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  3. of course, because the advantages of all the goals that traders often want for it we have to learn to be able to understand everything to be able to produce everything, it all takes a good learning to understand it as in demo account and also some account that gives a good policy, because it I take advantage of FXB Trading brokers because it is one that is suitable for traders in achieving profits
  4. psychologist is very important because it will provide one good attitude to facilitate control of our minds, so it will be very easy to run and make trading more successful and also more profitable, so a trading psychologist should be studied well for our mental and patience more mature when trading at FXB Trading broker
  5. of course everything should be well processed to be able to understand how it works properly in order to make trading more understand, because it is well understood to generate big profits, understand every work path such as analysis and also capital management because it will provide one good phase in trading, because I run well at broker FXB Trading
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  7. Traders need to do in a good learning phase is important, for it can maximize the ability and skill in understanding how to analyze well in demo account, because by way of analysis we can easily to see the state of forex market easily, and can know the price movement correctly, so that our benefits can be targeted according to the analysis
  8. His name is also a certain business whose name will always be there, then from that we need a good psychology that we can trade well. With good psychology or good trading ability, then we can manage the trading well and we are able to survive in forex, as well as the benefits we can achieve with consistent
  9. Success in forex the desire of all traders of course, and the most important in this forex business in getting profits is that traders have the maximum skill and ability to have good risk and capital management, and if all that traders can manage and mastered well, it will be easy in making a profit
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  21. Forex trading can be treated like a game only when you trade with a demo account. For instance, participation in a tournament with a demo account, what ist if not a game?
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