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    HYIP Dictionary

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    This HYIP Glossary will allow you to speak the industry’s language! Check this big list of 100 HYIP-related terms that every investor needs to know!


    • Account Balance - The balance of one's current account inside a program (HYIP or other). These funds can be used to withdraw or to invest into the program's Investment Plans.
    • Account Number - The unique number of a personal member account.
    • Active Deposit - The amount of money that is actively engaged in the money-making program.
    • Admin - The creator and/or manager of the HYIP program.
    • AdvCash - An electronic payment system that accepts HYIP program payments.
    • Affiliate Program syn.: Referral Program - A money-making program where you earn money based on recruiting others into the program (Referring). Many companies usually pay for the referrals their users or members recruit a persent of the referrals' earnings or deposits.
    • Alias - An online persona created for running and/or promoting an HYIP website. This is done to either hide one’s identity for professional or personal reasons.
    • Assets - financial resources that provide their owner with the right to profit.
    • Auto-Payment - The system payment feature which processes the withdrawals automatically when needed without request.
    • Auto-Withdrawal (same as the Instant Withdrawal) -  The system payment feature which processes the withdrawals automatically when a member makes a request.


    • Banner - A type of visual creative (see creative) used to advertise a HYIP. The most common banner sizes are: 728px x 90px, 300px x 300px and 125px x 125px.
    • Betting - Some HYIP programs make money on different kinds of bets, f.e. sports.
    • Bonus - Funds the administrator adds for some reason to the member account differing from any planned earnings.


    • ccTLD - Country-specific TLDs (top-level domains) such as .ca, .co.uk, .in, .au etc.
    • Compounding - This is the concept that one earns interest on the interest he has already earned. At first, your money grows slowly, but as time passes, your money grows more rapidly. This is often considered the "eighth wonder of the world." F.E.: You deposit $400 to the program with 5% interest and 25% compounding. When you receive your payment, 25% will be added to your deposit, and 75% you'll receive to your account. So you'll receive (5%*$400)*75%=$15, and your deposit will become $400+(5%*$400)*25%=$405
    • Compounding Deposit -  A deposit with the compounding option used.
    • Compounding Percents - The percent of earning which is deposited back into the system.
    • Creative – A creative is a promo tool advertisers use to get users to actually click-through and take action. Examples of creatives: towers, text links, badges, banners, pop-ups, email copy, etc. Synonym of “banner.”


    • DDoS attack - This is an attack on a website, the main purpose of which is to put it out of order by submitting many false requests. As a result of such an attack, the site may be unavailable for some time. Hackers usually use DDOS attacks to put HYIPs into difficulties and ask for ransom.
    • Deposit, Deposit Amount - The funds deposited into the program.
    • Deposited Total - The total amount of money ever deposited into the program to date.
    • Diversification - The concept of spreading the money among many different investments or investment programs to reduce risk. It's the idea that one shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket. Advice: Diversification is a good way to reduce your risk and exposure to the market. Every good portfolio should be diversified. The level of diversification is up to you, though.
    • DNS - An Internet system that translates a domain name into an IP address. 
    • Domain name - A name for a website that makes it easy to access by acting like an address that can be entered into the browser to access a site.
    • Downline - The people one recruited (his referrals), plus the people they recruited, and so on.


    • Earned Total - The total amount of interest one's investments have ever earned inside the program.
    • Exponential Growth - Exponential growth is growth that accelerates the rate of growth increases over time. If you compound your interest from an HYIP, your income will grow exponentially.


    • Forex aka Foreign Exchange Market aka FX Market - Market for trading currencies internationally. The foreign exchange market, also referred to as the Forex and FX market is a decentralized market that has no physical exchange floor. Trading is done over the counter, via phone, fax, or electronic distribution networks. Turnover in this market is approximately $1.5 trillion daily, making it the largest, most liquid financial marketplace.
    • Forums – Discussion boards across the web for various topics and niches.Example: Top Gold Forum




    • Host – A business that basically provides storage and services needed to serve website files and pages.
    • HYIP - A High Yield Investment Program. These programs claim to invest in high-risk, high-yield opportunities. An HYIP can be both offline or online and maybe be investing in a variety of markets. A large portion of online HYIPs is Ponzi schemes that call themselves HYIPs. Usually, every high yield program goes with quite a risk, so it will be helpful to use diversification while investing in these programs. HYIP Monitor - A service that tracks the performance of HYIPs.


    • Incentivized Affiliates – This is where website traffic is bequeathed with incentives to complete a set action that ultimately results in the affiliate earning a commission. The incentives can vary. In fact, it could be a prize, discounts, money, or even free subscriptions.
    • Instant Withdrawal (same as the Auto-Withdrawal) -  The system payment feature automatically processes the withdrawals when a member makes a request.
    • Interest Rate - The amount of money in percent that a borrower pays to borrow money (an HYIP pays to investors). For example, if a $100,000 investment has a 5% monthly interest rate, the program will have to pay $5,000 each month (or any specified period) until the program ends. Advice: The goal for investors is to earn the highest interest rate possible without sacrificing any security.
    • Investment Package (for HYIP) - A set of similar Investment Plans grouped by some similar properties (payment ratio, compounding feature, or other).
    • Investment Plan (for HYIP) - The investment proposal with a pre-defined interest rate, initial deposit range, and other options. One program may have many additional plans grouped in investment packages.


