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    Avemfly Technology is a top rated consultancy specializing in providing reliable digital marketing company in Delhi while helping our clients drive profitability.
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    I am not Admin/Owner
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    It may seem a contradiction to say that you don’t want to pay attention to the profit of a trade. In fact, many of you might be saying that this guy must be smoking rope to say that profit is unimportant. Well, to clarify, that is not what is being said. Of course, profit is one of the main reasons why you are involved in trading in the financial markets. However, when we discuss how you will garner your mental and emotional resources in order to become consistently successful, profit (in any one trade) is not where you want your focus to be. Profits come as a result of “probabilities” over a series of trades. In fact, profit can be a major distraction and the cause of erratic behaviors that beget unwanted results. Let’s face it, results, consistent positive results, are what you want.Tweet: Let’s face it, results, consistent positive results, are what you want. Anything else is unacceptable. So, your main trading trajectory must encompass this reality. Consistently successful trading requires a laser focus on what-matters-most; alignment of body, mind and emotions; and an ability to be truly disciplined, for starters. Honing your trading process and the focus of your trades. The Distraction of Trading Profits Let’s look at how focusing on profit can position you to attract the very undesirable results that you want to avoid. Profit is transient which means that it is not only variable but it is random to the point of being capricious. No matter how good your methodology, you cannot predict what price action will do. The only thing that is certain about the markets is that they are unpredictable. Due to this level of randomness, profit is an extremely inefficient data point to measure against results. In fact, one of the worst things that can happen to you as a trader is to be profitable early in the game before you intimately know your strategy. This type of profit is almost invariably luck. Luck is totally unsustainable; and in your attempt to replicate these results you will reinforce bad rule violating behavior that is very hard to halt, creating many more losses as you attempt to extricate yourself from that abyss. Furthermore, when you focus on profit alone, your attention is fragmented and your mental state is susceptible to distorting data due to a confirmation bias (the tendency to only perceive information that confirms your limiting beliefs about the current market and consequently denying information that is contrary but critically important). Free Trading WorkshopActually, you want to approach the trading process with your eyes wide open and embracing the fact that any trade can lose, and some will. No matter how strong your strategy, you must accept the randomness of the markets and therefore be very serious about protecting your capital; in other words, using and relying on your stops. In this way, you will begin to manage your fear…a very important skill. One of the facts about consistently successful traders is that many of them have blown up accounts; and they came back. When this happened, they realized that the world didn’t come to an end and developed a deeper appreciation for the importance of their stops. They created consistency in planning their trades, trading their plan, following all of their rules, and thereby developed the capacity for emotional strength and endurance in the trade. Trading is a process oriented endeavor for those who are serious about becoming and remaining a consistently successful trader. In any one trade, it is not about the outcome. You must remain dispassionate about that and reserve all of your focus to be honed on what you are doing and how you are doing it. This is what we teach in Mastering the Mental Game online and on-location courses. Ask your Online Trading Academy representative for more information. Also, get my book: From Pain to Profit: Secrets of the Peak Performance Trader. Joyous Trading Author: Dr. Woody Johnson Article reproduced with kind permission of the author. Source: The article is ended with more helpful quotes: “One of the biggest mistakes that newbie traders make is to give up on a trading strategy after a run of losing trades. The thinking behind doing this is understandable but very wrong. The thought is “If a strategy is losing trades, why keep doing it?” The point is that every trading strategy has losing trades!” – Jasper Lawler “Always keep in mind that trading is mainly a mind-game playing probabilities. Try to find a strategy that you understand and that fits to your personality and possibilities and then try to build the trade management together with the risk management around it. This will lead to much better results then searching for the best entry technique of all times.” – Andy Jordan “Trading is not for anyone who has an unquenchable thirst for certainty. Uncertainty in trading is co-equal with insecurity.” – Joe Ross “However, the truth is probably like most things somewhere in the middle and eventually with a level playing field (which there will probably never be) it comes down to the individual. In part this is why I like trading, it is a reflection of who you truly are, not what your circumstances have made. The market has no idea where you are from, what your social status is, your colour, your religion or your sex. It merely knows whether you have the attributes of a good trader or you don’t.” – Chris Tate wants you to make money from the markets
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    Hello all, I am new member into this community. I would like to say hello to all of you guys. Please accept me here. Thank you!
