you can engage larger audiences, make it fit a broader circle of interests. 6. Domain authority This is something very small from the start and very high in a while when your website grows reputation. It’s great when you have links from authoritative resources quoting you, it’s cool when you appear on top pages in SERPs, and it’s superb when people get stuck on your website for many minutes and perform conversions. 7. Social value This is extremely important in the era of social media, which bring tons of advantages over mass media, broadcast media, word-of-mouth media, and the rest. Run social media profiles to talk to your audience, and analyze social buzz to know the tendencies and build your brand reputation in between. What SEO tools will bring you these data? Google prevails in the search engines market, although nothing prevents you from adding some more traffic counters to your website. Well, Google Analytics is a must-have and a great tool that will lead you to hundreds of ideas of what to improve on your site. Whether you get your Google statistic from an SEO consultant or do your site audit by yourself, you should operate with these figures like Ronaldo with a ball. Check out the Audience, their Behavior Goals Conversions to see how well your articles perform. In addition, you can deploy some SEO optimization software like Website Auditor in this example. It is a real helping hand for website optimizers. It allows integrating your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to gather all these factual data quickly. What is more, it will detect all kinds of possible errors and give clues on how to fix them. Every error is provided with an explanation of why it is important to get rid of it. So, the talk of SEO-optimizers with site owners will be brief and easy: just hand in the report, summarizing what needs to be fixed. Draw attention to successes and failures, and provide a concise reference if the point is vague. The real beauty of this SEO reporting tool is that you can automate the workflow and schedule report delivery with all the necessary figures. Get reports weekly or monthly to your email, without the need to jump into your Analytics data, and monitor your website performance even when you are away from your desktop. How can I use this site analytics? The online performance analysis fine-tunes your business processes and guides your site growth. 1. You optimize your website investing in the resources that only you own and that will pay off in the long run. It helps build your relations with your audiences and create your brand name. 2. Your site becomes a visiting card, or a shop window, or a feedback medium, and all these purposes should be served at their best. 3. You can do some competitor research further and know where you stand in your niche, what steps you need to take to keep up with your competitors, to outrank them, or maybe to borrow some techniques that they use. You might enjoy some keyword rank checker tool here like Rank Tracker. Create an advertising media kit Where all these Google statistics lead? Once your website does not look like a neglected kid, it starts being a tempting piece for all kinds of media, advertisers, and business partners, depending on the niche where you work. Somebody will be happy to sell with you, others will want to get a quote or a mention, or whatever. When you have all these wonderful data, it’s a sin not to use them to announce you are great. Create an attractive digital advertising media kit. This is exactly the place where you state that your website has an established lasting audience and you are open for business partnership. Your media kit has to be explicit, enticing, and prove that you are a reliable partner. Now it’s over to you! Hope this little list has made the whole picture about SEO simple and clear. Take decisions confidently, and make your site work for you like a clock.
  2. You don’t need a store or an office to run a successful business anymore. Thanks to the internet, you can have your items stored in a warehouse (even a major one, like Amazon), you can have a complete payment system all set up just by creating your own account, and with some decent social media posts, the money will roll right in. Right? That’s the story you’ll hear over and over again, and the reason it sounds so good is that is almost certainly too good to be true. There are going to be plenty of speed bumps on your way to success, and if you aren’t ready for them, they can be particularly jarring, and almost make up give up completely. Read on so you can better prepare yourself to make sure your small business ultimately soars above the competition. #1. Protect Yourself! The first thing you should know is that your business is your responsibility. And that means you have to be ready when there is any sort of legal challenge or issue that might come along. You might have a problem with a supplier, or a customer, or a much bigger corporation. A good way to make sure that you can afford these things is to stay up to date with lawsuit loans. Being able to afford a lawyer throughout the (possibly lengthy) process is essential, and can keep your business afloat in the early days. Too many companies that start off with some promise are blindside by their first lawsuit, so make sure you aren’t one of them. #2. Plan Ahead! This is true in the dullest way - make sure you have enough office supplies, from printer paper to staplers to different coloured pens - and also the much more complicated - make sure you have a contract for anyone who works for you, get everything in writing instead of just a handshake, always pad the delivery schedule. The more you can try an imagine what your business might look like weeks, months, or years down the road, the better equipped you will be to deal with it. And don’t just imagine the hopeful good times, but also consider the rocky period when things aren’t going right. Having the right sort of software and equipment can make a big difference here, but that also means you need to have some money ready to be spent at a moment’s notice. #3. The Days Will Start Rainy You know the term ‘saving for a rainy day’? Well hopefully you do have at least a little bit of money in your pockets when you start your new venture, because the chances are low that digital customers will be flocking to your website or product page. And that’s not necessarily any fault of your own. You could do absolutely everything right when it comes to starting up a new business, and it still might seem like a big mistake for the first few weeks or even months. You will definitely feel tempted to change something if it’s not working, and that can be the product your offering (or the price it is set at), the way you are selling it, the people you’re working with, or even more ornamental things, like the layout or design of your site. And it’s difficult to be sure whether these changes will turn things around. The key thing to make sure of is that you are okay with these changes, and that you aren’t doing them to cash in on some novelty fad, or are being pressured to make them by someone else. #4. Don’t Be a Victim of Success Let’s say the right customer makes a big purchase and they start to tell others - either in person or online - and suddenly you are flooded with requests and offers. Great! But what if you don’t have a team to answer all the emails, or a person to deal with the inevitable delays, or if you just don’t have enough of the product to suddenly ship out? You obviously didn’t want to over-produce a new product that you weren’t sure was going to take off, but now that it has, can you meet demand? This is another example of how planning ahead can make a world of difference. The other thing that success can do is make you complacent, and less willing to make changes. Especially in the internet era, it’s not just memes that have a short shelf life. Entire business can be relevant one month and then forgotten the next. While it sounds obvious that you would have to change if your business isn’t working, you should definitely be ready to alter your course even if things are going well. That’s not to say that you should do a total one-eighty, but keeping your eye on trends and adjusting accordingly can change your small burst of popularity into a lasting commercial institution. #5. Learn to Relax While it’s great that it’s easier than ever for you and you alone to create a new business, that means all the responsibility is on your shoulders, and no matter how organized and energetic you are, it will start to weigh heavy. Even if you are committed to working seven days a week and a lot longer than the usual eight hours, you won’t be doing yourself any favours if you don’t find some time to just take it easy. Keeping some of your favourite pastimes and hobbies is important, and even just taking a deep breath from time to time and stepping away from the work to reflect. A great way to do is this regular exercise, since not only are you keeping your body healthy, but it’s a chance to put the phone down for a little bit and just focus on that next sit up.
  3. Willing to send and receive money from anywhere in the world within seconds? Then, you have landed on the right page to get reliable guidance for your international money transaction. This article will take you through the world’s most secure payment services that are trusted and recommended by the industry experts. No matter if you are doing international export-import business, sending or receiving money from a family member, working online as a freelancer, doing online business etc. you just need a reliable payment gateway to get your hard-earned money in your hand. I saw a lot of people (mostly freelancers) who got stuck at the stage of getting money, they worked so hard and completed the project but at the end, they faced tremendous problem while having their payment. Even some of them, paid almost 40-50% as fee just to get their money. Even, I suffered from having no secure payment service at the beginning of my online career. Surely, I don’t want you to have the same trouble that many of us faced. Go through this carefully picked, list of most secure payment services that will make your transaction-related works pretty easier and faster. You are just one step behind from getting money from anywhere in the world with a press of a button. List Of Best Secure Payment Services 1. PayPal Paypal is the oldest and one of the most popular secure payment services that were given birth by Elon Musk who is known as the real-life IRON MAN! The best part of Paypal is, transfer of money is pretty faster but high transaction fee is a pain in the ass for some people. However, in USA transactions among family members are totally free of cost. Availability: 200+ Countries Fee: 2-5% per transaction 2. Visa VISA is the most used payment card in the world. It can't operate independently, as it needs to be issued by a financial organization such as Bank or Payment gateway. VISA card can be both credit and debit based on which one you issue and it can be both National and International. In order to make Int. transactions, your VISA card must support duel currency (or at least USD). Availability: All Countries Fee: based on issue
  4. One week passed and still managed to not wear a mask outside.
  5. Hello @Garrygold, Welcome to Top Gold Forum. Hows Odessa nowadays? Is the beach opened? 🙂
  6. Hello @Colin Miller, Are you the owner or you are working for this business? I have some questions.
  7. It is imperative for investors to find the best trading brokers to handle their transactions. In this article, I will review the firms that have recruited these talented people and how they can help you with trading securities. We will also detail each firm’s commission costs per trade, minimum balance requirements and what type of investors they fit best. The following trading brokers have proven to be the best by bringing their customers’ investments to fruition. 10. Motif Investing Motif Investing is a brokerage firm that is best suited for advanced traders, stock traders, and traders who plan on investing in motifs (30-stock or ETF baskets). The firm offers its investors flat-rate commissions of $4.95 for stocks and ETFs. Moreover, it has an account minimum requirement of $0 for trading accounts and a $1,000 minimum for their Motif Impact accounts. 9. Interactive Brokers This is yet another great brokerage firm that guarantees investors very low commission costs. The firm is ideal because of its high-quality trading platform and international trading capabilities. However, it demands a high minimum investment and charges an inactivity fee. As such, it may not be suitable for infrequent investors and beginners. Interactive Brokers charge a commission with fixed-rate and volume-tiered pricing starting at $1, has an account minimum of $10,000, and its promotion has special terms for customers aged 25 and below. Read the complete article here: https://ten.info/best-trading-brokers/
  8. Hello TGFers, 1) Today our community achieved a great milestone: 40000 members. I would like to thank you all for joining. This couldn't be possible without your involvement. 2) Another good news are that I've checked most of the categories and put the threads in order and deleted the spam so you can easily access companies and money making opportunities. 3) We have over 100 official representatives of different companies here in our community so you can get top notch support and news from official sources. 42 Forex Broker Active Official Representatives [View Forex Broker Category] 27 Exchangers Active Official Representatives [View Exchangers Category] 15 Betting & Games & Casino Official Representatives [View Gambling Category] 25 Affiliate Networks & Programs Official Representatives [View Affiliate Marketing Category] 4) In closing I need to inform you that if you signed up on TGF only to drop backlinks or copy/paste content we will disable your account. TGF is a community focused on sharing information and knowledge between members around the world. Respect yourself and respect the other members. Keep in touch and stay safe, TGF Team
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  10. Hello guys, Bitcoin price rose sharply from $6,600 up to $9,290 today, May 7. Warm-up? History Shows Bitcoin May See Epic Rally After 150% Gain https://cointelegraph.com/news/warm-up-history-shows-bitcoin-may-see-epic-rally-after-150-gain
