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  1. @Parker89 your script looks really nice. Congrats for that. Why dont you setup a public demo for it ?
  2. Every online business is looking to get on the SERPs, and the way to get that done is through competent SEO. There are several ways that you can improve your website’s SEO competence. This is a both a boon and a bane because one on hand, there are a lot of methods through which you can get your website ranked well. Alternatively, some of these methods may have repercussions that may not be immediately apparent and can affect your SERP negatively. What this means is that you need to choose your path to greatness judiciously. Ranking well on SERPs Getting your website ranking well on the SERPs is critical to your success. This is because more than 90% of all clicks go to the top 5 links. We also know that no one we know goes to the second page of Google searches. This means that you need to start off ranking on the first page at least. When you are looking at improving your SEO strength(forbedre din SEO styrke), most people think that expensive tools and software are the order of the day. You’d be surprised to find out how much you can get done on your website using just free tools and a bit of elbow grease. Powerful Free Tools That can help your SEO Let’s take a look at a few tools that can give you the edge you need without ever touching your wallet. 1. Google Analytics This is one of the most comprehensive free tools out there at this moment and this, unsurprisingly, comes from the purveyor of the world’s most popular search engine. This tool covers just about every facet of your SEO process from basic keywords research, traffic analysis, and derived backlinks. You can get metrics on what keywords people used when they land on your pages. This can give you important insights into what you need to tweak and improve to get your website performing better. 2. Moz Local Listing Score Another heavyweight in the SEO arena, Moz have been crunching numbers from various sources including Google to give you a bird’s eye view of your website’s SEO landscape. It even leverages powerful social media platforms like Facebook which gives it an edge over other tools in this roundup. Apart from just highlighting problems, it also suggests measures that you can use to get rid of these problems. 3. If you are looking to get the right keywords on your multi-platform SEO improvement strategy, then you need Keyword Tool. Type in a keyword that you have in mind and you can get hundreds of suggestions based on your input sorted alphabetically. It even includes several platforms that you can use like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and App Store. This tool can give you quick results without any of the fluff normally associated with getting keywords. Open Site Explorer Part of the Moz’s research tools suite, Open Site Explorer can give you a unique view into the backlinks profile of your website and also highlight different link-building opportunities with other influencers in your same niche. This tool also highlights malicious or damaging links that exist on your website which you can then remove. Quicksprout Website Analyzer This is the brainchild of Neil Patel who has been a mover and shaker for quite some time in the field of digital marketing. You can get valuable information about your website like meta data errors and improvements, internal linking, and even analyze specific pages on your website. 4. Schema Creator Schema is really important to how your website is able to perform on SERPs. This tool can customize your schema markups, so your meta data will transform in response to reviews, events, organizations and personalities. The created schema code can then be copied to your website and voila, you’re done! SimilarWeb This should be part of every startups’ competitor research and market intelligence phase of their product. What this tool does is highlight other websites in your same niche. This presents an opportunity for you to learn from them and make improvements on your website. It also has several other helpful tools built in which can give you useful insights like referrals, social media standing and your targeted demographic. Conclusion These are some of the tools that are available out there that can get your website performing better than your competitors. There are several more out there and they are all equally useful for getting the most out of your SEO process. You can use these to make sure that you stay at the top of the SERPs and save a ton of money in the process. Do let us know how it goes!
  3. Hello @Sir Bruno. Welcome on Top Gold Forum.
  4. Hello @ChrisThomas. Welcome on Top Gold Forum.
  5. Hello @syedkazi. Welcome on Top Gold Forum.
  6. Hello @Johnnyfx. Welcome on Top Gold Forum. We have a pretty active Forex category.
  7. Yes. Longer articles rank better and keep the visitors more on your website reducing the bounce rate. You may enrich your articles by adding videos and images and infographics.
  8. You should check for latest SEO news and updates. Berry is doing a great job.
  9. Great tips @Fokhrul Islam . I recommend forum traffic (not because I own one :) ) but because I'm active on other forums as well and I manage to drive well-targeted traffic to my other sites. Check here the method I use: Free Effective way to get Targeted Traffic from Forums Read more:
  10. @Stevendavis In my opinion, quality content is a very important aspect of on-site optimization. You can't rank a website if your content is not well written and optimized. Btw, I've written an article with all the things someone needs to do for onsite SEO optimization and more. Check it here -
  11. Hello @Dheeraj Kumar . Welcome on Top Gold Forum. How are you? What you would like to learn especially? SEO, Social Media, Money Making etc?
  12. Hello guys, I'm happy to let you know that right now are are 29,000 topgold forumists (is that a word :)? :) Let's keep growing. All the best, D
  13. If this are legit licenses that can be transferred I am interested to acquire.
  14. If you’ve been blogging for a long time already, you probably know that simply offering a good content isn’t always enough to make this work. Sure, interesting blog posts are always appreciated by the audience, but in order for them to be actually shared, they have to be noticed first. And getting your target audience to notice your posts can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you don’t have much experience in that. Lucky for you, you don’t have to do it on your own these days. There are so many useful websites and online tools that can help you make your posts not only shareable but also significantly better. Here are the best 13 proofreading tools that can help you with that. 1.Fiverr Fiverr is a freelance website, offering all kinds of services both for companies and for private clients. If you are busy working on your blog and trying to create high-quality content, you probably don’t have much time to do all the proofreading on your own. That’s where Fiverr can help: you can find professional proofreaders there who are willing to help you for a reasonable price. 2.Quill Practice is the best way to improve your writing style and proofreading skills – and that’s what Quill can help you with. It analyzes your texts and lists a number of errors found there; however, it doesn’t offer any specific corrections, allowing you to make them. While this tool won’t be useful for quick and instant proofreading, it is very helpful for practice. Read more: Follow us: @monetizeinfo on Twitter | monetize on Facebook
  15. With the huge grow of social networks discussions groups like Facebook Groups and LinkedIn groups it seems online forums tend to become less and less active. However, online communities have been around for a very, very long time. There are several reasons why forums still remain active and are preferred by members over the decades. In the following section I will describe step by step how to start and promote a discussion forum. In my opinion, a forum should be an addition to your website and not a standalone site. So if you have already a blog or an website add a forum or if you just starting it make sure you add a section with articles, guides or tools to the forum. It’s very difficult to start only with a discussion forum as at beginning there are no members to engage the discussions and spread the world about your community. Read more: Follow us: @monetizeinfo on Twitter | monetize on Facebook