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    We wrote several articles on the best way to rank an website in 2017. Top 10 SEO Tactics that work in 2017 I’m going to show you 10 seo tactics that you should use to improve your Google Rankings. Some of them are old while others are quite new but proven to work effectively. Top SEO Ranking Factors Study The main goal of the study was to identify any consistent patterns in the ranking mechanism within those 12 factors. Together with key takeaways and practical advice, these insights will help you to make better data-driven decisions in your SEO. 50 SEO Experts Roundup – Where should we focus our SEO efforts in 2017 As 2017 just begun, we asked the SEO experts what we should do to optimize our websites and keep up with the trends. 50 SEO Experts answered to our call. I encourage you to read all the contributions, even if will take you some time.There are many helpful tips you can implement right away and give your website a boost in SERPS.
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    Heya, so there have been quite few threads promoting bitcoin faucets with little explanation how it works and what is cryptocurrency in general, so i'll try to post a short and very simplified guide to people completely new. Cryptocurrency is quickly rising decentralized alternative to real world currency, which gets more and more widely accepted throughout the world. The most popular of it, bitcoins, were worth as little as $0.01 in 2010 and within 7 years they have reached a value of 2500+ usd per btc. You can find more info on bitcoin history here There is no central authority issuing them, people used to generate them using their own computers by solving exponentially increasing in difficulty algorithm, which at this point is so complex that you have to either join mining pools or buy specially designed hardware to have chance obtaining them this way. There are enough predictions that their current price will keep increasing up to 100 000 - 500 000 usd within next decades, so it is still not too late to participate, whether it is by investing money in them now, or, for more skeptical people, playing the free bitcoin faucets. Faucets basically are websites granting small amounts of bitcoins per set time to users, who are only required to press few buttons and have their bitcoin wallet address. Most of those faucets generate their income by advertising and having high user traffic, the downside is there can be way too much advertisements/redirects, which makes the whole process rather annoying over time. So what is bitcoin wallet? You could say it is digital wallet where you store your e-currency, there are wide choice of online/offline wallets, you can find more info here If you want to keep matters simple, I have been using Blockchain online wallet without any problems for past year. Be aware you won't earn much money from btc faucets unless you get lucky, however, it is fully possible that within next years the price of bitcoins will keep rising in a fast pace, so even if you earn little now, it might be worth a lot in the future. The most popular faucet is which differs from most others by keeping advertising to minimal and not having any redirects at all, also offering unique reward point program, granting you more bitcoins per roll, as well as online gambling and participating in weekly lottery where you can (of course, only if you get very lucky) win up to 5000 - 6000 usd without investing any cash at all. You can also invest money in any of those activities to boost chances and even earn passive interest if you like, but all the users are granted full freedom of how they want to use the site. That's basically all, hope someone found this info useful and see you in a world of cryptocurrency!
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    How to manage your funds correctly? The answer to this question is not so simple. Financial literacy is rather important ability that everybody should have, especially when one is planning to engage in the financial business. And today you can acquire this literacy using special online tools developed by various IT companies. They are able to assist you in good investments or selection of required financial broker. These tools can be called with one word - FinTech. Financial Technology is not a narrowly focused term. FinTech trends imply many various online resources that help people work with their finances starting from special apps to websites. Let's move further and learn more deeply what is FinTech and what is it developed for. What is FinTech? Technological projects in the financial services area are considered to be one of the most perspective and in-demand direction for start-ups. We will offer you some options below to create your start-ups in the financial area. There are two product types developed on the basis of FinTech. The first one provides financial services with fintech apps, so it uses B2B model. This type has been existing for a long time in the market. The second type, which is actively developing these days, is oriented on end-user. Based on B2C model, it was developed for solving a very ambitious task - to compete with the common providers of financial services in attempts to cover as large as possible market share. Specialization range of FinTech projects varies from online and mobile apps to trading area, currency exchange area, and personal finances management area. Are you using FinTech in your business?
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    The most important Google ranking factors are:- Content- Website design- Website loading time- Backlinks
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    I used to play Pokemon Go right after I installed it on my phone since it started its launch. Now I do not have time to play the game due to busy work schedule and family life.
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    Hello @arianna . How are you? Welcome on Top Gold Forum. Enjoy your stay and looking forward to your contributions.
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    Of course, we should never rely merely on the suggestions of the other traders, we need to do trading with them after proper research, because many brokers also hire some freelancers to give their fake reviews and and if we get involved in such brokers, we will definitely lose a lot.
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    Hello Top Gold Forum, My name is Joy and I run MarketingWithJoy - digital marketing blog. I'm really happy to signup here on this community and share my knowledge.
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    Thank you so much for let us know.
