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  1. There have been significant advancements in data storage technologies since it was first implemented. The most efficient data storage technology that is being used in recent times is the cloud storage services. Cloud storage ensures that you can get your work done on any device like the laptop, tablet, smartphones and even portable mini PCs. Yet till date, there are many organisations that have not fully worked the cloud into how they go about their business. Integration of cloud storage into your business should be seamless. The only difficult thing is choosing the service that plays nice with your desktops. All the clouds storage services There are many cloud storage services that are available to you with dozens of reliable solutions that you can choose from. There are even many new programs that are coming into the market regarding the cloud solutions every day. Out of all the available solutions, a handful of them are worth considering if you want to make cloud storage as easy as using the hard drive. One of the best solutions that people need today are the ones that deeply integrate with the Windows File Explorer. Because of it, it will be easier for the users to open and save files as they do it remotely. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and MediaFire are the applications that offer windows file explorer integration. This means that these applications store the files in remote folders that function seamlessly on the hard drive but automatically synchronise with the cloud platform. Like every technology in the market, the cloud storage technology has its own benefits and drawbacks, such as SkyDrive and Google drive, they collectively offer web-based productivity tools and are therefore great for document management. SkyDrive has a limit of 2gb file and therefore cannot be a good choice at storing media files. Whereas, google drive offers a limit of 10gb. Dropbox on the other hand has an unlimited file size limit and it has the most amount of free storage. MediaFire has the most amount of free storage available i.e. between 10gb to 50gb and can be used for free. The users of the desktop application can upload files of unlimited size. This is possible even though they are limited to 2gb uploads in-browser. You can sign up and use these services as free trials with other features they offer and then fine tune it based on their individual strengths. By this, you can create a great big no-cost hard drive in the cloud. For users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, SkyDrive is most likely to be the best solution available as it comes along with the operating system itself. SkyDrive is very seamless as it can carry your system settings, passwords, internet explorer tabs and even the basic desktop and start screen setups with you from device to device. How to setup the cloud storage? You have to download the service’s companion application to your PC once you have selected the one (or more) cloud storage platforms. For basic management, the desktop program places an icon in the Windows taskbar. As a matter of fact, it puts a folder in the favourites section in the Windows File Explorer. This way you can quickly open and save the files from the cloud. This step will be unnecessary for the SkyDrive users on Windows 8.1 If you have notice, Microsoft has made a big change with the way Windows 8.1 SkyDrive integration handles files. Even though Windows 8.1 SkyDrive folder looks like it is saving a remote copy of your files, by default those files are actually just links. These links usually require an internet connection to access the file. To save and edit files locally, you will have to enable offline access manually. You do not have to worry as these files will be in synchronisation with the Microsoft’s cloud servers. Pointing fingers To make cloud storage truly seamless to use, you will even want to point the default save location for your favourite programs towards the cloud storage folder. The exact method of pointers varies from program to program. Mostly, a lot of software that lets you tinker with files will also let you choose where to save your files by default. All you need to do is, point them all towards the cloud storage so that all the files are tagged along with you from device to device. Another is, when you want to save email attachments to the cloud. To be honest, it can be very tricky as it is syncing a to-do list you are not already using a service like One Note or Evernote. As we already know, Google drive’s high total storage and 10gb per file size limit makes Google Drive a better option for saving a huge amount of image file data from the desktop. On the other hand, Dropbox and SkyDrive offers a similar option to automatically upload any picture that you take with your phone or tablet to the cloud. This makes it easier for you, as your data is available to you anywhere and anytime without any effort on your part. The only caution here will be, that the multimedia files take up the space fast and you get limited storage space available with the free accounts. Backup implications To never lose the valuable information that you store on the cloud, you regularly back up the data that is stored there. One benefit of storing data on the cloud is that the data is stored on the network of servers. So, the risk of you losing you data is very rare, even though the risk still exists. This is especially true when the cloud storage suddenly dissipates, unexpectedly or otherwise. If you don’t regularly back up your data, you can do it with software applications that are available online. They come along with a tutorial guide that will help you to back up your data and thus reducing the chances of losing it. Letting you access files wherever you are While you are using cloud solutions, you will want to have solutions that lets you easily manage your cloud drives from a central location. This prevents you from hopping from app-to-app or service-to-service while you are on the run.
