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  1. Hello guys, The prizes have been sent. Thank you all for participating, Special thanks to @bluenoser for donating his earnings to forum growing and thank you to winners who patiently waited.
  2. Robots.txt is a text file created especially for search engine crawlers to instruct them how to crawl your website (what pages should not index etc) However it shouldnt be seen as the ultimate protection for the content you dont want to be available on the web as there are search engines that ignore whats written in the robots. txt file. Check here a nice guide on how to use it properly
  3. Forgot to add. Thats the link to Google Search Console More resources you should look into: https://monetize.info/resources/
  4. SemRush and Ahrefs are used for websites that you don't have access to, like your competitors. If you own the site that want to see the information then you should use Google Search Console. There you can see the keywords your website ranks for. Also there you can see most of the backlinks that are crawled by Google.
  5. Infographics are really nice pieces of content where you present information in a really nice, graphic form. After you created a nice infographic like this one for instance you should add it to infographic directories (You have a really long list of sites that publish infographics here). Another step is to contact bloggers from your niche and ask them to publish your infographic. To increase your chances to get it published you should also add a nice piece of content that describe or explain better the information presented in the infographic. Ofcourse the point here is to get a backlink to your site from the content or simply a mention on the published page. That's where infographic submission benefit for SEO. You get a backlink from the ones that publish it.
  6. Hello @sonamsharma. If you're looking to increase your traffic I suggest you to focus on two things: social media and SEO.
  7. Thank you as well. Looking forward for your contribution. We have some areas like SEO, Social Media that could benefit from your expertise.
  8. Thank you. I appreciate it.
  9. Hello @Vishwa. Welcome on Top Gold Forum. Nice to have you here. How are you? I'm a regular reader of your blog, btw :)
  10. Hello @Denverk. Welcome on Top Gold Forum. How are you?
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  14. Welcome @Eash.io. Nice to have you here. Good luck with your ICO
  15. AlfaCashier.com

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