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    I just want to work full time online and quit my 9-5 job. I'm close..
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    Google PageSpeed Insights Google Keyword Planner Google Analytics Google Console or Webmaster tool Moz tool
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    It seems like people trust what they see in their email better than trends on social media especially when business is involved. Do you think this true? And how can email marketing be carried out?
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    1. Break up large paragraphs 2. Add subheads 3. Put your main takeaways in bullet points 4. main points highlight using bold 5. Add block quotes(ex: " ") / Use always quality content. 6. Add best graphical image or videos
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    Regular posts should be uploaded by the staff in order to indulge the audience. The more posts by the staff will really help to develop their trust more deeply in users. By interacting with the users, the users really think that the sight is highly responsive and secure. This will help the site to increase their number of users.
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    I would prefer social media marketing as this will be helping a lot in engaging the connecting with the targeted audience.
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    Hello @amanwaa I checked your website today. There are some things I do not understand. 1) Your domain name is PoliticalPols but your blog is not only about politics.. That's not very good for branding as you will have to work a ton to make a brand from it and your name. My advice: Focus only on politics and drop other subjects 2) If you keep other subjects then make it a general blog and you can use your own name as domain name (if you want to make a brand out of it) or a general domain name like "digitalstuff.com" or "onlinemoneymaker.com" 3) The contact form in the contact us page is not working. It shows the short code instead of the actual form. 4) You added many categories (wordpress, seo) that have no articles or only one article. I would keep less categories till you have enough content to fill at least one page for each new category. Ex: When you have 10 articles that talk about seo you create a new category on SEO and add them there.
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    I like to preffer social media marketing because nowdays social marketing is the best platform for promoting the business, products, brands on the social media.
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    Email marketing , social media marketing both are really important for your marketing strategies
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    why you want to know which is better? It's totally depended on you, which sector want to use it? First share your idea and reason why you want to use it?
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