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    I don't think you know but I became recently a great fan of movies and TV series. Just to name a few of the ones I watched recently: Designated survivor, The Blacklist, Tulip fever, Fauda (israeli). Write down your favorite movie and you automatically enter in the contest. Prizes 1st place $7 PayPal or PerfectMoney 2nd place $5 PayPal or PerfectMoney 3rd place $3 PayPal or PerfectMoney Contest will end in two weeks on 25 October 2017. The winner will be picked by using random generator from all the entries till date. P.S. Only one entry per username and don't forget: Money won are twice as sweet as money earned :) Good luck
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    The Green Mile Mystery with drama. Really touching movie.
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    love don't cost a thing http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337592/
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    Being an action movie nut with a long list of fav's ... my current one is Guardians of the Galaxy "I am Groot"
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    There are many movies that I would consider a favorite. One of them is The Lord of the Rings.
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    "Rudy" was the first movie that came to mind. Based on a true story and never fails to tear me up at the end.
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    Google Keyword Planner is the one of the best and most used tools for keyword analysis.
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    I'm new here, I'm hoping to share some marketing strats as well as learn and gain knowledge!
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    I think you should try SEMRush, Ahref tool or majestic this all are most popular and recommended tool.
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    Link juice is important of SEO where you can flow relevancy by giving an inbound link.
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    Yes, Pinterest is one of the best social media sharing platform where you can promote your product and services but, one thing to remind is, use an attractive picture plus a catchy content. It is a better way to make awareness about our company.
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    Google Keyword Planner is the one of the best and mostly used tools for Keyword analysis.
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    Google keyword planner is the best free tool for high quality keyword research. They help to provide various keyword suggestions for your domain, and selecting the right keywords will help to rank your website higher in search results.
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    I also prefer Keyword planner, as I can then check the SEO competition for this keyword by using the Keyword Difficulty tool. As of this moment, it has a keyword difficulty of 35%, which means it's not that difficult to get to the top spot of the search results. Delhi To Manali Volvo Bus Booking
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    Google Keyword planner is the best tool for keyword analysis
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    There are so many tools to do keyword analysis, Some of them are below. 1. Google Keyword Planner 2. KW Finder 3. Moz's Keyword Planner 4. SEM Rush
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    Link juice is a colloquial term in the SEO world that refers to the power or equity passed to a site via links from external or internal sources. This power is interpreted as a vote of recommendation toward your site and is one of the most important factors in determining your site's search ranking.
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    Link juice or Google Juice is a colloquial SEO term describing the distribution of backlinks within a webpage and the strength or reputation of these links. Both the number and the quality of these links determine the composition of the link juice.
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    Link Juice is very popular term used in SEO. Link juice flows through inbound links. Link juice can be refereed to the value, relevance, authority that a given link transmits to another page it is linking to.
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    I'm curios how many of you guys have any crypto-currency in their wallets? Please vote in the poll
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    It increase number of quality backlinks and drives huge amount of traffic.
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    Hi Dennis, Will definitelly do so. As of now, still looking for partner. Good things take time :) Will post when new developments arise.
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    Sounds good. Points seem to be the first step to gamification, are they going to be used for something on the forum? As I read on the other topic they are on beta since 3rd May.
