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    What is MesChain MES Token? Manufacturing Execution System (MES), manufacturing automation systems and optimization of manufacturing activities initiate, monitor, optimize, and documents manufacturing processes from the eginning of the assignment to the manufacturing of end products in real-time. Performance analysis (statistical and mathematical analysis, monitoring process performance, calculation of TEC, calculation of operation time and equipment downtime, generation of reports); • Programming of manufacturing schedules; • Controls of documents (electronic document circulation); • Human resource management (employee management); • Coordination of technological processes and end product tracking. Website: https://www.meschain.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeschainMES Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeschainMES instegram: https://www.instagram.com/meschainmes/ Vk: https://vk.com/meschain Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Meschain_announcements 🇬🇧 : https://t.me/MesChain_English 🇹🇷 : https://t.me/Meschain_Turkiye 🇨🇳 : https://t.me/MesChain_China 🇰🇷 : https://t.me/MesChain_Korean 🇯🇵 : https://t.me/MesChain_Japan 🇷🇺 : https://t.me/MesChain_Russia Africa: https://t.me/MesChain_Africa Token-Information: Token Name: MES Token Type: ERC20 - Ethereum Soft Cap: 714 ETH Hard Cap: 1714 🔶 ICO sale are as follows: Token Name: MES ICO ROUND 1 Start Date:22/09/2019 ICO ROUND 1 Finish Date: 04/10/2019 ICO Price: 1 ETH = 1400000 ICO ROUND 2 Start Date: 05/10/2019 ICO ROUND 2 Finish Date: 20/10/2019 ICO Price: 1 ETH = 1000000
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    Again payment received Received BTC December 7 2019 @ 11:35 AM To: **WzvtdQEcgfEZWZZsExd7bj5wo** From: Ritrexcapital $20.54 0.00271442 BTC
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    i'm not owner here very easy to join with ritrexcapital.your investment you can start min.10$ to max.10,000$ with ritrex and get a daily basis profit 1.5% to 5% of your investment.if you are doing invest more and more so, you get definetly high profit from in.
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    2nd payment received Received BTC December 3 2019 @ 10:57 PM To: 1Ep**vtdQEcgfEZWZZsExd7bj5***xJBDY From: Ritrexcapital $24.94 0.00348605 BTC
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    I received my payment from ritrex , it's very good and reliable platform and they give me instant withdrawal. thanks admin
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    MY FIRST PAYMENT RECEIVED ON TIME ! THANK YOU Received BTC December 7 2019 @ 11:35 AM To: **WzvtdQEcgfEZWZZsExd7bj5wo** From: Ritrexcapital $20.54 0.00271442 BTC MY REFERRAL LINK https://www.ritrexcapital.com/register?reference=kusalmendis
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    INSTANT Payment received from ritrex Received BTC December 8 2019 @ 9:57 PM To: **sfL8Ur79RPijyRaM4fz1EA6Hw* From: Ritrexcapital $28.04 0.00370563 BTC
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    hey guys, how do it works and at least how much money do i invest that i get more profit ???
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    1st payment received Received BTC November 30 2019 @ 4:57 AM To: 36r8h****3D1J1AMdMQAPKWkVYZavsUBQwC4 From: Ritrexcapital $5.52 0.00071378 BTC
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    What are some websites/apps to promote my Youtube channel?
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    What are some good sites to get crypto and Blockchain news?
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    I has been last few month to seeing you all guys is happy with ritrexcapital so, decided i want to invest with ritrex and i will deposit 1000$ in ritrex.
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    I'm recently join with ritrexcapital and really i get my withdrawal instant. so it's best investment platform.
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    Hey everyone, I am a newbie as a freelancer and try to organize my small business. Please share your favorite tools, apps, ideas how to make the process easier and faster
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    Hello, Recently I have been offered to invest in a couple of IoT projects and would like to get info about some talented IoT developers. Please share your recommendations. Thanks in advance
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    How much money does it take to start a restaurant?
