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  2. Are there any plans for investors? I get quite busy sometimes and I would like to just have a PAMM program I could invest in.
  3. Read the latest material from Quppy and its partners Artlion on the NFT creation tips and tricks https://quppy.medium.com/getting-the-best-from-the-nft-market-7e1c3a6f8bcc?fbclid=IwAR1FkBKypr4M0SlBHASTTLD0k0e-NzTuantk0Ben2egTjH9qAeAdz3iAJLQ
  4. PlаnеtOfBеtѕ Plus - The Nеw Dеvеlорmеnt PlanetOfBets — Estb. Sіnсе 2006. Onlіnе SроrtѕBооk — Hіgh Rates аnd Well Pаіntеd Lіnе. PlаnеtOfBеtѕ Offеr Betting Via Desktop аnd Mоbіlе Plаtfоrm Mіnіmum Stake - $ 0.01 Very fast рауоutѕ (frоm mіnutеѕ tо 1 hоur) in аll directions. Lіvе Cаѕіnо — Lіvе Dealers — Roulette, Blackjack, Bассаrаt ETC. Stаrt Betting with PlanetOfBets and Enjoy CаѕhBасk Bоnuѕ On All Stаkеѕ Slоtѕ Skіll Gаmеѕ Vіrtuа
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  6. Forex is very risky but trading with proper trading knowledge and good risk rewards is less likely to result in losses. Forex possibility market so it is normal to lose here. We have to maintain this loss and move forward with learning from the loss. And you have to follow risk management and money management all the time in trading. I trade in Forex4you brokers. I am fascinated by their service and honesty. They are very supportive with their clients. They provide 24/7 customer support to their clients. They also try to keep happy o their clients. I am very pleased with their services.
  7. The gap between buying and selling is called spread. It addresses brokerage advantage costs and replaces transactions charges. Spread is for the most part implied in pips – a rate in point, which implies fourth decimal place in currency reference. Following sorts of spreads are used as a piece of Forex Trading. I have the low trading spread from 0 pip with my broker Forex4you. It offers a wide range of services. They have over hundreds of trading instruments including forex, shares, futures and cryptos.
  8. There are many traders that enter into the forex market with unrealistic goals they use to think earning money from the forex market is very easy. Anyone can come and earn lot of money. If you want to survive in the forex market and earn maximum profits then you should know all the basic things and strong knowledge about forex. A reliable broker and strong knowledge is a very important and essential part for traders to earn profits from the forex market. My broker Forex4you helps me a lot to show me the right path always. They are very supportive and helpful.
  9. Airdrop: Smudge Token Estimated Value: $400 Token Value: 0.9 SMUDGE Validation Rate: 6.0/ 10 Airdrop Link: https://www.bestcoinlist.com/airdrop/smudge-token/ Don't forget to join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops! https://t.me/bestcoinlist https://twitter.com/BestCoinList ABOUT: Smudge token is a hygienic and mostly independent meme coin for meme lovers developing an ecosystem of services backed by a top notch cryptocurrency that belongs not only to a few but, to every single investor involved by introducing revenue sharing and forum-driven
  10. There are some important and basic guidelines for starter investors. Every starter investor should follow all the basic and important guidelines. If anyone comes into the forex market and start trading without any preparation or knowledge then he/she can't survive in the forex market. Proper guidelines, strong knowledge, a reliable broker is very important for a trader to earn money from the forex market. I always try to gain more knowledge and follow proper guidelines. My broker Forex4you helps me a lot. They are very helpful and supportive. They never make disappointment to their client
  11. Proper risk and money management are essential to success as a FX trader. Every trader has inherently some risk factors. Managing these risks in a sensible way will certainly help in long run. Traders should not trade money which they can't lose, because traders can't have the patience to profit due to the pressure of losing. I am trading with Forex4you. I always execute my trader with proper risk and money management. They are very helpful. They always help me to make my decisions correctly and they also provide 24/7 customer support. I am very pleased with their services.
  12. It is possible to earn a lot of money by investing less time in Forex trading. If a trader spends 5-6 hours in regular Forex trading, it is possible to do a very good analysis. I spend 3 hours every day on forex trading. I can do a lot of good analysis with the help of my broker Forex4you. If you do business, you have to spend a lot of time behind that business. But Forex is such a business where you can earn a lot of money by spending a little time.
