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  3. Factors Influencing Bitcoin’s Price

    With people keen to invest in Bitcoin, there are many things a potential investor should think about when taking the plunge and buying into the Bitcoin dream. In this article we look at 10 factors that are affecting the current Bitcoin price as well as the overall crypto market. Historic Value The first and foremost thing that is affecting the value of Bitcoin currently is its previous performance. Many people see Bitcoin as a relatively safe (albeit expensive) bet, primarily because in the past it has performed strongly over long periods of time. Discounting times where it has surged and crashed, ultimately Bitcoin has risen tremendously in value since its inception. Hype Coupled with the historic value is the hype. Bitcoin has a lot of media attention (some positive, some negative), and there is no such thing as bad publicity in the crypto world. Bitcoin has started to edge its way into the everyday conversation among people that ordinarily wouldn’t even think about cryptocurrency. This continued prevalence in the media is doing a lot to bolster Bitcoin as a mainstay currency with the potential to become mainstream. Blockchain Technology Behind the actual coin is the blockchain platform that Bitcoin uses as a ledger for its transactions. This technology is innovative and sought after across many industries - from logistics to healthcare - as companies all over the world are looking for secure ways to store information. Because the technology behind the coin is strong, it remains at the top of the crypto charts. Altcoins The factor that has a potentially negative impact is the emergence of other crypto coins. There are now hundreds of altcoins on the crypto exchanges. Some of them are truly incredible, and there is a real possibility that one of them at one point will usurp Bitcoin of its crown. As people begin to use Bitcoin more, it also serves as a gateway to the use of altcoins, which could again see Bitcoin’s use reduced. This is probably the single biggest threat to the overall survival of Bitcoin, so it is well worth brushing up on your altcoin knowledge. Private Sector Investment There have been a lot of private companies pouring a lot of money into crypto and blockchain technologies. Bitcoin has had its fair share of helping hands over the years, and it is not by coincidence that it currently holds such a high value. On the flipside of the coin (no pun intended), companies like Apple have been quick to dismiss Bitcoin and other large tech firms like IBM are investing heavily in competitor coins. This could play a key role in the value of Bitcoin over the coming years as more and more private tech firms look to invest in crypto and also maybe, further Bitcoin development. Social Media Now, more so than ever, social media is playing a vital role in the way we interact with people and the world around us. Not a single day goes by without Bitcoin coming up somewhere in the social media news feed. This kind of exposure is fantastic for Bitcoin, cementing it in our minds as a credible and trusted currency. Bitcoin success stories frequently go viral on social media, and people are keen to buy into it because they have a friend of a friend that made a lot of money with Bitcoin. Retail Market Initially, Bitcoin was traded in relatively shady and obscure marketplaces, but as of late, the coin has been traded in common marketplaces and more vendors are keen to exchange Bitcoin for goods and services. Some freelance workers even conduct their trade in return for Bitcoin. This gives it a boosted value. Investors have now got the option to not only save Bitcoin but also to purchase something, which is now a commonplace avenue. Real world shops even take payment in Bitcoin, which does nothing but improve its performance as a currency. Bitcoin Mining If you’re hoping to mine Bitcoin, we are sad to say that the ship has sailed unless you have some very specialist equipment at your disposal. Because it has become increasingly impossible to mine Bitcoin, the supply of the coin has dropped considerably. Couple this with a very high demand, and it is clear that Bitcoin has become a commodity. This trend is set to continue as the coin nears its supply limit. Upon reaching it, there is a real possibility the value could rocket. Government Policy Making The various stances governments are taking on cryptocurrency have caused a lot of controversies worldwide is. With some governments imposing tough regulations and enforcing taxation and others completely outlawing the trade of Bitcoin, the regulations are likely to be detrimental to cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin being the poster child of the crypto world, it is drawing a lot of scrutiny from regulatory bodies all over the world, something that thus far hasn’t been altogether positive. It is safe to say there are many factors affecting the value of Bitcoin, some are relatively straightforward and easy to anticipate while others have a rather uncertain effect. If you are considering investing in Bitcoin, then it is always valuable to research as much as you can about the coin and the various things that can have an impact on its value.
