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  1. Dennis#MD

    Earn Maximum Payouts with Binary Options

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  2. Dennis#MD

    Will look into it and get back with an answer.
  3. Dennis#MD

    Hello @amanwaa I checked your website today. There are some things I do not understand. 1) Your domain name is PoliticalPols but your blog is not only about politics.. That's not very good for branding as you will have to work a ton to make a brand from it and your name. My advice: Focus only on politics and drop other subjects 2) If you keep other subjects then make it a general blog and you can use your own name as domain name (if you want to make a brand out of it) or a general domain name like "digitalstuff.com" or "onlinemoneymaker.com" 3) The contact form in the contact us page is not working. It shows the short code instead of the actual form. 4) You added many categories (wordpress, seo) that have no articles or only one article. I would keep less categories till you have enough content to fill at least one page for each new category. Ex: When you have 10 articles that talk about seo you create a new category on SEO and add them there.
  4. Dennis#MD

    Can you please show me a topic that have this issue? I'd like to further test it.
  5. Cash registers are big, cumbersome and frankly, they’re just plain ugly. Perhaps one way that small businesses can step up into the future is with a new Clover Station 2018. An attractive, tasteful and highly equipped work station, the Clover 2.0R features a cash drawer, touch screen display and high-speed receipt printer to match. If you think this might be a good choice for your business, then a company like Merchant Account Solutions just might be able to help. Advantages of a Clover Station The Clover Station is fast and efficient, with apps and software for processing transactions more quickly. This can help to shorten those long lines and decrease the chances that customers get frustrated and leave. It is good for many types of small business, including restaurants and cafes. There is even an app for processing table orders in this new system for improved levels of customer service. Payments can usually be processed faster with the Clover, as well, and it’s likely your inventory has never been more organized and accessible. New Features of the Clover 2.0 POS System One of the exciting new features of this contemporary 2018 POS system is that this updated version can now accept the new chip technology in credit cards. The software systems have also been updated to better suit a wider variety of businesses and retail operations. There are several other benefits to the Clover 2.0R: Fingerprinting abilities Upgraded software Enhanced time sheet management Larger screen Moveable display that can face the customer Available Assistance For more details on the 2018 Clover Station or the related Clover Merchant Systems for POS operation, professionals from a company such as Merchant Account Solutions should be able to help you. If you contact them today, associates should be able to provide you with friendly service and the necessary resources to make the best choice for the future of your business.
  6. Dennis#MD

    Right now we got back to Montserrat. Do you like it?
  7. Dennis#MD

    Most of all, guest posting is about building relationships. After all, this is how influencers got where they are now. By networking and spreading their connections. This is the secret to blogger or influencer outreach. Building valuable and lasting relationships.
  8. Everyone that adds his/her blog in Outreach.Buzz database and get's it approved it can place the Outreach.Buzz approved badge. Check the details here: OutreachBuzz Approved Websites We've designed some really great looking badges:
  9. Nice topic. After August Google Update (nicknamed Google Medic update by Barry Schwartz) it's crucial to create high quality and high authority content if you want to rank in the health niche. You should focus on E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) if you want your content to rank well. If you don’t know much about E-A-T check the Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines on page 18. In short, you, as a content creator, need to proof your Expertise, Authority, and Trust. There are many ways you can do this but I will list here a few: Include Author name, biography and social profiles for all your content Link your CV and profiles on relevant websites Invest in personal branding and link contributions to expert roundups, conferences etc Post testimonials and reviews of your work Invite experts to edit and back your content Write for authority websites in your industry and link your contributions While you create content you should consider the needs of your readers and focus on solving their problems. https://mediadigi.com/content-marketing-experts-roundup
  10. Dennis#MD

    Well not really. I tested several fonts (both bolder and normal) and I'm still looking for a nice font that will become part of our web identity. At the moment we are on Montserrat weight:500 which is bolder. But as I sad is a matter I'm still looking into. So I'm open to suggestions.
  11. Dennis#MD

    Thank you. All the best to you.
  12. Dennis#MD

    Have a happy Halloween Folks.
  13. Dennis#MD

    Hello @Eichberg88. Nice to see you here on TGF. Welcome!
  14. Hello guys, Last week we tested an in-house email delivery solution that we will add to TGF. If you are a long time member of our community you may have noticed that we haven't sent any newsletter in last year or so. That's because the email solutions we tested before couldn't handle the volume and the number of emails that are unreachable. We are live since 2008 and some couple thousands of email are no longer in use by the members. This couldn't go too much further so we decided to build our own email delivery solution + email verification system. If you notice that your membership changed from Member to NoEmail it means the verifier couldn't validate your email address. You can either change it or contact us to restore your access. In the next days, we will test even more the email delivery solution and we will send a newsletter to all our members. Stay tuned, D
  15. Dennis#MD

    Hello @Jeck123. Welcome abroad