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    Bonus program. The project is based on the features of PRIZM cryptocurrency - PARAMINING: The more funds collected at one address, the faster new coins are mined. Thus, by collectively collecting a larger amount on one wallet, each participant receives more profit than by storing a smaller amount on his wallet. Investment in the project allows all users, without exception, to benefit from paramining up to 29.99% per month (up to 0,88% per day) Since the project is not a pyramid, it has no restarts and loss of funds. To participate in the program joint paramining user must: Register on the service through the address of the PZM-wallet Specify the public key of the address that was used for registration Enter PZM to your account balance using your account details to enter in your Personal Account You can enter from any wallet or exchange. There is no maximum limit for the amount you can participate. The minimum recommended amount is from 100 PZM. With each deposit of funds the service takes: 10% are always removed, regardless of the degree of participation or position of the user in the affiliate program. Due to fast paramining (~ 0,88% per day), after 11 days, the user will replenish these funds. For security reasons, all funds are collected in a cold wallet (wallet without Internet access) but some funds are stored on a hot wallet (with a network access wallet) , so that users can easily withdraw funds. How the para-mining accrual mechanism is technically implemented: The entered amount of PRIZM is converted at the current rate into a conventional service unit called ROY ROY rate is updated after each transaction (several times per hour) It grows due to the increase in the number of PRIZM coins due to para-mining with a fixed amount of ROY on the balances When withdrawing, ROY is converted to PRIZM at the rate that has already grown by that time. You can withdraw all funds from your account at any time. The service does not charge a fee for withdrawal and even pays a network commission. Please note that the service pays network commissions; the ROY rate may periodically slightly decrease. Since the wallet address, which replaces the password, is used to log in, you can only withdraw funds to the same address, confirming with a message signature that the withdrawal request has come from the person who owns the address of the account. For each output, a new message is generated, which must be signed. BONUS PROGRAM ROY Club offers a 9-level affiliate program, details on the links: https://roy.cash/club/bonus-program Depending on your open level, you get a fixed percentage from referrals of a certain level: Enter 100 pzm and store on the account balance from 90 pzm to open the 1st level “Member”: this will allow you to receive 5% of all your 1st level referrals When among your referrals of the 1st level there appear 6 users each with an input from 100 pzm, bring the amount of your entries to 100 pzm (with a personal balance of 90 pzm) - this will open you the 2nd level “Bronze Partner” : in addition to bonuses from the 1st level, you will receive 2% of the entries of all your referrals of the 2nd level referrals When any 6 level 2 referrals with input from 100 pzm (which belong to the leader with input from 100 PZM) appear at every 6 of their 1st level referrals with inputs from 100 pzm, bring the sum of your inputs up to 200 pzm (with a personal balance of 180 pzm) - this will open you the 3rd level “Silver Partner”: in addition to bonuses from the 1st and 2nd levels, you will receive 1% of all your referrals 3 level When 36 level 3 referrals (who are in the leaderboard with inputs from 100 PZM) with input amounts from 100 pzm appear for each 6 of their 1st level referrals with input amounts from 100 pzm, bring the amount of your entries to 500 pzm (with a personal balance of 450 pzm) - this will open you the 4th level “Golden Partner”: in addition to bonuses from 1st, 2nd, 3rd levels, you will receive 0.5% of all your referrals referring to level 4 Etc. before the opening of the 9th level (Guru) You may temporarily lose the open level or even several: if your referral withdraws funds, leaving less than 90 pzm on balance, as a result, will be deactivated after 3 day. Sometimes this can lead to a lack of referrals on a certain line for a previously open Level. if you withdraw funds and your balance will be less than what is required for the level To invite users to your team, use the referral link in your Dashboard ROY Club helps users discover levels. Allows users to work together to build a partner structure: If there are already 9 people in your first line of referrals, then the next guest through your link does not become your 1st level referral, but is given to some of your 1st level referral, i.e. becomes your 2nd level referral. If there are already 9 people in your first line of referrals who