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  1. Dennis#MD

    @akbar mahnadi This is a bloody SCAM and it's unfortunate you're trying to make money by exploiting this health crisis.
  2. Dennis#MD

    What are your niches guys? Here @MD traffic is pretty stable.
  3. Unfortunately things escalate very quickly...
  4. Corona.help is an attempt to help people stay updated with the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) as it's spreading around the world. It's been developed as a side project by Alex Dumitru, and I'm going to do my best to improve it and keep it updated.
  5. New stats as of 26 March 2020:
  6. Dennis#MD

    Hello John, Welcome to Top Gold Forum. What you write: web content, novels etc? Tell us more
  7. Hey folks, I'm wondering what protection measures you take? For instance I'm working from home for already one week, and I limit my trips outside for max 2 times a day. + a lot of hand washing 🙂
  8. This so-called exponential curve has experts worried. If the number of cases were to continue to double every three days, there would be about a hundred million cases in the United States by May. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/
  9. COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK Last updated: March 17, 2020, 15:35 GMT Coronavirus Cases: 189,758 Deaths: 7,518 Recovered: 80,874 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  10. Hello guys and gals, I've created the Coronavirus Crisis forum here so we can all share and discuss relevant updates about #coronavirus, #covid-19 and the business recession that already started. I see it this as a crisis focus group so we all can be informed and take the best decisions for us, for our loved ones and for our businesses. Please post relevant news, analysis, articles and measures you took so we can all benefit. ...and don't spam it with irrelevant content because I will automatically flag you as spammer. And I don't want to do that.
  11. In the last few days, hundreds of thousands of companies rolled out mandatory work from home policies amid the spread of Covid-19. It’s realistic to assume that shifting to the “home office” will become the new normal for many of us for a while. Here at MediaDigi, we are working entirely remote for over 3 years. I’m Daniel and I will help you figure out which remote work tools your company needs to set up a remote working arrangement, with essential remote work tools and products that will keep your remote employees engaged, productive, and most important, safe. I will list them once again: Team Communication – Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook Workplace Conference: Zoom, Whereby, Webex, Google Meet, Google Hangouts Office Suite: Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Zoho Project Management: Asana, Trello Time Tracking and Productivity: Hubstaff, TimeDoctor, Toggl Password Management: LastPass, Keepass, 1Password, DashLane, RoboForm Cloud File Hosting Services: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box.com, Sync.com Remote access: AnyDesk, Teamviewer, Chrome Remote Desktop Cybersecurity Suite: Bitdefender Small Office Security, Kaspersky SO Suite Maintenance Tools: CCleaner https://mediadigi.com/must-have-remote-work-tools/ I'm also attaching the document created by our colleagues at MediaDigi. 33 Must-Have Remote Work Tools by MediaDigi.com-min.pdf
  12. Coronavirus (COVID19) will probably reach every country sooner or later and some measure of disruption is inevitable when it does. Businesses can prepare and react to ensure that they mitigate rather than feed the adverse effects on their own operations and on wider society. Here we prepared 10 coronavirus prevention measures you should instruct your employees to take in order to reduce the danger of contacting COVID-19. Source: https://monetize.info/coronavirus-prevention-measures-employees/
  13. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is most problematic if you are over 70, a smoker and already had heart and lung problems of some kind. The higher death rate in men could be caused by higher smoking rates for men in China. Smoking increases the risks of respiratory complications. Patients who reported no pre-existing (“comorbid”) medical conditions had a case fatality rate of 0.9%. Having heart, lung, and diabetes increases the rate of death by 7 to 12 times. Coronavirus Covid-19 death rate by age Coronavirus COVID-19 Death rate by sex Coronavirus COVID-19 Death rate by pre-existing conditions SOURCES – WorldOMeter Data is from the Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) – China CCDC, February 17 2020. Source: https://ten.info/coronavirus-questions/
  14. Read the details about each CPA affiliate network to get more insights. For each individual CPA site, you will get its introduction and information about payment methods, payment threshold, type of offers etc. in an organized way. #1. AdWorkMedia (Join For Free) AdWorkMedia is a CPA network Minimum payment threshold: $35 Payment frequency: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Available payment methods: Check, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, or Western Union By far this is the best CPA network that I have ever tried due to its awesome user experience. Adworkmedia is always full of various types of offers and thus you will never feel a lack of your desired type of offers. Besides that, the dashboard is pretty much real-time and equipped with the necessary information so that you can keep track of everything very easily. The best thing about this network is, it has its own tracker via which you can know about the browser, device, location etc. of your converted traffic. Although this tracker is not as powerful as the premium trackers but still having a built-in (and free) link tracker means a lot for CPA lovers. So far, I made 5 figure profit from this single CPA network. 