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  1. Is time for a new contest here on Top Gold Forum: What I want for BlackFriday Write down what you would want to buy on BlackFriday and you automatically enter in the contest. Prizes 1st place $15 PayPal or PerfectMoney 2nd place $10 PayPal or PerfectMoney 3rd place $5 PayPal or PerfectMoney Contest will end in two weeks on 24 November 2017 at midnight. The winner will be picked by using random generator from all the entries till date. PS1 Only one entry per username and don't forget: Money won are twice as sweet as money earned :) PS2 If you don't know what BlackFridak is, check this article. Good luck
  2. Hello @GrondellGooofy. Nice to have you here on TGF. Congrats for being a ded. Also you have a really nice plan - travelling with your wife to see the world. Same plan here :)
  3. Hello Dejohn @dejohn34. Welcome on Top Gold Forum. Nice to have you here.
  4. SEO is not easy. Check this guide list (Backlinko tutorials are great for seo techniques) https://monetize.info/seo-guides-complete-list/
  5. Sounds great. What keyword to search you used? I'm curious.
  6. I would stick only with the Social Media websites that bring results. Its difficult to build large audiences on many SM sites that's why I stick with only a few: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.
  7. I think it depends on the niche you are in. If you're into Fashion, Travelling or Food yes Instagram could bring you great results.
  8. “Possum” is the name given to an unconfirmed but documented update which appeared to most significantly impact Google’s local pack and local finder results. Because the update was never officially confirmed by Google, local SEOs have been left to hypothesize about the potential update’s purpose and concrete effects. Many have perceived Possum’s purpose to be a diversification of local results. While the assumed update certainly did have this effect, one of its challenging “side effects” was the filtering out of legitimate business listings if they happen to share Google categories with other entities in the same building. One study of 1,307 businesses suggested that Possum affected 64% of Google’s local results. More about Google Possum update on Moz.
  9. Well said @sinelogixtech
  10. Alexa Rank is based on the traffic you get on your site. They get this info from the users that install Alexa toolbar. In order to get a better Alexa Rank, you should increase the traffic you get on your site. Also you may purchase Alexa traffic from reputable sellers like on Fiverr for instance.
  11. Besides Facebook, I'm a huge fan of Twitter.
  12. You should use Google Search Console (ex. Google Webmasters) to get a list of your backlinks. Also, you may use SEO tools like SemRush, Ahrefs, Majestic or Link Research Tools to see all your backlinks (or your competitor's ones)
  13. Actually, these are SEO Tools, not SEO Plugins. @swatijain2233 If you are asking about Wordpress SEO Plugins I can recommend you Yoast SEO, ProjectSupremacy and AllInOne SEO Pack
  14. Hello @gunjanjain . Welcome to Top Gold Forum. How are you?
  15. Hello @sonalmathur102 . Welcome on Top Gold Forum. Enjoy your stay here and waiting for your contributions