have 9 of their 1st level referrals, then the next person you invite will be transferred to some of your referral 2 level (i.e., becomes your referral of the 3rd level), etc. to fill the entire affiliate structure. Thus, you can influence the development of your affiliate structure at each level. If you are not registered by referral link - the service will automatically place you in the affiliate structure invited and you will also be able to receive referrals from higher leaders. Deactivates accounts after 3 fays after registration, if the user did not enter funds or entered less than 100 PZM: Deactivation means that if the user had funds on the account - they are automatically returned to his wallet, the account itself is deleted, and its referrals are transferred to its leader. Thus, it is in the interests of each user to introduce in the near future after registering sufficient funds for the service in order not only to earn from paramining, but also to become an active member of the ROY Club partner structure. Allows you to create multiple accounts for building a more powerful structure Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready to help you! Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club. Details on the link: https://roy.cash/club
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    Roy. Fast start. 3 steps to join a joint paramining at the ROY Club. Step 1. Create a PRIZM Wallet. You need to have a Prizm wallet in order to register for the service using its address. Also, the funds from your ROY Club account will later be transferred to this address. Attention! Use only the PZM address that was created on the ROY wallet or on the SIGEN platform, as there is definitely a message signing function that you will need for withdrawal. How to register on the platform SIGEN: Go to the site SIGEN.pro In the upper right corner, click "Register" Specify your e-mail and password that meets security requirements: at least 8 characters: at least one letter in upper and lower case and a number Read the user agreement, tick “I’m acquainted” and click “Next” Check mail. You will be sent a verification code. Copy the code from the letter and paste the e-mail on the SIGEN website into the verification form. Click Sign in You are registered and can use the SIGEN! platform Where to get SIGEN address PZM: In the upper right corner, click on the wallet icon Go to wallet Choose a wallet PZM You will see your PZM address and Public key Copy the address and save it: you will use it with each authorization in ROY Club Step 2. Register with ROY Club. Go to home page ROY Club Find the authorization form on the page and paste your PZM address there Next, enter the Public key , referring to the PZM address you entered Be careful - it depends on the correctness of the provided public key whether you can withdraw funds later. You are logged in to your Personal Account ROY Club! Step 3. Recharge your ROY Club account balance. You can buy PRIZM: For cryptocurrency on the SIGEN exchange sigen.pro/trading For cryptocurrency through SIGEN exchanger quickly and without registration sigen.pro/trading/swap For fiat money through SIGEN P2P platform sigen.pro/react/trade/PZM Through BTC-alpha exchange for BTC btc-alpha.com/exchange/PZM_BTC/ and for USD btc-alpha.com/exchange/PZM_USD/ How to buy PZM on the SIGEN exchange for cryptocurrency. Enter the cryptocurrency for which you want to buy PZM: In the upper right corner, click on the wallet icon Go to wallet Select the cryptocurrency wallet that you are going to enter. You will see your Address to enter: send coins to it Open the Exchange section on SIGEN sigen.pro/trading Choose a trading pair on the right: for example, PZM / BTC Create a PZM Purchase Order: In the green form on the right enter the price and the purchase amount: if you set the price as in existing sale orders - the transaction will take place instantly, if you set the price lower, you will have to wait until another trader agrees to your price. Click Buy. Your order is created , and when the transaction takes place you will receive a notification about it. How to transfer PZM from SIGEN to your balance at ROY Club: In the upper right corner, click on the wallet icon Go to wallet Choose a wallet PZM In the output form, specify: The address to which PZM will be transferred, and his Public key (Copy them in your ROY Club Personal Account and paste them into the appropriate fields) Withdrawal amount (so that you will not be deactivated after 3 days after registering your ROY Club account, it is desirable that the amount you receive is from 100 PZM) Request a two-factor authorization code Get the code depending on the connected method 2fa Enter code 2ph in the appropriate field Click Print After 10 minutes, the withdrawn coins will be credited to your ROY Club balance and will start to grow at a rate of ~ 0,88% per day. (minus 10% of the amount of input that will go to partners and commission service bonuses) Welcome to ROY Club! https://roy.cash/club/login Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready to help you! Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club. Details on the link: https://roy.cash/club