2. MaxBounty (Join For Free) Maxbounty Affiliate Network Minimum payment threshold: $50 Payment frequency: Weekly, NET15 Available payment methods: Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit) This is another favourite CPA network that is equipped with an amazing dashboard and highly converting offers with amazing landing pages. The support that you will get from the affiliate managers of MaxBounty is beyond expected as they are very much caring about their partners. Apart from promoting others offer, if you need inspiration for good landing pages then offers of MaxBounty are the best to look at. 3. PeerFly (Join For Free) PeerFly CPA network Minimum payment threshold: $50 Payment frequency: Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly, Daily Available payment methods: Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit) PeerFly is another top player in the field of CPA marketing. Have an amazing dashboard, plenty of offers and good support are the key points why many affiliates join this network. You can find offers of pretty much every niche in this network. 4. Clickbooth (Join For Free) Clickbooth CPA Marketing Network Minimum payment threshold: $50 Payment frequency: Net-15, Weekly Available payment methods: Check, PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit) This is one of the oldest players in the field of Cost Per Action marketing. Clickbooth is one of the most recognized and reputed networks where you can find almost all type of CPA offers that exist in the market. Clickbooth pays around 100M every year to its affiliates. 5. CPALead (Join For Free) Minimum payment threshold: $50 Payment frequency: Net-30, Net-15, Weekly, Early Payment (upon request) Available payment methods: Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit) Small but Amazing – this is how I think of about CPAlead. Maybe it’s no massive network like the above-mentioned one. However, this is one of the most flexible and fast networks to work with. Whenever any newbie asks me for a suggestion, I usually refer them to CPALead coz it’ pays every week with various payment methods. Moreover, one can also monetize mobile apps via this network. 6. A4D (Join For Free) A4D CPA Marketing Network Minimum payment threshold: $50 Payment frequency: Net-15, Weekly Available payment methods: Check, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit) It’s an amazing CPA network with high-end monitoring and tracking tool for maximum output. A4D is pretty flexible for the publishers as they change their various policies based on the opinion of the publishers. 7. Convert2Media (Join For Free) Convert2Media CPA Network Minimum payment threshold: $100 Payment frequency: Net 7 Available payment options: Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Cheque, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum Convert2Media, better known as C2M, is based in Florida and has been around since 2007. Very experienced, smart and with a network of committed affiliates, C2M was one of our top-rated networks for several years. Convert2Media has a very popular network of advertisers and publishers. To get into Convert2Media affiliate network, you would need quality traffic which converts. You would get help from their affiliate managers whichever way possible to convert your traffic. 8. ClickDealer (Join For Free) ClickDealer CPA Marketing Network Minimum payment threshold: $500 Payment frequency: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Available payment methods: Wire, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, Check, WebMoney Click Dealer is another comparatively new but amazing network that worth to be called one of the top CPA affiliate-networks of the world. This network is pretty active in the affiliate events that are taking place around the world. This Netherlands based CPA network is spreading in the whole world via setting up physical offices. This simply shows how serious this network is! 9. Mobidea (Join For Free) Mobidea CPA Affiliate Networking Minimum payment threshold: €100 (Euro) Payment frequency: Daily Available payment methods: Wire Transfer, ePayments, Payoneer, Payza, Paxum I must say Mobidea is a beast when it comes to mobile CPA offers. This network is full of high-end mobile-based offers and amazingly, most of its CPA offers start from $30 and goes higher and higher. If your main traffic source is mobile then you MUST MUST and MUST sign up for this awesome mobile CPA marketing network for highly converting offers. 10. CPATrend (Join For Free) Cpatrend Affiliate Marketing Network Minimum payment threshold: $50 Payment frequency: Net-15, Bi-weekly, Weekly Available payment methods: Check, PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer, ACH Another newbie friendly CPA network to start your first step of thriving in the world of CPA marketing. It’s very easy to use interface and flexibility will help you to run it offers pretty smoothly.
  15. When it comes to searching for fresh information about the business world, all we have to do is tap our smartphones (or tablets) and we will immediately have access to an insightful website. The key to success in every online business, and in life, is to be constantly informed and open to changes. We made a list of best business websites to gather the information you need daily. Whether you are a business person and want to be up to date with new content every day, or you own a small business that needs a more online presence, top business websites can be a real inspiration for many of us, as well as a source of reading interesting and inspiring articles. 1. Yahoo Finance eBiz MBA has ranked the most popular business websites in a top 15 by considering each website’s traffic rankings in US and has found Yahoo Finance as being the website with approximately 50,000,000 unique monthly visitors. While the design doesn’t necessary impress the reader, the website itself has a wide range of sections available such as investing, personal finance, news or portfolio plus details about the stock market index, gold, oil and the latest currency exchanges.
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