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    Amazon’s earnings results in 2 years back $ 90,336.65: Ok, looking at my income is great and all, but how does it help you? Well, the reason I put out the screenshot is to make sure you know that the advice I am sharing is based on the content I really know and that this is not just one list built on fluff sucks. One of the things I have done over the past two years is tracking the methods I use to make money with Amazon by tracking IDs as well as tracking other things that I have done while building websites. My Amazon. The first time I published my findings in two blog posts early last year when I first started this blog and even today, they are still among the most popular posts. It’s been over a year now and I’m providing an up-to-date list of some of the new tips I’ve learned since that time. 16 Ways To Make Money With Amazon Associates: 1. Niche selection is very important I will get the actual methods that I use on my sites in the next tip, but the first thing I want to say is the proper position you choose is the absolute most important decision you can make. perform. I like targeting niches that focus on products and keywords It’s easiest to make money using Amazon’s affiliate program if people coming to your site are looking for a specific product that your website discusses. It’s hard to use a website like my blog here and make money linking to physical products because people here are looking for tips on how to make money online – not their iPod speaker speakers. Should buy. 2. Links to products within your content Nearly half of my Amazon earnings come from basic text links posted within the content area of a blog post or page. Example: See this cool helicopter. I have been covering RC helicopters for many months and I’ve never seen one of these for just $ 25.98 also off it’s $ 129.95 list price. Simple text links in the content of the article are the most effective way to help website visitors click. People believe the content of content on a page more than any other area of the site, and I know this because of the tracking data I’ve collected. 3. Make the affiliate product image clickable link: The second best I’ve found beside a text link is simply to use pictures of the product you are talking about and make them click like usb cool rocket launcher: About 15% of my total income from Amazon simply makes all the product images on my affiliate site links clickable. If you are not sure how to do this with HTML code, I did an image to show you (click here to view it) 4. Link to Amazon.com As many times as you can I’ve alluded to this in the few previous tips but I want to make sure that you understand that each link inside one of your articles is another opportunity for a visitor to click through and follow. Their way on Amazon.com. Usually I link to Amazon five to ten times in an article (more if I’m evaluating a product). 5. The article reviews the best converting product Performing quality product reviews for a product that is directly related to your location is a very easy way to get higher clickthrough rates and increase sales, but only if your reviews are relevant. Higher quality. Ideally, you contact the marketing team of the manufacturer or PR agency and ask them to send you a product referral unit for review, but this requires a lot of effort and may not. Worthwhile on a smaller site. You want to convince readers to investigate their purchase options at the time they finish reading an article, which is why I will include links to all the products mentioned in the article. Price at the end of article. That way, the easy transition from learning about the product in your evaluation process and then finishing, make a purchase. 6. Build an Email List You’ve probably heard this a hundred times because people are telling you to build an email list from blogger and internet marketing crowd, but building an email list is way easier on a website. Physical product orientation. Why? People do not have the right to protection when they are researching a physical product for purchase (when compared with other purchase decisions such as digital goods). So, what I want to do is provide some sort of freebie as a buyer guide or some kind of information that provides more details about the products that they are researching. On the other hand, I want you to join my email list for this blog but I must convince you by showing you that I am a reliable source. 7 . Write sales and advertising during holidays I usually work from $ 500 to $ 1,000 a day every day during Black and White, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week. It’s lower in other holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, but you can still advertise different sales during these holidays as well. I target every holiday because Amazon creates a dedicated sales page every time one of these holidays comes. The transactions shared on these pages are generally really good. So what I’m going to do is put together an article of all the top products sold in my niche using tips I’ve previously shared as links as many times as possible, For product images clickable and then send an email to my list etc. to get more conversions. Statistics from “Cyber Monday Sale (My Niche)” Posted last year One of the ways I was able to make money with Amazon was to automatically populate a WordPress plugin that I had developed based on the needs I had to build the Amazon central site. The