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    Thanks for your warm reply. lol
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    Not all people can achieve success in Forex. But all people can make a small consistent profit if they abide by their rules strictly. But it is not always possible to follow your rules when the market moves expectedly. Also, not everybody is patient. You have your own life and personal things to do and Forex can come between your personal life and trading life. Most of the unsuccessful traders in Forex have some common things in them that act as an obstacle to their success. Obstacles to overcome in Forex trading Fear: fear, may be, is the worst obstacle you can find in your life. Not only in Forex, as long as you are finding fear in any parts of your life, it is possible that you will come up with a wrong solution. Fears tricked or minds to make a decision, even if we have a strong decision grounded by facts and strategies. If you are fearing that the market will not benefit you, you will find that actually, it does not. You have to overcome your fear of anything to achieve success. It is not only for Forex but also for your life. Early exit: The main reason most of the traders’ loss money with their trade is the early exit. In forex, the market will always move to your odd. How will you make money then? You have to be patient. But not all traders have the heart to watch the market movement goes down and reducing their profit and eventually minus dollar from their capital. They take an early exit. This early exit is a major obstacle in your path of success. If you can watch the market at the end, you will see that the market moves up at the last time. This is the cycle of Forex market movement. No price level stays at the bottom of the bowl forever. It moves up at a time. You have to be patient while live trading easy market in order to make profit. Changing with the market movement: With the news around the world and various economic activities, the Forex market is constantly changing. You cannot rely on your single currency pair when your currency is experiencing major disasters. Also, you need to have multiple skill to survive and adapt yourself to the market movement in Forex. Do not be stiff. Be flexible. The market only benefits the relax ones who can trade with the market movement. Summary: trading in the Forex is easy. Open an account and place a trade. Becoming a successful trader needs you to get out of your comfort zone and adapt to the new situations. If you find any of these habits in your trading, do not trade in your real account. Practice in your forex demo account until you can overcome these obstacles. These are the biggest obstacles to success. But if you truly trade with extreme level of discipline then you will make huge amount of money by trading.
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    Hello my name is priya rajput, I am from Indore city. I am here to explore and gain knowledge about forex trading and signals.
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    How Startups can Monetize Their Social Media Audience #1 – Offer valuable content to attract customers #2 – Offer promotions and deals #3 – Make your audience feel special #4 – Sign up for affiliate accounts #5 – Take advantage of the “live feed” feature
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    Advertising can help you to increase the brand awareness. You can do the various activities such as Blogging, social media, Classifieds and Press Release etc.
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    wideo, powtoon, viewbix,filmora are some video marketing tools and software.
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    what is the value of one bitcoin in indian rupees?
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    bitcoin is a digital currency which is used for online payment.
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    Welcome to the Top Gold Forum Jimmie. We look forward to your participation.
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    no, no way. If you want real readers and customers on your website, do not do that spinning with a spinning tool
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    Great article. Bitcoin is a very trending topic nowadays. Here, I would like to share a list of bitcoin trading platforms along with its exchange type, payment methods and supported countries.
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    Thank you
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    Hello Joy. Nice to see that you signed up here. All the best buddy
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    such a great and useful post! There are so much useful information! I would also like to see the post on how to get the target traffic or just any kind of traffic, which is real
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    After having your blog be active and running, you need to promote it in order to get visitors and also traffic. There're many ways to promote and get traffic, both free methods and paid methods. Free methods such as: Doing SEO, Social Media Content sharing, Youtube sharing, Facebook Content (Fanpage, Group), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,...and many other channels that give you free using and promotions Paid methods such as: Doing SEM such as Google Adwords, GDN, Solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads,... So it depends on your budgets that you will choose which methods can give you the best effort, or you need to combine between free & paid methods in order to get the highest effective results I hope this helps.
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    IOSS is a premier MLM Software Development company that expertise in offering advanced Multi Level marketing Software in every MLM compensation plan. Our state of the art features along with high degree of software efficiency and quality of services and support are the backbone of many multi-million dollar MLM, direct selling companies across the globe.
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    what are the benefits of slide submission in seo?
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    Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Wristband Pen Drive | Leather Pen Drive
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    Directory submission is no more helpful as Google considers these websites are thin sites with very less content. Hence these websites are rarely crawled and indexed today.
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    Thanks for the information. I would like to add freelancing jobs like consultation and promotion of podcast that one creates.
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    Thanks for the great advices, I always forget to use the first method, I never encourage my readers .. I want to try to add BuddyPress to my WP blog to make visitors to communicate with each other, I think this might become effective.
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    Guys, I'm a newby in blogging, can you tell me how long will it take till I start making my first money from the blog, and how much can be made by blogging in general?

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