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    How to Build Trust Through Social Media [Tips]

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    Making use of social media is not new these days. However, not all of the business are taking advantage of this to reach their audience.

    Many are still trying to figure out how social media can work for them to be able to get their bottom lines which are more exposure and eventually, more sales. 

    The usage of Social media advances every day. Instagram is now growing at an astonishing rate. The challenge for companies now is to keep up with these changes in keeping up with their target audience through social media platforms. 

    One of the best ways to use social media is building trust with your potential customers. Trust is important; it makes your audience want to know more about your company or website and what you have to offer.

    If your audience trusts you, it will ensure that you will have a long lasting relationship with them as customers. 

    To make your audience trust you, you should first create a social media dialogue to start the relationship.

    How is this to be done?

    Don't worry; it won't be difficult since social media is not new to you or to your audience. You simply need to use social media for your digital marketing strategy. 

    Digital marketing is the same as the traditional form of marketing. The difference is that the public relations strategies are disseminated through social media and other new channels.

    Another thing is that social media platforms give companies the opportunity to interact with their customers directly through private messages, comments, likes, and shares. 

    Some of the most popular topics today about digital marketing are Google's continuous algorithm updates to make sure that they provide only the best and relevant contents and search results.

    What most businesses probably do not yet realize is that Google is not the only search engine out there even if it is among the most popular. Today, even social media platforms have become search engines. 

    So, customers do not only rely on Google and other search engines. Most of the time, they go directly to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to look for the content that they need and to learn more about certain products and services. 

    Social media sites are not only limited to the youth; almost everyone has a social media account these days. The demographics are continually expanding. This is something that the companies should not ignore. 

    They now have the chance to come face to face with their potential customers and communicate with them through social media. By engaging with their audience this way, they can now build brand trust, an essential element that ensures good business with their audience. 

    In this article, we are going to share with you some of the expert advice on how to build trust with your audience through social media.

    We will be sharing five ways on how you can build trust with your audience successfully.

    Let's start!

    Known For Making a Difference.jpg

    #1 - Be a Thought Leader

    A way to lose your potential customers is by bombarding them with your ads without really giving them anything of value. Value can come in many forms.

    In this case, digital marketing is closely tied up with content marketing. You can give your audience something of value by creating content that can be useful and interesting for them. 

    Social media is a great way to share your content with your audience. Not only do you get the chance to interact with them through comments, your audience can even share them with their friends, and that's an opportunity you should grab. 

    Remember, share only contents that can be informative and useful for your audience. This is how your business can become the thought leader in your industry, and your audience will certainly take notice.


    #2 - Be Transparent

    This is probably one part that makes decision makers and executives worry about the most. However, this is something that your business must overcome to be able to attain success through social media. 

    With the state of today's social media, transparency is expected from companies. People talk about your brand online, either good or bad; they will talk about it.

    What you can do is be transparent and be able to own up if ever you have any lapses with your product or services. 

    Business should be able to keep up with their audiences, and most of their audiences are online, the companies ought to be, too. The customers would more likely think that the company is hip and cool if the CEO has a social media account and is one tweet away. 

    That makes them trust the company, even more, knowing that they make themselves available for anyone.


    #3 - Communicate

    Now that your consumers already know that your business and even your CEO has a social media account, they will be eager to communicate with you. They will be talking to you about how good your products and services are. Or they will talk to you about how unsatisfactory they are and that they are disappointed. 

    Don't be afraid to face them. They will appreciate it more if they know that someone from the company or website (e.g., http://www.linkvistadigital.com) is on the other end and knows about their experience with your brand. Be quick in responding to them. This will make them feel that you value what they have to say and that you immediately take action.


    #4 - Be Accountable

    When your company openly engages with your audience in social media, you will encourage your customers to communicate with you more. Doing so also ensures accountability.

    By being active in social media and being close to the customers, the companies are being held accountable in making sure that they are not only great at engaging with their audience, they can also deliver the best products and services possible.


    #5 - Be Fun

    People like being online because it mainly entertains them.

    For your social media account, you should also know how to have fun and make sure that your audience remains interested in your brand and products. In your contents, be it articles, infographics, or videos, you are not simply giving another boring statistics or information, you have to present them in a fun and interesting way.

    They will surely appreciate your effort in reaching out and making things enjoyable for them. 



    Now you have some notes on how you can build trust with your audience through social media. Make sure that you familiarize them and execute them well.

    Soon enough, you will get the results that you are looking for and your audience will also look forward to your every post, tweet, and share.

    These tips are important for those who have not yet tried using social media for their digital marketing.

    The advice here can also be helpful for those who have tried doing so but were not able to get the results that they expected.


    Author Bio

    Patrick Panuncillon started LinkVista Digital Inc, a Philippine-based company that provides services such as web analytics and off page promotion strategies. With almost ten years of experience in digital marketing, he leads a team of committed and skilled individuals in SEO management. You can connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

    Edited by Dennis#MD

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