  2. As technology begins to advance, there have been some concerns about robots, automation, and artificial intelligence taking over the job market and putting people out of work. However, there is a likelihood some jobs will be safe from automation. It is possible there are some jobs that won’t be taken over by machines. With self-driving vehicles, factory assembled products, drones delivering packages, and computers doing the work of data entry clerks, there are many people who are concerned with their work in the future. Many companies have started automating its financing and numbers-based departments. For example, if the company you work for has a ton of data to back up concerning clients, there is a software that can manage digital inventory , which will take less time than a human doing the job. It seems there are some jobs that will likely never be taken over by machines or automation. If you have a job in one of these fields, you will be needed well into the future. Politics If you are in politics, it is likely that your job will be safe for years to come. Some of the jobs done by several members in the government may be done by machines, but politicians are likely here to stay. There probably won’t be a robotic governor or president, because these jobs will always need human-like intelligence machines may never have. Even if the intelligence was created, it is highly probable that the politicians would not allow it, since they wouldn’t want to be out of a job. It would also be difficult for a human to respect a robot as an authority figure or a person of power. Politicians possess a lot of power and since fairness and equality are relevant topics it seems they will be around for some time. Financial Analysts, Creative Workers, and Lawyers Individuals in these areas of business need to be creative to master their trade. These positions won’t be phased out because machines are calculated and don’t possess the power to be creative. When it comes to value judgement, machines fall short., which is needed in these fields. They must look at that gray area to make decisions, because everything is not as clear as it may seem. However, automation may take over some financial positions to improve productivity. For example, if you constantly have to keep track of invoices, why not get it done sooner and avoid all of the paperwork. By automating accounts payable and receivable work, you can avoid the hassle and just work directly from your devices. Architects design innovative buildings, and every step in their job can’t be automated. There is a likelihood that there will be more automation in these fields as time goes on, but it won’t replace the creative thinkers and data analysts that need insight and creativity to get the job done. Media Content-stripping bots have already started to cut apart and reassemble news or spin stories to create new content. However, writers, editors, and designers will still be needed to keep the future of television running. It is very likely that television anchors, news reporters, and similar jobs will still be in business. Humans want to interact with other humans, they want to see another human when they tune into the news. Therefore, those that report news, design graphics, produce, and manage content will still be in business in the future. Humancare Industries There are some professions that mainly rely on the human touch. There are some situations where robots will just not be beneficial enough. For example, you likely won’t be planning a loved one’s funeral with a robot or leaving your elderly parent or young child in the care of a robot. Those who are in humancare industries also tend to be more emotional and can connect with humans on a personal level. In the near future, it’s not likely robots will be comforting and caring for humans. Therefore, these types of jobs are likely to be safe from automation, and all employees aren’t afraid of losing their jobs. Medical Professionals Those in the medical profession that have a lot of interaction with their patients are likely safe as well. Many people are not going to want a robot diagnosing them or performing surgery on them when they are ill. There may be some professions in the field that would be phased out. These would be the professions in the medical field that can be replaced by automation, including pharmacy workers and some radiology positions. The jobs that deal with machine operation and delivery of medications may be out of work in the future. If there isn’t the need for human interaction, there may be a robot to replace this medical profession. Why Not All Jobs? There is a pattern in these industries. All of them need upper level brain functioning, creativity, and human interaction. Jobs that require innovation and instinct are likely to stick around, those that are tedious, will go. For example, if you’re a business owner who needs help organizing your staff and all of the work the company needs to get done, you don’t need to hire an additional employee to help you. Instead, you could use a managing software –that will do the work for you and save you a lot of time. These jobs require a higher-level of skill and knowledge that people wouldn’t trust machines to do. These are the jobs that will stand the test of time no matter how great technology gets.