  4. The importance of risk management in forex trading cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are new to trading or experienced, you will have heard that risk management is one of the most important aspects of trading. If you spend hours or days researching the perfect entry point for a trade, all your hard work will be pointless if you fail to think about risk management and exiting the trade. If you fail to pay attention to risk management your account will almost certainly be a losing account. Understanding stop losses, different types and when and why they are used can help transform an account. What is a trailing stop? With a standard stop loss, you enter the price that you want the trade to close at. Should the market price hit the level stated as the stop loss level, the stop loss is activated, and the trade is closed. The stop loss price is fixed unless you the trader manually move it. With a trailing stop you stipulate the distance that you want the stop to trail the market price. As the market moves in a favourable direction, the stop will trail the price as it is recalculated. In other words, a trailing stop loss permits the trade to gain in value as the market moves favourable, however should the market suddenly change direction then the stop loss will be activated at the recalculated price. A trailing stop will only move in ta favourable direction, a trailing loss will not move against you. Should the market price move unfavourably hitting the stop loss, the trade is closed out. When can you use a trailing stop Vantage FX allows its clients to use trailing stop losses 24 hours a day as from when trading begins on Monday morning in Sydney to 9pm in New York on Friday when trading ends. Why use trailing stops The added benefit compared to a standard stop is that it is possible to reduce your potential losses or even lock in a profit without sitting in front of your open trade. What to watch for As with standard stop losses, trailing stop losses are vulnerable to gapping. As with any stops which are not guaranteed, a trailing stop may not necessarily be executed at the stated level. This means that if the market gaps then the execution price could be lower (for a stop sell order) or higher (for a stop buy order). The other point to keep in mind is the distance used with trailing stop losses. Caution and care should be taken when deciding the distance to put the trailing stop at. If you only put a very small distance between the trailing stop and the market price, the stop loss will be hit very quickly, within what is the standard ebb and flow of trading fluctuations for a FX pair. For example, if you only put your stop 20 points away from the market price, this could be hit very quickly before even giving your trade a chance to take off.
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  6. @Pipster, you're right on some things.. Just like what happens with Cash there will also be crypto used to do illegal purchases but overall use of CASH is regulated (spending limits, transfer limits etc).
  7. 5 Tips for Buying a Foreclosure Home

    According to property talk, the best possible way to buy a foreclosed home is to approach a broker, when you find an agent or broker, your goal of finding a foreclosed home can be easily realized and your search becomes easier. Even banks do hire some real estate brokers to handle their properties in the real estate market, hence you may want to consider a broker ahead of an estate agent if you want to buy a home that has undergone foreclosure. For more tips on buying a foreclosed home, you can read more checkintocash.com. Tips on buying a home that is in foreclosure There are basically 5 steps you should follow if you want to buy a foreclosed house; Find a broker or agent that specializes in foreclosure. Get yourself pre-approved for mortgage, Be aware of the duration it takes to sell a house within your price range. Study the sales prices of the house prices within the area you hope to buy from. Remember to do all paper works. Tip #1: Find a realty broker as well as a lender According to Property talk, these are the first two steps you must take when buying a foreclosure home and they must happen simultaneously. You need to ensure that you find a broker that works directly with the banks especially those banks that own the foreclosed houses. Once you have a broker, simply get pre-approval from a lender. Professional real estate investors recommend that first time shoppers for homes must visit websites and databases of foreclosed homes. You may consider local real estate websites and filter your search criteria by putting “foreclosures”. You can also search for “Real Estate Owned” also known as REO, which are foreclosed homes that are being sold by lenders. Tip #2: Make sure your real estate broker is on your side Most realtors do have a long-term relationship with banks, and they are aware of foreclosed home listings that are not out yet. Make sure you call the broker about a listing you are interested in and ask them about upcoming listings that may take few days before they come up. Sometimes, agents may become over-loaded especially when there are thousands of foreclosed homes on listings, hence it is better to contact them early if you want their attention. Meet the lender immediately after you have met with the agent. Tip #3: Get your pre-approval letter You may not need pre-approval letter if you are paying cash for the foreclosed home. If you are not paying cash, you will need a pre-approval letter from a lender, and this letter will describe how much money you are eligible to borrow, based on the assessment carried out on your credit score as well as your income. According to experts in real estate business, most people want to find the foreclosed homes first and then think they can easily work out finances but the problem is, there are better deals on bank-owned foreclosed homes and the deals go quickly. According to Property talk, most first-time home buyers think that banks selling foreclosed homes will also finance the mortgage as part of the deal, you must never make the mistake of getting finance from the same bank that foreclosed a home. You can shop for the best-foreclosed home mortgage deal at check into cash. Tip #4: pricing of foreclosed home will always depend on sales pace Banks don’t really have a bottom line on price, you just have to consider the recent sales prices especially those on comparable properties. Make sure you write a competitive order based on today’s current property prices. Often times bank prices on the foreclosed home are quite low, and such homes will have competitive offers within few hours and when the prices are high, you can just come in at slightly lower rate. Tip #5: Never expect a repair discount You should keep in mind that foreclosed homes are usually sold as they are, hence you don’t expect discounts as compensation for repairs. If a foreclosed home has a price tag of $200000, don’t expect a 10% discount because you still have to repaint or fix some other little stuff. You need to find how comparable homes are selling before you price the home. Depending on the market conditions at a particular time, there may be more modest homes sitting in a market that you probably don’t know of. Experts suggest that you come at your highest price bid if the houses within your preference and specifications are selling fast. If you can afford few thousands of dollars on your bid, then you should probably spend it if there is a high probability that you may lose out on a preferred home. Conclusion When looking for a foreclosed home to purchase, experts also suggest that you try and locate trades-people as soon as possible. These are people who can access a home and give you the costs of damages that will be repaired especially damages caused by molds, pests, and leakages. Likewise, they can also give you estimate on costs of repairing air conditioning and heating appliances.