  13. Support and Resistance Professional traders follow which is why the value of Support Resistance is high. Support and resistance is an area from which price can take an opposing position due to barriers. Support or Resistance Price can volatile. Therefore, the value of support and resistance in the Forex market is a lot. I didn't have a good idea of support/resistance when I was a new trader. My trading results changed as soon as I found out Forex4you as my broker. They are very reliable and helpful.
  14. The success of trading depends largely on trading psychology. Sadly, most traders either ignore this basic truth or don't realize how important it is to have the right mindset for a successful Forex trading. Yoga and meditation help to set mindset and brain in optimal condition. I am trading with Forex4you. I always try to keep my mind clear before trading.
  15. Professionals traders do not gamble in trading. Before start trading, pro trader always does their analysis and try to choose the currency pair with the most specific conditions. As for me I prefer major currency pair. I am trading with Forex4you which is a regulated broker. They give me low and tight spreads in major pair. That’s why I love trade in major pair.
  16. A trader has to be discipline for trading. This is one of the most important trading wisdoms that trader should master. Lack of discipline leads to trading mistakes. If you make a lot of mistakes and loss, recovering from that loss is quite impossible. My broker Forex4you provide me all the essential tips to make me discipline in trading. I also always exercise discipline for trading.
  17. Friends, we have new, amazing mega-records! The ROY Club already has over 200,000 UMI staking participants! Every day MORE THAN 3000 people from all over the world join us, although just a month ago there were about 2000! ROY Club is growing at an incredible pace. We have formed a huge team of leaders, which is getting bigger and stronger every day. Recently, a lot of leaders have been able to become Ruby partners. In total, we already have: Bronze partners - 10,021 Silver - 1298 Gold - 159 Ruby - 25 Sapphire - 3 Emerald - 1 Such impressive results are accompanied by a stead
  18. Payment Methods: Credit Card,Debit Card,Bitcoin,Cryptos,Payeer,Western Union, Bank Transfer,Perfect Money.. https://smmgoal.com https://smmgoal.com/services https://smmgoal.com/addfunds
  19. Don't be left out. This week Blackjack.fun is proud to present to you the biggest and most exciting Waggering Competition. 100mbtc (+US$5700) Up for grabs. Instantly withdrawable at the end of the week of the tournament. Let's have fun. Visit : Https://blackjack.fun
  20. It closed at 1.2140. Hopefully next week the consolidation will finally end.
  21. Don't be left out. This week Blackjack.fun is proud to present to you the biggest and most exciting Waggering Competition. 100mbtc (+US$5700) Up for grabs. Instantly withdrawable at the end of the week of the tournament. Let's have fun. Visit : Https://blackjack.fun
  22. Making profits are so hard and if a trader wants to make good profit then it would be necessary for him to learn the forex and have good money management and plan.
  23. Nowadays Binance Smart Chain is gaining popularity in the crypto industry. Because we know that Binance is the world’s popular cryptocurrency trading platform with huge trading volume and millions of active users. Binance brings a new blockchain business opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to raise funds and gain popularity in the market. If you are thinking to launch a new project in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a featured Token like BEP-20 to execute the smart contract authorized Blockchain network, then you can make your digital token similar to the BEP-20 token
  24. What is BitMart? BitMart is a crypto trading platform created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The BitMart Foundation has offices all over the world but is based in the Cayman Islands. The network offers spot trading, OTC trading, futures contract trading, and other digital assets services. The trading platform has been translated into 6 languages, including Russian and English. For convenience, the official Android, iOS, and Mac OS applications have also been developed. BitMart Features Payment methods: It accepts a wide range of payment options, you can purchase Bitcoin w
  25. Snapshot wil be taken in approx. 1 week. Holding 100K - 250K = 20k Airdrop Holding 250K - 500K = 30k Airdrop Holding 500K - 1 mil = 40k Airdrop Holding 1 mil or more = 50K Airdrop. You will receive your first 50% in the week after the announcement, the other 50% the week after.
  26. Get a step-by-step guide of social media marketing and plan your business marketing on social media. #Edufex #lms #onlinelearning #cryptocurrency #blockchaintechnology #covid #virtuallearning #online #onlinecourses #remotelearning
  27. Vidiachange Big news The Vidiachange #yield-farming project is launched #Farming pool already open from our official website
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