  11. Hate me or not I don't wear a mask yet.
  12. Rolling the ball here at TGF 🙂 Thanks for the info. It helps us focus our marketing budget better.
  13. Welcome @AngelaJones, How are you? I'm curious what search terms you used in Google to find us.
  14. Welcome @Weber on Top Gold Forum. Where are you from? France?
  15. Windsor Brokers is one of the oldest brokers operating in the market. Its history dates back to 1988. The broker hold licences granted by CySEC, FCA, PFSA and other regulators. Over the years, it has earned the reputation of a solid and reliable broker which is evidenced by a large number of awards received in recent years. Owing to the broker’s large capital reserves, its solvency ratio is 40%, as compared to the ratio of 8% required by regulators. It is also worth to mention the very tight spreads which put Windsor Brokers at the forefront of the cheapest brokers on the market. Features Leverage: 1:400 Minimum deposit: $250 Negative balance protection: Yes Regulations: CySEC, FCA, KNF Payments: Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, Webmony, WesternUnion EUR/USD Spread: from 0,2 Min lot: 0,01 Country: Cypru https://en.windsorbrokers.com/ This is the discussion thread for Windsor Brokers on Top Gold Forum
  16. We have invited WindsorBrokers to start posting analysis on our community.
  17. @GetBizzy Way to go mate. Stay focused on your goals. No matter what! @PlayyerOne I have something for you mate: https://ten.info/spending-time-during-lockdown/
  18. The world we live in today is so much different from the world that folks lived in just two or three decades ago. Today, almost everything can be done from the comfort of your home. It began with messaging and communication and has now progressed to buying and selling of good, services and even stock and investment options. These are really interesting times to be alive. A Look at Online Trading Our focus in today’s article is online trading. As we can see from this article here, this refers to an online equivalent of a broker through which stocks and other investment instruments are bought and sold. While this largely levels the field by making this opportunity available to a wider range of people, it also places a greater responsibility on the investor. Working with a physical broker, you may have access to some professional advice on which instruments to invest in. While there are features similar to this on some online platforms, the decision to buy and sell whatever stock or instrument is entirely yours to make. What this therefore means is that your ability to succeed will be largely dependent on the platform on which you are carrying out this trade. To this end, we are therefore looking at one of the available online trading platform to see what it offers. A Look at IQ Option The online platform we are looking at today is IQ Trading. This is a business name belonging to IQ Option Europe Ltd, located in Limassol, Cyprus. This company provides a trading platform that currently supports almost 2 million daily investors investing over $380 million monthly. This is aside from the over 48 million users currently registered on it. So what exactly does this platform offer that has made it so attractive to this large number of users? Let’s find out. What IQ Option Offers The following are some of the features that users can enjoy when trading with IQ Option: Free and Easy Registration On this platform registration is absolutely free. No fees, no obligations or commitment required. Simply register and take your time looking around until you are ready to get started. Substantial Demo Account Fund Another thing that beginners will find helpful is the substantial demo account funds that it offers. Once you register, you have access to a demo account with $10,000 for you to practice your trades and get familiar with the interface and how it all works. Simple Interface You will find that the interface either on your computer or mobile device is simple and easy to use. This further removes unnecessary complications from the online trading process. Affordable Minimum Deposit and Investment When you are ready to really start doing this, you do not have to dig up your life’s savings. With a small deposit of $10 you can get started. This amount represents the minimum amount you can deposit. You can actually try out an investment with far less than this. The minimum amount you can invest on most instruments is $1 which makes it something that practically everyone can take advantage of. Helpful Tools To succeed with trading; whether online or offline, there are important tools and skills that are required. IQ Option provides resources like an online community, news feeds and different indicators that provide you with a wide pool of information that will make it easier for you to choose your trades carefully. Combining these resources with other important tips will ensure success. You can find some of these tips here. Good Support System The customer support can be reached at any time of the day, every day. You therefore do not have to worry about any issues you may have staying long without resolution. Easy Fund Deposit and Withdrawal Both funding your account and withdrawing your profits from your account has been made very easy. With several payment options made available, you are sure to find one or two that will be most suitable for you. Conclusion Trading online can be fun, profitable and at the same time risky. It is therefore important that you have everything you need to succeed once you venture into it. IQ Option and many other platforms offer various features that are supposed to ensure that users find online trading as easy as possible. Take your time to choose the platform that is right for you. Remember that this is primarily what will determine whether or not you will be successful in this venture.
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