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    Ok guys.... we have the winners: Winners 1st place $15 Prize goes to @Rubel Hossain 2nd place $10 Prize goes to @AffiliateMastery 3rd place $5 Prize goes to @bluenoser Congrats guys and contact me with payment details to send you the prizes. Btw, Im preparing a huuuuuge contest soon so make sure you prepare your lucky amulets :)
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    Hello guys, The prizes have been sent. Thank you all for participating, Special thanks to @bluenoser for donating his earnings to forum growing and thank you to winners who patiently waited.
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    Is time for a new contest here on Top Gold Forum: What I want to buy on BlackFriday Write down what you would want to buy on BlackFriday and you automatically enter in the contest. Prizes 1st place $15 PayPal or PerfectMoney 2nd place $10 PayPal or PerfectMoney 3rd place $5 PayPal or PerfectMoney Contest will end in one weeks on 24 November 2017 at midnight. The winner will be picked by using random generator from all the entries till date. PS1: Only one entry per username and don't forget: Money won are twice as sweet as money earned :) PS2: If you don't know what BlackFridak is, check this article. PS3: That's how we pick the winners for the contest Good luck
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    Nice post so far. thank you!
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    Nice to meet you Yousuf and welcome to this forum. Hope you will enjoy your time over here.
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    Thank you for the contest :) Enjoyed it.
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    Not exactly a fan of making money without hard work, but certainly no one minds winning something once in a while.... Thanks Dennis#MD Will certainly look forward to the next contest!
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    Great contest and entries. I'll donate my winnings back to support TGF. Thanks Dennis and Blondie. Looking forward to the biggie coming up
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    Hi! Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay! :)
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    Wow, nice contest man! For Black Friday I'd buy some nice new headphones!
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    I would like to buy Huawei Mate 10 lite.
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    New 10" Tablet for my Netflix and Amazon viewing :)
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    Will certainly jump into Laptop, as it's more of a need for me instead of luxury!
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    i would buy more Bitcoins and ethereums on black friday Dennis's note: Hahaha. Wondering if there's going to be a price drop on BlackFriday that we can consider as an offer :))
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    I would buy iPhone x in Black Friday.
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    If I could afford it, I'd buy a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. This GPU is a beast!
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    New contest. Cool! Well ... when I'm shopping, I end up in the electronics department for some reason and look at the Tablets. So, that's what I would like for Black Friday. Similar to this one. Kind of a laptop/desktop in the palm of my hand... Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Dennis note: Speaking about tablets I'm looking into Apple Ipad Pro new 12 inch tablet. I really like it but the price is quite prohibitive at least now. I already own an iphone, macbook and iMac so the Ipad may be a nice fit.
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Hello friends,What is the important factors in SMM?
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    Hello @macktry. Nice to have another SEO specialist here on TGF. How you can do active SEO for 150 sites at once? You're a star.
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    Hello Jackie. Welcome to TGF. You've certainly seen a lot of programs in these 12 years, good to have you here.
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    Thanks and actually I mean 2005, I was wrong, I thought 2003 :D
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    So the main reason I'm here is to learn something new. Plus, I can talk with other traders)
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    A little bit of history wanted..history will be offered :) Top Gold Forum was started back in 2008, but the domain was registered by me in 2006 when I have had this idea to create a discussion place for online money makers. Back then there were not so many forums, only 2 or 3 main big boards. The admins and moderators were quite anonymous, hidden in fog and smoke promoting a lot of shady online opportunities, making a lot of money but honest users loosing their cash on fly by night scams. I wanted to change that and offer a place for legit money makers to talk, analyze and most important speak freely on these online money making sites. Nothing is deleted, no sides taken, everything is open. Also we promote only legit and top money making opportunities. And thats how it is today, after almost 10 years TGF - A Top Forum To Discuss Money Making Opportunities. You will not find any negative comment or review about us, anywhere period.