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  1. Check this list with all the updates - I also use - free version is enough. as it lists all the google updates. Check the image attached.
  2. Hello @Mark Jason. The website you created looks nice. Congrats for that. OnPage SEO is important and in my opinion, is easier to do it than off-page SEO. Also Is way easier to rank a website that is well on-site SEO optimized. Check this 2 articles wrote by my colleagues from on on-site optimization Good luck and let us know how things are going.
  3. I will be careful using blackhat SEO. Eventually, Google will find out and bite your ass. I was using black hat SEO in the past but now I find whitehat SEO giving way better results. Also, I'm staying without any fear that my websites will be penalized.
  4. There are many factors that will influence your earnings.Just to list several of them: - What products are you promoting what how much is the commission the sellers offer - How much traffic you have - What's your conversion rate There are bloggers that make public their monthly income so you can get a pretty good idea of how much anyone is making. Check here a top for December 2016 earnings of most popular bloggers. You may also check what products they promote and how much they make per product.
  5. Thank you @bilo, Yep, I checked the link myself and it seems the OP decided to close his forum.
  6. Hello @Kaneberry33, Welcome on Top Gold Forum. Enjoy your stay here and let us know what you'd like to achieve. We help our members to be better at what they do.
  7. Hello @ForexMartTrader. Welcome on TopGold Forum. Please share your forex experience with our members. There are many interested fellows that trade forex here on TGF so you will definitely be in good company.
  8. Hello @zashney. Welcome on TopGold Forum. How are you ? Im sure you will find what you need here as we have plenty resources for online money making and online business.
  9. Any news on this matter, @Yasi ?
  10. An investment program that offers 600% after just one day is purely a money game and not a real investment opportunity. So you should treat it just as it is a gambling opportunity. If they ask you to deposit more money i think they simply want to scam you so they will get more money from you. I wouldn't pay if I were you and I will definitely avoid spending money in sites with such unrealistic returns. There are some monitors that list this program as Paying So contact the administrator and tell him that if they don't pay what they owe to you will report to these monitors. Keep us informed.
  11. Hello Nice to meet you !


  12. Hello @Mr Linda. Welcome on TopGold Forum. How are you ?
  13. Hello @MassPiker. Welcome on Top Gold Forum. Tell us more about you and if you make money online. Also what skills you would like to improve.
  14. Hello @Marget and welcome on TGF. I'm happy to find out you like our community. Btw, nice avatar :) Helo @margou . Welcome on TGF. As long as it is positive criticism I'm open to it. So feel free to express your mind. Hello @fouclycm . Welcome on TGF. I'm glad you foud interesting topics here on TGF. Can you tell us more about what your interests are, btw?
  15. Please let me know if you find bugs or there are things that do not work as they should. Thanks.