    • Laddering - Purchasing bonds that mature at various intervals. This provides the investor with greater regularity of income. Advice: Bond laddering works by purchasing bonds with different maturities. For example, you might purchase 3 years, 5 years, and 10-year bonds. By doing this, you are giving yourself greater liquidity because your bonds will be maturing periodically. If you bought three 10-year bonds, you would have to wait 10 years to see any of your money returned to you.
    • Liquidity - Liquidity refers to the ability of people to get into and out of investments. A "liquid" stock is a stock with many volumes that are easy to buy and sell. A "liquid" investment is an investment that is easy to withdraw. Advice: A liquid investment is one that you can buy and sell easily and quickly. An example of a liquid investment is a bank account. You can go to the bank and take your money out quickly and easily. An example of an illiquid investment would be real estate. If you want to sell your house, you have to put it on the market and could end up waiting over a year to get your money. Or an investment with a non-withdrawable principal. Understanding how liquid you need to be is important. Obviously, if you're in college, you want to be liquid so you can make your tuition payments. If you're retired, you'll want to be liquid to pay your living expenses.
    • Localization - The translation of a webpage for a different culture or language.



    • Maturity - It's the length of time that you have to wait until you get your money back. Advice: This is the date the borrower has to repay the lender the principal
    • Maximal Deposit Withdrawal Duration - A time period after which the program member cannot withdraw his deposit.
    • Minimal Deposit Withdrawal Duration -  A time period after making the deposit, the program member cannot withdraw his deposit.
    • MLM or Multi-Level marketing -  Money-making programs require participants to market and sell things to make money. The money earned is based not just on how much was sold but also on how much was sold by the other participants you've recruited. MLM can also be an abbreviation for Marxism/Leninism/Maoism.


    • Payout Ratio -  The percentage of earnings paid out in dividends. It is calculated by dividing the amount of all dividends by the amount of all earnings. 
    • Parent Package  - Allow depositing to the package only after the user has deposited to the package marked as a parent to the current one.
    • Penalty - A sum of any currency that the administrator removes from the user account and transfers into the system.
    • Ponzi Scheme - The term Ponzi is derived from the actions of a man names Charles K Ponzi. Any program or claimed investment opportunity relies on new investments to pay off the older ones. Those who invest first are thus paid their returns from those who invest after them, leaving the last investors the ones who lose out. Many HYIPs who claim to be trading, investing, etc., are really only running a Ponzi scheme. Some have also compared the US Social Security system to a Ponzi scheme.
    • Portfolio - All of your investments. If you own five stocks, a bond, and have bank CDs, those would be collectively referred to as your portfolio. Advice: When you hear a person talking about their portfolio, they're just referring to all of their investments. If they say their portfolio is up 12%, it means the average return for all of their investments has been 12%.
    • Principal - The initial deposit one makes to the account. This excludes any compounded earnings added to the deposit.
    • Principal Withdrawal - Many programs do not allow to withdrawal principle. It damages the liquidity but assures the program owners that the money deposited to their system will remain there for long.


    • Refback (Referral cashback)  - It is a referral fee paid back to you by your upline.
    • Referral - The one you recruited to join the program or make an investment (your referral). Many companies usually pay for the referrals their users or members recruit a percent of referrals' earnings or a deposit. It is called a Referral Program.
    • Referral percent - A percent of an amount that someone's referral deposits into the system or a percent of his earnings to the upline.
    • Referral Program - Same as the Affiliate Program.
    • Reputation Management -  Online reputation management involves having a good clean online image where only positive pages appear while searching for a person, company, or brand’s name.
    • Return on Investment (ROI) -  A profit or loss from an investment. Advice: An individual's return on investment is easy to calculate. If you invested $20 and earned $30, you would have a 50% return on your investment.


    • Scam - A project that has stopped paying investors under any pretext. 
    • Spend (used as a noun) - a payment, deposit, transfer of funds.
    • Sponsored listing - The listings can pay for being sponsored? And thus to be listed at the top of the current section. But it doesn't influence the listings rating, payout, or any other statistics. Neither it influences the listing being Normal, Trial, or Premium. So please, while choosing the HYIP site to invest in, pay greater attention to the money invested and earned statistics, site design, and such.


    • Total Deposit - The total amount of money on all the active deposits inside the program. Transaction - Any single funds movement into, out of, or within the system. Transactions History - The history of all your transactions.


    • Upline - The people who recruited you, plus the people who recruited them, and so on.
    • Username - The unique system username one is registered within any program


    • Webmaster - the person in charge of making site changes, corrections, additions, and overall site maintenance.
    • Whois info -  the domain registration info that displays information such as domain owner name, phone number, address, etc.
    • Withdraw, to withdraw - To withdraw money means to call them off the HYIP or any other program.
    • Withdrawal - The transaction transfers funds from any account in the HYIP or any other investment program to any account outside the program.
    • Withdrawn Total - The total amount one has ever withdrawn to date.


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