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  5. Hello @Caprisun29. Welcome on Top Gold Forum. Just let us know what would you like to learn here on TGF ok?
  6. Hello @nestorrosol. Welcome on TGF. Well we don't have many games here but we are one of the best business forums :)
  7. hi

    Hello @Silly-Hat. Just checked your website. Definitely stands out from the crowd. Congrats for that. Please share your ideas and methods with the community. We have a dedicated affiliate marketing section that is hungry for your knowledge :) All the best, D
  8. Hello Victor ( @victornormand). How are you? Welcome on TopGold Forum. Thank you for the nice words. It is the members that makes this community awesome :)
  9. I always like to introduce the new members to the community.
  10. Hello @tomhaven and welcome on Top Gold Forum. There are plenty resources on our forum on how to make money online. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask. We are a friendly community and we will guide you on the right path. All the best and enjoy your stay here.
  11. Great article @David27. Feel free to share more your knowledge with us.
  12. I am genuinely interested in Fintech industry and looking forward on how to monetize my experience.
  13. Site is dead so I suppose the project is abandoned.
  14. @callingforspring get in touch with He is a very helpful guy and have a passion for writing tutorials. I'm sure he can write a very nice guide on that.
  15. Unfortunately forums are now on a descent trend (and I'm tell you this as a forum owner). Instead of adding a forum to your website I think you should better create a Facebook Discussion group

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