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    Happy New Year to all and good health in 2019. Live long and prosper
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    The “ROY Club” is a PRIZM cryptocurrency para-mining platform that unites participants all over the world. ROY club This is the only community on the Internet, on earth, in the world that has no signs and is not a financial pyramid. Why? Because every member of the community has the opportunity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time to withdraw all of their accumulated coins, even if 100% of the participants want to do it in one day, then they can easily do it. The advantages of the club “ROY” We use cryptocurrency PRIZM: Income up to 29.99% per month (up to 0,88% per day) No loss of funds (restart, reboot, scam impossible) Growth rate “ROY” after each transaction: several times per hour The withdrawal at any time of the full amount with interest and bonuses in automatic mode You can participate in any amount without restrictions, the recommended amount of 100 coins Bonus program: 9-level affiliate program - 5% 2% 1% 0,5% 0,2% 0,1% 0,1%0,05% 0,05% that allows you to get a decent reward for building a team. Affiliate bonuses are charged instantly and grow at interest rates, and are also available for withdrawal immediately without freezing. There are no divisions into structures: locomotives, turboprisms, royprism and other currents, this tool is available to all participants, young and old. There is no opportunity for bonus fraud - the participants themselves pay partner bonuses to each other. Partner ranks for the number of followers and the turnover of the structure, upon reaching which will be given cool expensive gifts. Transfers of partners from higher leaders. Deactivating non-active partners Allowed to use multiple accounts to build a network Security: The system is built on its own private blockchain, which protects against intruders / hackers The system uses hot and cold wallets for security against threats from hackers or a team of programmers. Protection against Phishing - there are no logins and passwords, you can participate without registration simply by entering your wallet number The output is only available on a registered wallet, for security reasons, so that attackers could not take your coins away How does everything work? The more coins collected at one address and the more its structure - the faster new coins are mined Members registering with the club and replenishing the balance begin to participate in joint paramining PRIZM All club members can get affiliate bonuses by attracting new people to the club and building their structure. That is, when you attract newbies - you get bonuses, when your partners attract newbies - you also get bonuses! The commission for entering 10% is Tithing, which works for the Benefit of the entire Club, because it: It protects the Club from referral schemes, under which fraudsters can no longer steal Members' money It pays off within 11 days or by the first two guests for the same amount Allows you to instantly pay bonuses, which motivates inviting newcomers to the Club Provides the maintenance and development of the club Club mission: We are striving for a new socio-economic model of society, in which the rights of the common man are not just stated on paper, but are actually being realized Unfortunately, the modern system is not able to provide a high standard of living for everyone and to guarantee the protection of the environment, since its main driving force is profit The club was created to unite like-minded people who are ready to change the world for the better. We are tired of waiting for the right moment, it's time to take matters into our own hands. Our key task: To secure the future for us and our children. Together. Now! More information about the ideology of the club can be found: https://roy.cash/club/ideology More information about the objectives of the club can be found: https://roy.cash/club/roadmap Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready to help you! Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club. Details on the link: https://roy.cash/club
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    This is quite logical, because this asset is absolutely independent and against the background of the current crisis it looks like the best option for saving your money. I think that we need to look at it now as carefully as possible, it can be useful.
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    It is one of favourite forum and it is extremely user friendly so no wonder there!!
