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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs Rules

The affiliate marketing forum was moved to a dedicated community. Please from now on, update your posts here:

👉 https://forum.monetize.info/forum/159-affiliate-programs/

Monetize.info is already growing into one of the bussiest affiliate marketing magazine.

We will have a formal announcement soon. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.


  1. Finance Affiliate Programs

    Here are listed Finance related affiliate programs (Forex, Investments, Loans, Exchangers, Crypto etc)

  2. Gambling Affiliate Programs

    Here are listed Gambling related affiliate programs (Casino, Betting, eSports, Money Games, Poker etc)

  3. Adult Affiliate Programs

    Here are listed Adult related affiliate programs (Cams, Videos, Membership sites etc)

  4. Hosting Affiliate Programs

    Here are listed Hosting related affiliate programs (Hosting, Servers, Control Panels, VPS, VPN providers, etc)

  5. Marketing Affiliate Programs

    All Marketing Affiliate Programs - SEO, Social Media, Wordpress, Blogging, etc.

  6. Misc. Affiliate Programs

    Here are listed all the other affiliate programs that don't fit in any previous category.

  7. Closed Affiliate Programs

    Here end up all Affiliate Programs and Networks that are closed or turn into SCAMs.

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