  8. 5 Effective Ways to Fund a Startup

    If you have a great business idea, how do you raise money to get it off the ground? Lack of funding is always one of the reasons why many great business ideas fail to see the light of day. Don’t let your idea be a statistic. There are several simple fundraising methods any startup founder can take advantage of even when they don’t have any experience in finance. Here are some of the ways through which a startup founder can raise money to fund their business: Crowdfunding The internet has changed pretty much every sector of the economy. One of areas the internet has changed is how business owners raise money to fund their ideas and projects. Crowdfunding is an alternative finance avenue – often powered by the internet – where a venture raises money from a lot of people. The amounts contributed by individuals are small but the sum total is always significant since a lot of people can get involved in a project that manages to attract enough interest. There are dedicated sites where entrepreneurs can ask people to crowdfund their ideas, projects, or ventures. Some of the notable crowdfunding sites include: Kickstarter Indiegogo RocketHub Razoo GoFundMe Crowdrise Sellaband PledgeMusic. Typically, a crowdfunding process involves an entrepreneur setting up a project on a crowdfunding site and allowing anyone who wants to be part of the project to contribute. If it’s a cool project, the incentive to contribute can be as simple as people paying for their product before it’s manufactured with the entrepreneur promising to send them their copy after the product has been manufactured. In such a scenario, the contributors will be basically funding the initial production cost. If you price your product properly and factor in the profit margin in the contribution amounts you request, you will have some money left after making the first batch of shipments and so be able to comfortably fund subsequent production. Merchant Cash Advances If you run an ecommerce store, you should definitely consider using a platform that gives merchants cash advances. One of the ecommerce platforms that gives its users cash advances is Shopify. It goes without saying that you have to develop a consistent track record of sales to be able to take advantage of their merchant cash advance program. This method of funding is good if you want to expand your startup. To get their money back, the ecommerce platform will take a small cut of every sale you make till the advance is repaid in full. The cut is always a fixed percentage. It is a good deal since you don’t have to commit to a specific installment amount every month. You will only make remittances when you make a sale. If you don’t make a sale on any given day, you will remit nothing. Secure a Loan Getting a bank loan is one of the fastest ways you can secure the monwt to fund a new business. Banks usually don’t lend out money to fund new businesses so you will probably be securing a personal loan. If you’ve been in operation for some time, however, you will have more wiggle room and can actually land a business loan. If you want to get a loan fast, you should consider getting a title loan. Title loan institutions such as tfctitleloans.com can process loans within 48 hours if you have all the documents needed. The conditions are often favorable and will probably include zero prepayment penalties, ability to keep and use the security for the duration of the loan term, and customized loan terms that take your financial position into account. If your credit score can’t secure you a bank loan, you should consider joining a microfinance institution and building a reputation as a consistent saver. You can then leverage the reputation to take out a loan with them. Small Business Administration’s Programs Not many people are aware of or take advantage of the grants and funding opportunities available to small businesses through the SBA. You can get a loan for a brand new startup with the SBA if you can put forward a third of the required capital and secure the rest using personal or business assets. The loans are usually administered by local banks. You can learn about the options available to you by just paying a visit to the bank near you. Further, the SBA also gives grants that entrepreneurs don’t have to pay back. This often applies to groups such as minorities, women, youth, and veterans. Visit your local SBA chapter to learn about the grants you can apply for. Angel Investment or Venture Capital If you are comfortable giving up equity to an outside investor, you should consider approaching an angel investor or a venture capital fund. Angel investors are accredited individuals while VC funds are firms. In the early stages of a startup, you will have more luck approaching angel investors. Venture capital funds tend to go for startups with high-growth potential or those that have a great track record. The emergence of equity crowdfunding now makes it easy to find angel investors. There are dedicated online angel networks and angel groups where you can pitch your idea and interested angel investors in those groups will pool funds together to fund your idea or business.
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  10. A story of money, secrecy and greed: a tax dodge for the wealthy dreamed up by one of the biggest accounting giants in the world KPMG Canada devised what it called an “Offshore Company Structure” for a select group of rich clients: they would claim to give away millions of dollars to a shell company supposedly out of their control and therefore wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it.
  11. For decades, presidents, drug smugglers and criminals have used a Panamanian law firm to hide their accounts and valuables. This is revealed in documents reviewed by media partners around the world, including NDR and WDR. A total of 370 journalists from 78 countries evaluated around 11.5 million documents in the course of their reporting on the “PanamaPapers.” An anonymous source provided the data to Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung. The paper then shared it with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and partners across the globe, including NDR and WDR.
  12. Bitcoin is a revolutionary decentralized architecture which can be used for an untold number of incredibly valuable services – including the transfer of financial value. As Bitcoin adoption continues to expand, significant interests are threatened and early users could face an incredibly dangerous backlash. Please protect yourself, a fight is coming…
  13. Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Join the Ethereum discussion:
  14. What is the blockchain? If you don't know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.
  15. Bitcoin documentary

    A great documentary that proves and shows why you should get involved in cryptocurrency trading as soon as you finish watching!!