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    From what age did they get an interest for them? And did you have any problems with addiction to gadgets?
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    hello forumite!, i'm bryceluke, l just registered on topgold forum and i will love some guidance.
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    I have a little knowledge and I want to learn more, plz help me!
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    Hi @Greshno From the personal experience east-European freelancers and companies are the best in terms of price/quality. Be attentive to the reviews and portfolios and all going to be ok. I've found a great article which explicitly explains all the steps and pitfalls https://vironit.com/how-to-hire-an-app-developer/
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    Email marketing is one of the latest marketing tool for any kind of business. People use to send mails about their product to as many addresses as possible in order to target more and more customers. You need to research email addresses on the internet and then send mails to them.
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    It's hard to start an online business on your own. I've been studying every aspect of starting a business. I've lost my faith. I've been depressed because I took on all the problems on my own. You need tools, knowledge and a network. The people in the network must have certain skills. We need to help each other. But we all need to have a basic understanding of the whole proces on starting a business. If we do not take action upon our thoughts and ideas. Then we will manifest nothing at all. A clear method of proces need to be in mind. Idea, planning, execution and made manifest. I am a self-taught web developer, author / writer. This year I would love to get going with the psycho therapist education program. Where I am right now I function a lot like both the coach and the trainee. I hope to meet you all in eye-height.
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    I came to meet new people who things just like me :) Also i wanna find some new and interesting information about brokers, trading and forex market at all
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    You should be cautious about sending out mass unsolicited e-mail. It seems they are really cracking down on that (not only Google but a lot of other e-mail providers as well). I think you'd be safer if you set up some kind of newsletter and let people opt-in to receive it.