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    What Jobs are Safe from Automation

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    As technology begins to advance, there have been some concerns about robots, automation, and artificial intelligence taking over the job market and putting people out of work.

    However, there is a likelihood some jobs will be safe from automation. It is possible there are some jobs that won’t be taken over by machines.

    With self-driving vehicles, factory assembled products, drones delivering packages, and computers doing the work of data entry clerks, there are many people who are concerned with their work in the future.

    Many companies have started automating its financing and numbers-based departments. For example, if the company you work for has a ton of data to back up concerning clients, there is a software that can manage digital inventory , which will take less time than a human doing the job.

    It seems there are some jobs that will likely never be taken over by machines or automation. If you have a job in one of these fields, you will be needed well into the future.


    If you are in politics, it is likely that your job will be safe for years to come. Some of the jobs done by several members in the government may be done by machines, but politicians are likely here to stay.

    There probably won’t be a robotic governor or president, because these jobs will always need human-like intelligence machines may never have. Even if the intelligence was created, it is highly probable that the politicians would not allow it, since they wouldn’t want to be out of a job.

    It would also be difficult for a human to respect a robot as an authority figure or a person of power. Politicians possess a lot of power and since fairness and equality are relevant topics it seems they will be around for some time.

    Financial Analysts, Creative Workers, and Lawyers

    Individuals in these areas of business need to be creative to master their trade. These positions won’t be phased out because machines are calculated and don’t possess the power to be creative.

    When it comes to value judgement, machines fall short., which is needed in these fields. They must look at that gray area to make decisions, because everything is not as clear as it may seem.

    However, automation may take over some financial positions to improve productivity. For example, if you constantly have to keep track of invoices, why not get it done sooner and avoid all of the paperwork.

    By automating accounts payable and receivable work, you can avoid the hassle and just work directly from your devices.

    Architects design innovative buildings, and every step in their job can’t be automated. There is a likelihood that there will be more automation in these fields as time goes on, but it won’t replace the creative thinkers and data analysts that need insight and creativity to get the job done.


    Content-stripping bots have already started to cut apart and reassemble news or spin stories to create new content. However, writers, editors, and designers will still be needed to keep the future of television running. It is very likely that television anchors, news reporters, and similar jobs will still be in business.

    Humans want to interact with other humans, they want to see another human when they tune into the news. Therefore, those that report news, design graphics, produce, and manage content will still be in business in the future.

    Humancare Industries

    There are some professions that mainly rely on the human touch. There are some situations where robots will just not be beneficial enough.

    For example, you likely won’t be planning a loved one’s funeral with a robot or leaving your elderly parent or young child in the care of a robot.

    Those who are in humancare industries also tend to be more emotional and can connect with humans on a personal level. In the near future, it’s not likely robots will be comforting and caring for humans. Therefore, these types of jobs are likely to be safe from automation, and all employees aren’t afraid of losing their jobs.

    Medical Professionals

    Those in the medical profession that have a lot of interaction with their patients are likely safe as well. Many people are not going to want a robot diagnosing them or performing surgery on them when they are ill.

    There may be some professions in the field that would be phased out. These would be the professions in the medical field that can be replaced by automation, including pharmacy workers and some radiology positions.

    The jobs that deal with machine operation and delivery of medications may be out of work in the future. If there isn’t the need for human interaction, there may be a robot to replace this medical profession.

    Why Not All Jobs?

    There is a pattern in these industries. All of them need upper level brain functioning, creativity, and human interaction. Jobs that require innovation and instinct are likely to stick around, those that are tedious, will go.

    For example, if you’re a business owner who needs help organizing your staff and all of the work the company needs to get done, you don’t need to hire an additional employee to help you. Instead, you could use a managing software –that will do the work for you and save you a lot of time.

    These jobs require a higher-level of skill and knowledge that people wouldn’t trust machines to do. These are the jobs that will stand the test of time no matter how great technology gets.

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