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    Payment is Received: The amount of 1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U2675316->U3669097. Memo: API Payment. Randomly payment from 229103853 to 59117811.. Date: 11:45 21.09.18. Batch: 229146855.
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    They added Perfect Money. I received my first payment requested 2 days ago
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    Received my first payment from Crypto 300 Club Greetings Gord !Your Bitcoin withdrawal request for $19.6 has been sent to your payment processor!
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    Payment is Received: The amount of 1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U2675316->U3669097. Memo: API Payment. Randomly payment from 228730463 to 61427187.. Date: 10:27 18.09.18. Batch: 228772469.
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    I also joined under blondie :) Good luck everyone!
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    What exactly is a business case study? A business case study is a thorough investigation into some aspect of the business, typically a problem or issue that may need to be solved. It’s very common for students to be assigned a business case study. It is an excellent way to gain the hands-on experience necessary to succeed in the business world. It allows you the skills to identify and solve complex problems. Before you can write your own case study, however, you need to know how to go about doing this. What is included in a business case study? There are a number of details that may or may not be included in a business case study depending upon your assignment, but the following are very typically included: Basic company information. It is important to include the must-know information about the business or industry that you are analyzing. Without this information, the reader of the report is left with little to no background knowledge about the study itself. An original title. Make sure your title includes the name of the company and a general line about your case study. Goals of your study. Make sure to discuss what your objectives are. What are you trying to discover or change? Strategies used. Discuss the strategies that you employed in your study. How did you collect your data? Additionally, it is important to address any challenges you may have faced in your study. Identify the problems that you encountered when trying to collect your data and solve problems related to the business or industry. Responses and results. You must conclude by stating the results of your business case study. You can demonstrate this in a variety of ways, such as the use of diagrams or statistics to demonstrate what you found in a quantifiable and easy to understand format. Steps to Writing an Effective Business Case Study Now that you know what details to include in your case study, here is how you go about collecting and presenting your information. Thoroughly investigate the company/industry, its past growth, and its history. It’s a good idea to create a timeline, complete with any necessary statistics and diagrams, to demonstrate how the company has grown and changed over the years. Outline achievements, important events, or problems that the business or industry faced. Identify the strong suits, and also the problems the company or industry has faced/is facing. Using the information you have already collected, you can analyze it to identify what the company has generally done well, and what it needs to work on. Don’t simply identify the problems though, make sure that you determine how those problems impacted the company so that you can work towards building solutions. Create an evaluation. Now that you have a bunch of data to gather from, you should construct an evaluation. Discuss what you have identified as the company has historically done right and wrong, and why. Identify the specific impacts. You can also identify the strategies that were used by the company, pointing out what worked and what didn’t. Identify possible next steps. The next piece of your Business Case Study is to discuss what route the business should take. Do not discuss anything that does not have a great deal of evidence backing it up. Additionally, don’t provide a list of excessively idealistic next steps. You should make sure that the company could actually follow through with your recommendations. Edit and review. This step is very important. Although you have already dedicated time and effort to your report, you still need to make sure that it is coherent, well-written, and grammatically sound. It doesn’t matter how professional your recommendations are if you cannot articulate them clearly using proper conventions. Tips for Making Your Case Study Shine You can correctly write your case study, but how do you make it truly stand out? Here’s how. Before you present your case study, make sure you have looked at it multiple times and are prepared to answer any questions posed to you by your class or your professor. Be analytical and don’t allow your own personal opinion to stand in the way of sound judgment. Your personal opinions do not matter as much as the evidence you have collected. Make sure your writing is analytical, not personal. Give yourself plenty of time to finish your project and compile it so that you’re not stuck scrambling at the last minute. Use diagrams and statistics to illustrate your findings. The best graphs for your diagrams depend upon what you are conveying and how you want to convey it. Proofread, and then proofread again. Then have somebody else proofread for you. Developing your own business case study is an excellent way to gain real-world knowledge through experience, analysis, and (either hypothetical or real depending on context) implementation. Even if this is for a class, and you will not actually see your proposed solutions brought to life, simply formulating them is enough to provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in the real world. Writing a business case study is not something that needs to be intimidating or dreaded, but in fact, embraced. This guide will make the process easier and more transparent for you. If you need help with writing, you can always contact a professional case study writing service which will provide you with custom written case studies on any business topics.
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