  3. E-commerce is one of the most saturated markets, yet new companies pop up faster than we can count them. On one hand, we have the constant evolution of demand and on the other, a logical progression of ways to supply that demand. In order to succeed in the cut-throat world of e-commerce, you need two things: a well-developed brand an excellent customer service. You cannot have one without the other, as good customer service only reinforces the brand and a good brand cannot warrant respect without an adequate care for its customers. However, there some are things every business owner should know about developing their own brand. Take the time to design your brand properly First things first, you need to develop the physical aspects of your brand, which includes the logo, color and contrast schemes, specific fonts and typefaces, etc. Think the now iconic Coca-Cola white on red or Starbucks green on white. These logos are renowned worldwide and all it takes is a single glance before you realize which brand is it. Furthermore, colors have a large influence on human behavior and they can be used to calm down customers, decrease or increase appetite, enhance mood or reduce the perception of time. Use your products as a marketing leverage One of the easiest ways to ensure the loyalty of your existing customers and attract new ones is to be reliable. Whereas a unique selling proposition can literally be any positive aspect of your brand that will make you stand out, using a product as leverage depends on the specific qualities of products and services. You can highlight the ethical practice of sourcing for your materials, their quality, sustainability, the exceptional build of the final product or simply market it as something that no one else is offering. Personalize customer experience The online shopping experience has become rather automatic and monotonous for the average customer. They click through product pages, review images and descriptions, validate their purchase by reading different reviews and finally, add the item to the cart. Returning back to the store results in the exact experience as they already had and does absolutely nothing to stimulate them into making another purchase. As an e-commerce store owner, you can personalize this experience in two ways: using demographic behavioral targeting Use these two to provide them with a tailored shopping experience or relying on on-site targeting through the modal header and footer banners, pop-ups, sliders and dynamic content. Develop a unique selling proposition A unique selling proposition is one of the cornerstones of a well-thought-out brand strategy. It is used to differentiate your particular brand from the competition and provide potential customers with a good reason to invest in your company. Whether it is a specific product feature, outstanding customer service, easy-to-use website or an excellent return policy, having a distinguishing characteristic will make you stand out from the rest of the competition. If you don’t have the necessary experience to find what makes your product truly unique, you can always schedule a consultation with a professional such as this branding agency from Melbourne. Tell your story Tales are the ones that attract the most attention. This has proven to be right throughout the history of mankind and your brand deserves the same treatment. People in general, can easily connect emotionally with others and better remember them if there is a story that connects them. So, your brand needs a good story which needs to be told in a way that it builds trust with customers. Also, it should give them a small glimpse into the mysterious life of your business. The logical conclusion is telling your start-up story! Since there are thousands of other online and offline businesses, you will need something that will make you stand out. One of the best strategies includes honesty. Thus, you can start with telling the story of why you exist in the first place and why people should turn to you and give you their money. This may be a tough story to tell, since you need to convince them that you are slightly better than the competition, but try and build their trust with your honest intentions. Simply, let them get to know you and your brand, just like you would like to know them. Basically, you should tell them about how your business started, all those great ideas behind the scene; tell them who you are and what you care about. Explain what you stand for and why you do it, and you can include any other things you find relevant and trustworthy. The end result will be a nice tale for the prospective customers who will gain your trust and help you achieve your goals. Show gratitude Satisfied customers reward businesses by telling their friends and family and providing social proof of their purchase. This behavior can further be reinforced by sending personalized emails of gratitude for their purchase, leaving a note inside the package, adding them to loyalty programs and responding and re-sharing their social media posts. Additionally, you can reward the most loyal of customers with discounts and special one-time offers, which rewards them but also adds a sense of exclusivity at the same time. Conclusion Branding is a field of business where everything about your company gets decided, ranging from the look and feel of your brand, the voice you use to communicate with your customers to the incentives you will use to reinforce your brand and ensure customer loyalty. Do a proper research into the market, your customer and, most importantly, your competition and see exactly what it is you can to be different and make your company stand out. Author: David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant,online marketing analyst and a writer. With six years of experience and a degree in online business strategies, he is driven to help people to better understand this new digital age. In his free time, David enjoys writing, travelling and an occasional night out with his friends.
