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    Thanks for sharing. I am just looking for something like that. But I am offline right now and use my mobile traffic, so unfair..
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    No worries, do you want to share any info with your friends or something? Check put how to transfer files from pc to android phone without usb https://messenger.softros.com/articles/How-to-Transfer-Files-from-Android-to-PC-without-USB/ It can be rather useful believe me especially when you have some urgent situation. It helped me a lot. Hope it can help
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    Payment is Received: The amount of 1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U2675316->U3669097. Memo: API Payment. Randomly payment from 272411736 to 59694397.. Date: 21:45 19.07.19. Batch: 272536495.
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