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    If you look at the current lives of people, it is definitely tough. People would not be able to enjoy their lives through one income stream. Actually, the cost of living is really high at present, so people struggle to live a satisfied life. The income earned from one job wouldn't suffice the needs of a family. It would be really hard to manage the cost of living if you are earnings is limited to one job. So, what should you do? How can you increase the amount that you earn? What are the part-time jobs that will help you earn better? The Australian traders also have a high cost of living still they manage to cover up the costs, how? They trade Forex as a part-time gig. They don't have to do anything much. They just have to understand the market and the ways to trade. So, if you want to earn a good income you should think about a part-time trading career. The Forex market is suitable for a part-time career as well. So, why trading is suitable? The moment you consider trading as your alternative source of income is the very moment you stop taking unnecessary risk. The new traders are always trying to secure their financial stability based on this profession. In fact, they rely on their profit to support their family. But if you follow such path it will be extremely difficult for you to learn from your mistakes. You have to take your time and focus on the core factors of the market. Never think you can make tons of money by using the market leverage. Leverage will increase the profit factors to a small extent but it will never help you to become a millionaire. There no such thing called luck in the investment business. You will always face the consequence of your action. So be very careful about your steps in the Forex market. It offers flexibility If you look at other jobs that you would be able to do as a part-time gig, you would have the benefit of flexibility. For example, you would be able to do data entry as a part-time gig, but will it be flexible? Do you think you would be able to earn an income from data entry jobs? Well, if you do data entry as a part-time job you would have to meet their needs in a given time. So, what if you have to work overtime for your main job? Wouldn't it be complex? Of course, it would be. So, if you look at the Australian traders they maintain a regular Forex trading account Australia. They don't have to think about timing. They would have to trade only when they are able to. The only factor they should bear in mind is to focus on the trading account. You should not let the trading account to be wiped out. If you are capable of protecting the trading account you would be able to make Forex trading as your main job as well. But, it is important to be consistent. It is freedom Of course, trading is freedom. As for the previous example, even if you do data entry you wouldn't have the freedom. You would have to listen to your employer. You would have to meet deadlines. It is double the tension. So, you should consider Forex trading. It is freedom. You would get to enjoy freedom as no employer would impose rules. You don't have to meet deadlines or anything. It is more than a job Unlike other jobs, you are not going to learn job-related things rather you would be learning many other things. You would become a better person. You would learn to control anger, to work hard, to be consistent, and much more! So, Forex trading is way more than a job, this is actually an opportunity for you!
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    Join Royclub today and start earning bonuses, the bonuses take effect immediately when you invest as little as 100pzm into your account, and also attracting new members into your structure by using your referral link.
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    Thanks for sharing this post with us. Nowadays, everyone is facing money probelm. Well, if you wants to earn money in this coronavirus enviroment then can do Affiliate Marketing. It is a great marketing and you can earn the commission after selling a product.
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    Wow this is what we have been looking to all this time! It hasn't been easy convenient information to people about roy club but now you have greatly helped us in that area and now we can believe for greater numbers! Big up Roy Club.
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    I believe having a road map is key for anything to succeed and ROYClub has a clear roadmap of where they see themselves going and am going to be apart of that.
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    The step by step guide and information on how to get started on earning passively with the ROY Club is nice and well detailed. One can fully relate to the information without much assistance. Lets Join the ROY Club community and grow.
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    Right i'm regularly received my payment instant in wallet. so,join with ritrex and earn daily. Received ETH December 10 2019 @ 1:36 AM To:0***5be4d5b2c40d495fe420cb2cb9**425 $42.99 0.28988193 ETH
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    i want to say that this is legit website and company really gives profit to customer ,say someone me after that i will invest it.
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    Where do I find translators to translate a website to multiple languages?
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    Hey everyone, I wonder whether all those online payday loans are safe actually. Share your thoughts
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    What are the things I should consider if I'm to start an online school?
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    If you want the simplest, go with invoicing softwares, they're usually all you need as a freelancer. They allow you send invoices, track expenses, etc. Try InvoiceBerry if you want - it's free if you have up to 3 customers. You will be able to customise your invoices, add your logo, track expenses, etc. It's very simple and easy to use, too, so you won't be spending hours figuring out what to do... Believe me I have the dreadful experience of using a programme that is not attractive and way to complex for me (and I'm usually ok with tech) 🙂 So really try to find what feels nice to you and you don't dread it every time you have to log in to do the paperwork 🙂 Good luck!
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    just trying to learn new ways to make passive income
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    Thanks for sharing. I am just looking for something like that. But I am offline right now and use my mobile traffic, so unfair..