  4. Trading with Support and Resistance Zones

    Analyzing price charts using support and resistance lines is already a well-known concept for most forex traders. Although a bit more advanced, there is another related concept you should also make sure you can master before you venture into other trading strategies; trading with support and resistance zones. You see, simple lines on a chart is often not enough. Since trading is not an exact science, it is sometimes necessary to approach it more like a form of art. It surely takes more experience to read a chart without specific rules to follow, but the payoff once you master this can be great. We will start by defining what the terms really mean: Resistance zone: An area on the chart where there are more sellers than buyers. Support zone: An area on the chart where there are more buyers than sellers. The reason why these zones or levels work is that the market has inherent “memory” about past price action. In other words, traders and robots around the world remember at what prices they bought a certain currency pair, and will then determine whether that currency is “cheap” or “expensive” based on their past experience. In addition to that, price levels are also often formed by large institutional traders who have client orders to buy or sell an asset at a specific price, often around round numbers. For example, a broker may have been instructed by a large client to sell AUD/USD at 0.80. As such, every time the price of AUD/USD hits 0.80, the broker will send his sell order to the market and hence push down the price again. Obviously the forex market is huge, and an individual trader cannot make that much of an impact, but if there are enough brokers that send their orders to the market at the same prices, a technical price level is formed. It is also important to understand that these levels often occur around the same area in the chart as other technical levels, such as Fibonacci extensions or retracements. When two or more factors align to indicate a certain bias in the market, we say that it is adding confluence to our bias. Confluence of two or more technical indicators are considered one of the best buy or sell signals you can get. If you also have added confluence by the price trading at or near a support or resistance zone, the signal is considered to be very reliable. It may be difficult for new traders to get used to thinking in terms of areas on the chart rather than lines or levels, but it is definitely worth the effort. As an example, let’s take a look at the chart below. In this chart of palladium / US dollar, a resistance line has been drawn from a past market top. Notice, however, that as the price approaches the resistance line again, it doesn’t stop and instead continues to trade higher, confusing all the traders who have already placed their short orders in anticipation of the decline. This is obviously the amateur approach to forex trading. Professionals know that trading is never exact, and they instead stick to support and resistance zones, rather than lines. By doing this, they can catch the bulk of the price action and ride the trend. If you do like the professionals and wait for the price to trade outside of the resistance zone, your odds for success will be significantly improved. One approach is to wait for the price to cross below for example the 20 simple moving average line before you enter your short order. That way, you bias has been confirmed by the market before you take any premature action, and you are reacting to what is happening instead of predicting the next move. As you can see in the chart above, it is much easier to draw support and resistance zones than lines, because the highs and lows don’t need to match up exactly. You can also easily see the sharp change in direction as the price enters into the resistance zone. If you have a long position as the price is entering into a resistance zone like this, you should tighten your stop-loss orders and closely follow the price action. The price may shoot through and make another high, but it may also change sharply and trade in the opposite direction. As already mentioned, it may be a bit difficult for beginners to get used to thinking in terms of zones rather than lines. It is simply a more discretionary approach, and there is no exact recipe to follow. Many traders would therefore benefit from taking a forex course. With experience and the right education, it gets much easier, and the payoff can be great. Aim for the middle part of the trend, and stop trying to call tops and bottoms. It is simply too difficult to be worth your effort. About the author Fredrik Vold is an entrepreneur, financial writer, and technical analysis enthusiast. He has been working and traveling in Asia for several years, and is currently based out of Beijing, China. He mainly follows the stock and forex markets, and is always looking for the next great alternative investment opportunity.
  5. I don't think you know but I became recently a great fan of movies and TV series. Just to name a few of the ones I watched recently: Designated survivor, The Blacklist, Tulip fever, Fauda (israeli). Write down your favorite movie and you automatically enter in the contest. Prizes 1st place $7 PayPal or PerfectMoney 2nd place $5 PayPal or PerfectMoney 3rd place $3 PayPal or PerfectMoney Contest will end in two weeks on 25 October 2017. The winner will be picked by using random generator from all the entries till date. P.S. Only one entry per username and don't forget: Money won are twice as sweet as money earned :) Good luck
  6. Hello guys and gals I'm planning to start advertising TGF massively to bring new members here. What cheap but effective ways of advertising do you recommend? I'm thinking on PTC, Bux sites, Paid to Read sites etc. If you have experience using them please recommend me some websites.
  7. Hello guys and gals I'm planning to start advertising TGF massively to bring new members here. What cheap but effective ways of advertising do you recommend? I'm thinking on PTC, Bux sites, Paid to Read sites etc. If you have experience using them please recommend me some websites.
  8. Welcome @DailyMoneySaving . Nice to have you here friend. Enjoy your stay.
  9. @Warfare Yeah definitely I'm thinking on some ways members can use the points (withdraw in cash, purchase advertising, purchase premium memberships etc). If anyone have ideas feel free to shout.
  10. Yeah especially this line makes me wonder: "Unfortunately as at the time of publication the DOJ’s case is not publicly available, which means I can’t directly track it. I suspect this is because it was filed and is still currently under seal." If the case is not publicly available then where the behindmlm's guy got it?
  11. Unfortunately couldn't find any. Checked on the DOJ websites but no luck.
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