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  1. Dennis#MD

    Hello @VortexInvestment.net, Welcome to TGF. You may want to look into this: This site can’t be reached vortexinvestment.net’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
  2. Dennis#MD

    Hello @happylottery. Welcome on TGF. We have a pretty active SEO category here on TGF. So you can learn a ton on SEO. Also, you should check our sister website: https://monetize.info/category/seo/ If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me, I'm glad to help.
  3. Dennis#MD

    @happylottery what Paid to Post forums are you member of? Id like to take a look how those forums go and maybe implement some features here on TGF.
  4. Dennis#MD

    Hello, dear TGFers, I come with some awesome news. But first thing first: - We have a new rule here on TGF. Members that just signed up can't post links till they create at least 5 posts. - Together with our team, we started to create awesome websites. Why our websites are awesome?! Well, that's because we use the latest technologies, are designed mobile 1st, load extremely fast and rank great in Google. Check our website and get in touch with us to start a project Check our website and get in touch with us to start a project
  5. Dennis#MD

    Well here are several seo forums that are still active: 1) TopGoldForum.com :) 2) DigitalPoint.com 3) WarriorForum 4) SeoMastering.com 5) SEOChat.com 6) Black Hat World 7) Moz Community 8 ) Webmaster World
  6. The structured data can include information about a web page, e.g. author, title, description, rating, ingredients, cooking time, video length, etc. At its discretion, Google can then use this data to add more value to the search results. Here is an example showing how Google used structured data embedded in a web page to highlight review data: Notice the listings in the SERPs have star & number ratings, number of votes, and even starting prices. These are called rich snippets, where the word “rich” refers to anything that is not normally found in a normal listing (blue title, green URL and black description). Rich snippets like this are created by Google using structured data that these webmasters embedded into the web page. https://monetize.info/schema-improve-seo/
  7. @[email protected] Yes, guest posting on these websites is free for anyone that follows the guidelines. Also we accept sponsored posts which have more lax conditions. Details here: https://mediadigi.com/work-with-us/buy-a-sponsored-post/
  8. You can always trade the demo account. At a point, you must move from the demo trading account into the live trading account. Most naïve traders are afraid of entering the live trading world, so they toy around. But, how long can they do it? If you also belong to that category, you must stop it and start trading the live account. If you want to trade the Forex market, you must act like other traders in the market. If you want to enter into profitable trades, you must start trading the market and keep your mind fixed on trading goals. Without entering the real trading world, you can never become a successful trader . There are no shortcuts for trading success. You must start analyzing your trading behaviors and correct if there is anything to be corrected. Of course, there are lots of things that come together to build a trading mindset. As Singaporean traders say a few points weigh more than the others. So, we thought of sharing those few points with you. Even when the market is uncertain, trade You must build a steady mindset that makes you can focus on the market and enter into trades. This should happen even when the market is uncertain. Most of the time the Forex market will be uncertain, and it is the nature of the market. Yet, as naïve traders, you must develop a mindset that works even when you don’t see the market precisely. You might have to make trading decisions even though the market doesn’t show the definite signs. If you want to make a steady income from the Forex market, you must accept the uncertainty and remain disciplined. It is important to be emotionally disciplined when you are in the trading world. Using the higher time frame Lower time frame trading is always very challenging. In fact, this is one of the key reason for blowing the trading account at the initial stage. The professional traders use Saxo options trading account and trade the higher time frame with an extreme level of precision. Though its time consuming it reduces the risk exposure to a great extent. However, if you still want to trade the lower time frame, make sure you learn about multiple time frame analysis. Never rely on the lower time frame data as you can never find the overall market trend. Trading against the market trend is one of the key reason for which the novice traders struggles in this profession. So consider this fact before you trade with real money. Trading skill is not gifted, rater developed If you think that professional traders are gifted with trading skill, you must shoo away that thought. As long as you have this thought in mind, you will not be able to build a trading mindset. Of course, some traders might trade better. Some other traders might develop trading skills sooner than others. In fact, some naïve traders might make profits in the first trade itself. So, you see, things can happen. But, that doesn’t mean traders are gifted with trading skill. You must understand that every trader develops their trading skills. Of course, it might take some time, but still, you can do it! If you don’t have confidence, you cannot trade Even if your Forex mentor says that you can trade now because you have mastered the skill, you will not be able to trade. You might struggle to trade because you don’t have the confidence in you. It is important to believe that you can trade. Of course, motivation is important. But it will not be equal to the motivation that you give to yourself! Hence, you must develop the mindset in a way to believe in yourself. You must stop demo trading and start focusing on the live trading account.
  9. Hello Mark, That's right Guest Posting is still a viable way to get backlinks. More about guest posting here. Here are our sites where we accept guest posting: https://topgoldforum.com/write-for-us/ https://monetize.info/write-for-us/ https://financetemple.com/contributors-write-for-us/ https://exchangersdirectory.com/write-for-us https://marketingwithjoy.com/guest-posting/ https://www.dailymoneysaving.com/write-for-us/ https://ten.info/write-for-us/ https://cybersecuritymag.com/write-for-us/ https://outreach.buzz/write-for-us/
  10. Dennis#MD

    Welcome folks. We are a truly international community which is awesome as we can all learn from each other and identify money making opportunities
  11. Dennis#MD

    Hello guest. Here are some articles that will help you boost your youtube channel and subscribers: https://monetize.info/rank-youtube-videos/ https://monetize.info/create-youtube-channel/
  12. Dennis#MD

    Hello @Alexgracias, Besides OnPage SEO, backlinks are the 2nd most important factor for ranking a website. Here are two tutorials you should check: https://monetize.info/build-backlinks-local-business-9-actionable-tips/ https://monetize.info/everything-you-need-to-know-about-link-building/
  13. Dennis#MD

    Latest available news: WARNING: May 12, 2015 - IKO has been deregistered as a Financial Service Provider in New Zealand as of April 18, 2015. CLICK HERE to verify. For the moment I decided to move this company to Closed folder even if the website is still available. If news and reviews will get better we will move it back.
  14. Dennis#MD

    I've just verified this broker and is still in business. Congrats
  15. Dennis#MD

    Hello @Margit . How are you? Welcome to Top Gold Forum. That's the spirit. Our forums is full of information and quality opportunities you can proceed and make money. Let me know how your journey goes and give me a hint if you need help. We are all here to help each other.
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