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    Is it hard to find an accountant's job in New York?
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    Hi, I have some ideas in ioT spheres and looking for some resources or teams who has already fulfilled some of such projects. What are some good ways to design a self-teach IoT development plan? Please share your experience.
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    hi, my dear friends, I would love to make more friends from here thank you
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    Dear TGFers, May the New Year bring you happiness, success, and prosperity! Happy New Year 2019! P.S.: Don't drink too much tonight 😉
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    Very sure. 2019 is the best year than last year in business. Keep Spirit.
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    Happy New Year to Dennis and all our TGF Members! Here's to a healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2019!
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    Regular posts should be uploaded by the staff in order to indulge the audience. The more posts by the staff will really help to develop their trust more deeply in users. By interacting with the users, the users really think that the sight is highly responsive and secure. This will help the site to increase their number of users.
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    Video marketing is here, and it’s quickly taking over the web. According to an extensive survey by Wyzowl, 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read text on a page. And yet, many small business owners are hesitant about using video marketing to promote their services and products. There are understandable concerns – video marketing can seem expensive and time-consuming to produce, which is a big problem for smaller companies that are often understaffed and don’t have a big budget. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that video content will even bring any measurable results. However, savvy business owners are already reaping huge benefits from video marketing – long gone are the days when you had to spend thousands of dollars to produce a single video. Today, technology allows to get by on a small budget, and the web provides plenty of platforms to get your message out there and in front of your target audience. But why is video marketing so effective? Well, the first thing that makes video different from text is its convenience. When your prospect comes across a text ad or article, he needs to commit to giving his full attention to it when reading. And that’s something that many of your prospective customers are not willing to do, even if they would otherwise be interested. That’s where video can be so useful – it allows your potential customers to learn about your products or services without much effort. They can actually do something else and have the video running in the background and still understand your core message. But that’s not the only reason why video works so well. Our brains are wired to be more adept at understanding visual information, so it’s just much easier to consume information that’s presented in video form – according to a survey, 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they will choose to watch the video. Another reason why videos produce results is that they’re the most trust-building content marketing form – by getting in front of a camera or even just talking behind the scenes, you’re showing that you’re an actual person and not just a nameless company. Video is also much more engaging – you have more opportunities to entice emotions and reactions through sound and video than through text and can make the videos not only informative but entertaining as well. Just look at YouTube celebrities and the loyal following that they have accumulated by simply getting in front of the camera and sharing their thoughts. And while you may not become the next big YouTube sensation, your company’s promotional videos can still break through distrust barriers and improve customer satisfaction, helping to form a connection with your audience. But how can you develop your own video marketing strategy? Well, read on below and find out how you can create a powerful video content marketing strategy, even if you’re on a low budget and have limited resources. #1 - Introduce Potential Customers to Your Products or Services Video content is the simplest and most effective way of introducing your audience to new information. That’s why it’s the perfect medium for educating them about your products and services. And there are numerous different ways how video can help you achieve that. You could explain the benefits and unique advantages of your product, help your audience overcome their roadblocks and educate them about the solutions, or even showcase how your product works in action, instantly creating immensely powerful social proof that can give you an advantage over the competition. Don’t be afraid to get technical in your videos – as long as what you’re covering is relevant to your audience, going in-depth on a subject will only serve to showcase your expertise and position your small business as a reliable solution provider. If you can make the videos cover technical subjects in a way that’s easy to understand, you can attract both advanced users and complete beginners, generating leads from different segments of your market. #2 - Use Webinars to Position Yourself as an Authority When small business owners hear the word webinar, they get nervous quickly. Shooting a video in front of a live audience of prospective customers can make anyone break a sweat, but webinars are too powerful of a video marketing tool to ignore. And it isn’t nearly as scary or difficult to put together as it may seem. A webinar provides an incredible opportunity to