result is EasyAzon. This plugin allows you to insert information and links to Amazon much faster than manually creating links by hand from Amazon.com. Basically what the plugin does is allow you to quickly insert link based text links, product images like an affiliate link, a product information grid, Connect Amazon to the UK, GR etc. via local links etc Etc. And there is all that stuff that links to Amazon.com so it does a great job of improving the click through rate. old. This plugin is available for only $ 47 and is available at EasyAzon.com 8. Sell large quantities of inexpensive products to increase your payments on high priced products One thing I do is have websites set up in lower niche niches where the items are usually inexpensive and where it is easier to sell this product in larger quantities ($ 50 or less). Then, I have other websites that prefer to sell more expensive products at much higher prices ($ XXX- $ X, XXX) sold less often. So this way I get to use the increased amount of revenue from lower priced product sites to help me get up on the higher payout bracket so instead of doing 6% on that high end item I will get 8% instead. 9. Use multiple tracking IDs for each site By default, Amazon specifies a tracking ID such as blahblahblah-20, but you can create additional tracking IDs here up to a total of 100. If you hit that amount, you can always request more to feel Feel free to be free with creating your tracking ID for your site. Will not you install the same Google Analytics code on every website you own? Of course not because you can not tell the amount of traffic each of your site receives individually. So the same thing can be said to track the amount of money you earn on your sites (but people still tell me they only use one Amazon tracking ID for all their sites / facepalm) . Previously, I went so far as to create 15 different tracking IDs for use on a single website. 10 . Use EasyAzon to save time and make more money with Amazon This is something that EasyAzon can do for you, but if you do not want to spend money, you just need to insert your buy button now and turn it into an Amazon affiliate link. 12. Create a product comparison table Creating a product network and so for all the products in your niche and allowing people to sort by different features is a great way to get some additional sales. I have used this tactic on some of my sites and product pages and so alone can add a 5% to 10% extra income to a website. If you do that manually you will need to use this WordPress plugin called WP Reloaded and what I do is include different columns for product information and in the last column I use one. Buy now button people can click to see more information About the product. 13. Publish A Regularly Post If you want to find a way to be able to mention the products that are sold on your page more often than one of the easiest ways that I have done that in the past is just do a weekly deal. So what I’m going to do is publish an article every week with the best deals for my niche and then incorporate all of the tactics I’ve discussed above to link to the niche. Products on Amazon.com. Depending on how often you publish articles you can do it a little bit more (I’ve seen some sites do the style of the article every day). Amazon has a bestseller site found on Amazon.com/bestsellers and so one thing I have done on my site is to publish a bestseller list and only mention bestsellers. The current. In general, ice cream rises to the top so if you write an article about the best selling products, it may be the best product your visitors are looking to buy. Just go to Amazon.com/bestsellers and search your corresponding niche. I shoot for the top 5 or top 10 products. 15. Use original shopping ads through static banner ads Update: I used to introduce Amazon carousel ads but they did not exist anymore. When I use them, they have converted about 3 times more than Amazon’s static banner ads. I recommend using the primary Shopping Advertising instead instead of the carousel ad, but allow more flexibility. You can display products as recommended by content, by search or with other options. Here is what the National Shopping Advertising looks like for the keyword search “Chris Guthrie” Amazon Book Show Kindle I wrote: You can create Amazon Buy Ads inside your Amazon Associates account here and you can manually add products or only show bestselling products from a specific category. You can create Amazon Buy Ads inside your Amazon Associates account here, and you can manually add products or only show bestselling products from a specific category. 16. Do Not Bother Creating An Amazon Astore When I created a store page and used the Amazon Astore tool to “build my own store,” I found it was horribly transformed. Less than 1% of my total earnings came from Amazon Astore before I stopped using them. If you are not familiar with Astore just take my word for it when I say they suck. I know people love shopping, but sometimes I believe they just want to find a source of information that tells them what the best deal is. Whatever the reason, the tracking data I used to track my Amazon Astore shows that they are generally inferior.
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    Welcome to Top Gold Forum :D
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    You can download all the backlinks through Google Webmasters and then analyze all the links. Also, make the disavow file and remove all the links.
