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  2. USD/JPY Technical Analysis: September 25, 2017 The U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen declined during the Friday session as the market looks for support close to the 112 level. Hence, the market will be more appealing to buyers because of the Federal Reserve plans to reduce their balance sheet. This market is sensitive to the “risk on” factor added to the overall interest rate outlook for both central banks. The Federal is way earlier than the Bank of Japan regarding the rise in interest rates that makes it highly probable to move to the upper channel. It may be not wise to short this pair for now. However, there are buying opportunities in pullbacks. On the weekly chart, there is a consolidation seen in the 108 level below and 114.50 level above for long term. The next target level will be 114.50 while a decline would offer value to the market. There might be some noise every now and then because of “risks off” incidents worldwide in consideration of the upsurge in the stock market. Incremental increase and opening bigger positions are the best means of trading this pair in the background of an upward rally. If the market breaks over the 115 handle, it will lead to a “buy-and-hold” situation although this may take some time to happen. For now, buyers will predominate this pair for short-term to take advantage of the current situation.
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  4. for that trader as well as his chosen FXB Trading broker has become famous and popular because of his outstanding ability to offer help to investors and traders by using special features on his website. One of the sharpest features on offer is the tools it provides on daily trading prospects and this helps all traders in their efforts to gauge CFD markets and currency pair shifts.
  5. In choosing a broker is very important, and indeed the broker also plays an important role in this forex trading business and help traders also in running and generate profits. That's why choosing a qualified broker like FXB Trading is the preferred choice of many traders as their trading sites and platforms because of the security and security of guaranteed quality for their funds.
  6. first in forex trading is understand its forex risk, because forex trading has a very high risk. so by understanding the risks and well managed traders will be able to freely and casually run their trading activities and consistent in profit with FXB Trading. and in this broker offers an application that allows traders to speculate in the market
  7. Understand in advance to run this forex trading, because this business is a business that is very big risk, so always to keep trying to improve the ability of good trading for we are able to learn where the right to run forex trading is profitable. Must always learn will be able to get maximum results by finding a way to trade with his profit
  8. To choose a broker it is one that we must first consider, because the best brokers, then we are able to be comfortable and safe in this trading activity on the run. And for now I choose instaforex broker, because instaforex is a trusted brokerage service, so it can make me comfortable and safe also for forex trading activities
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  10. This discipline is indeed important for traders to run trading, with we always discipline, then we can be able to understand the performance of this trading with the direction. Forex is a business that has a very big risk, and for the better we always to take advantage of demo account services or demo contest instaforex where we understand the true forex is in the run well and correctly
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  12. brokers exist with their advantages and disadvantages respectively. most beginner traders are confused at the moment will choose a broker to start trading forex. as a suggestion, traders can choose trading with Tickmill as it provides demo accounts and educational programs that can be used to improve existing trading skills.
  13. the science of forex trading can we get from many things, demo accounts, real accounts, promo contest, active in any forum can saaling exchange of ideas and exchange experiences that can make our trading science grow and become better
  14. very well, also do not forget to pay attention to the regulation used by the broker, it will be necessary for traders to be more comfortable when running trading activities, and of course for traders can be better again in generating profit.
  15. you should also note when at the time will choose a broker for trading, in addition to see what advantages and advantages, do not forget to see also his broker regulation. for the convenience and security of the trader.
  16. very true, it is important for traders to be better again in applying the discipline in trading activities they have, it is necessary for traders to become better and maximize again in generating profit in the forex.
  17. really, to achieve success in the forex is not easy, because traders should be able to become better and become more maximal again in improving existing trading skills and the level of patience he has in order to get better.
  18. absolutely every trader is demanding that bsia have a strong mental and a high level of patience, it is necessary for traders to be more maximal again in managing their trading activities to be better and can get results in accordance with expectations.
  19. really, traders should be sbia to manage funds and risks that exist well, it will be necessary so that traders can become better and more maximal again in generating profit and minimize the risks that exist.
  20. really, like me also always to take advantage of demo account contest provided by Tickmill in order to better in improving profits and trading experience that exist in order to become better and become more leverage.
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  22. very true, because the broker could be one factor that can deliver forex to success. therefore traders can choose trading with Tickmill because the regulation used is a trusted regulation.
  23. because managers of funds and risks on the existing trading system is an important factor that can affect the profit that will get in the trader when trading activities, that's why traders should be able to better train their trading skills
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