get in front of your audience and not only get your message across using sound, video, and various graphics, but to get live feedback and answer relevant questions as they occur. Putting together a webinar will help you sell your products immediately, but the biggest benefits may come from getting to know your audience better. Seeing the objections and doubts that your prospective customers have as you make your presentation will give you many invaluable insights of how to better position your products, how to improve them, or how to differentiate yourself from the competition. What’s more, when you do a webinar, you will be able to reach new people in your market and position yourself as an authority in your field. After all, if you’re speaking at a webinar, you must know what you’re talking about, right? At least that’s how your customers will see it. And you can re-use parts of your webinar in other content as well – whether it’s as a promotional video, a landing page element, or even guest content, quality webinars will have plenty of useful pieces that you can use multiple times. #3 - Elevate Emails with Video Content Today, creating attention-grabbing subject lines isn’t enough – even if people open your email, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick around to read it if they’re not immediately intrigued. That’s why videos are the next big thing in email marketing. If you can present the same information with video and include it in the body of your email, you’re almost guaranteed to increase your click-through rates, as some people simply prefer video. Even if a video is just an addition to the email, it can still be very effective – by just having a video splash screen in the body of your email, you can create a more visually-engaging look that draws people in. And the effectiveness of video in emails is backed up by stats – including a video in a marketing email has had a positive impact on purchases and conversion rates for more than 60% of surveyed marketers. Videos can help make your messages more personal, showcase your personality, and get your message across more clearly. You can add videos in all of your emails, including pre-selling emails, promotional emails, or even as an introductory email in your lead generation funnels. #4 - Make Use of Video Testimonials Social proof is essential if you want to attract new customers. Today’s consumers are much more careful about choosing to buy online, and need to trust a company before making a purchase. But displaying text testimonials isn’t as effective as it used to be – even testimonials with pictures and full names can be faked, and prospective customers know this. That’s where video testimonials can be so beneficial. They provide your prospects with instant proof that your company is reliable and has provided a quality service to its customers in the past. By having a few of your happy customers film a quick video review where they talk about why they enjoyed working with your company, you can add a lot of credibility to your company and help your site’s visitors reach a buying decision much quicker. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help you quickly incorporate video testimonials into your landing pages without the need for coding knowledge. Video testimonials work really well on social media marketing campaigns as well – nothing you could say about your product will ever be as credible as real, honest reviews from happy customers. #5 - Create “How to” Videos to Increase Your Brand Recognition People love instructional videos. And they are also much more likely to buy from businesses that provide helpful information. In fact, according to a survey, 48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies that provide instructional video content. So, if you want a way to position yourself as an expert in your field and gain an advantage over your competition, instructional “how-to” videos are the way to go. #6 - Use Video on your website to catch attention Recent stats in the digital marketing world says that user attention spam has hugely decreased over time. According to Adweek, Facebook users spend an average of 1.7 seconds with any piece of mobile content on the platform, compared to 2.5 seconds on desktop. Those interactions become even briefer with younger audiences, and they are growing shorter all the time. For instance, Swiss High Class Escorts use a video on their website to attract the attention of the visitors and keep them interested. The video background has less than 10 seconds and runs in loop. As a video background for your website, you can use a video branded for your company showing the team, some services or a stock one that is related to your industry. But how can you start making them? Well, the process does require some effort and time, but it is well worth it in the end. The important thing to remember that if you do decide to make how-to videos that help your audience solve problems and learn more about your niche, don’t cut any corners. You don’t need a massive budget for filming gear, but you do need to come up with fresh ideas, be entertaining, and present the information in a way that’s easy to understand. The emphasis of your videos should always be on producing quality content that’s helpful and actionable, but at the same time, it’s still a good idea to try and look for creative solutions for presenting that info. This helps to establish your brand and your unique voice, and if the video is entertaining enough, it might even go viral and help your small business quickly skyrocket into a global market of internet users. About the author: Dave Schneider is the founder of LessChurn, churn reduction app. In 2012 he quit his job to travel the world, and has visited over 65 countries. In his spare time, he writes about SaaS and business at DaveSchneider.me.
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