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    Instagram is another popular social media site that is aimed at social media; it can be either in the form of photographs or even videos. As we all know Instagram is the most growing and prominent social platform nowadays with 700 million active users. Instagram was introduced in 2010 but in real it has gained its popularity in the last few years due to its increased level of engagement as a social media platform. Marketing on Instagram Nowadays most people using this platform to enhance the sales of their products and brands. This has become now an effective platform for business. And for growing business more effectively you need to follow some of the best tips. Instagram is the perfect option for all those businesses that rely heavily on visual media like fashion businesses, food, design, and travel and so on. Businesses can opt for either posting photos or videos of their products on Instagram and they can organize different photo or video contests for spreading publicity about their business. You can link your Instagram account to a business website but you can mention the same in any of your posts on other social media sites as well. You can make use of Instagram for generating web traffic for your website and thereby generate more interest. So in this article, we will cover some of the best Instagram Marketing Tips for our Brand Marketing #1 Create a attractive business account The first step for better marketing is to build a attractive business account on your Instagram. Upload unique and relevant images on that account which will reflect only your brand and products. You should not your personal image on that business account for personal images you should have a separate personal account. #2 Share gorgeous and fabulous images of your products Share gorgeous and effective images of your products and brands by using some filters, which Instagram provide you and even you can download some filters app as well to enhance the beauty of your picture. This will help you in that way when you will share the effective and gorgeous picture with a proper hashtag most people like that and comment on it in this way you can connect with them and start your conversation. #3 Provide links to your website or product in your bio This is one of the most prominent way most people use nowadays to gain more traffic directly. Just insert a proper link to your website, brand or product in your bio to attract the customer directly. #4 Use videoclips One more trend is very popular nowadays in which people make small 15 seconds video and in that they share a little message regarding anything. you can also make a short video in which you can promote your product or brand. #5 Do more focus on your follower’s list Try to focus more on the followers because this is the best thing to market your products the more followers you have the more you have the chance to grow your product more rapidly. You can increase your followers organically by posting relevant images with proper hashtags and inorganically by buying followers. Vibbi is one of the most popular and growing tools nowadays which will helps you grow your followers. So this app has 2 in 1 function provide followers and also manages the content of your profile as well. Read more: https://monetize.info/instagram-marketing-guide/#ixzz4nMzjvu6f Follow us: @monetizeinfo on Twitter | monetize on Facebook
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    Slide share and other PPT Submissions sites are one of the best techniques to get quality back links, which are part of OFF Page SEO. These sites are highly authority websites and provide quality back links as well as visitors to your website.
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    Backlinks can be built using various off page SEO strategies like: Guest posting Article submission Press release submission Social bookmarks Classified ads Infographics submission
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    YouTube video views can be increased by submitting your videos with good keywords and tags.
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    Hello I am the admin of https://hyiplist.org - an advanced HYIP Monitor with some extra useful tools. It is also the first ever certified HYIP Monitor with EVSSL. We provide the most accurate rating of HYIP programs. Our ranking system is based on the real rating given by investors/visitors and we do not provide higher ranking for money. Most of all other monitors provide the ranking based on ROI (Return Of Investments) ratio and some monitors just provide the higher ranking for higher money paid to them. We're the first HYIP Monitor to provide the real ranking decided by real visitors/investors. And our rating system don't allow someone to rate a program more than 1 time in 24 hours so there is no way to deflect the real rating score. You know, there are more than 100 HYIP Monitors are active in HYIP industry. Unfortunately, most of those are not reliable and don't care about investors. I've experienced it practically that more than 90% HYIP monitors don't care about scam reports and even some trusted blogs (except davidnews) don't care about it if the report is not from their own downlines. Our Monitor has the visible and countable Scam Report menu where anyone can report about scam and can share their screenshots or any other evidence. We really care about those reports and fight to HYIP admin for investors. With the visible scam reports you don't need to rely on our 'status' only. We have the 'Discussion' system to track and share the activities of a HYIP. Everyone can share their opinion and useful information about a HYIP in 'Discussion' menu. By sharing information we can build a real community to save each others from scams. This idea was borrowed from hyipexplorer. Once upon a time, that dicussion board of hyipexplorer was very active with real and serious investors. The time has been changed but I still want to build a community of serious and real investors in my 'Discussion' forum. We've used a fully custom script to make our Monitor more user-friendly. We've removed many unnecessary tools to keey our site simple and clean. We've removed 'vote' option that no one can keep posting fake votes. You'll found that 99% votes on GC based HYIP monitors are fake. We also provide regular news for specific HYIPs. In a word, We've tried our best to create the best HYIP Monitor from every aspects. If you have an idea in your mind to improve our service then please share it with us. We'll try to do everything useful for HYIP industry. Thanks
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    You can increase the number of traffic on your website through building up quality back links. These back links will help you to bring the traffic and that will up to you then to turn that traffic in to your lead that will be helpful in growing revenue as well.
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