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    7 Creative Ways to Promote Your Logo on Products

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    Promoting your logo and increasing brand awareness for your business is one of the most crucial steps to long-term success. And in order to achieve this success, you need to focus on customer retention.  

    If fact, customer loyalty and retention rates over time are two factors used in determining overall business growth and business model sustainability.

    Creating promotional products of all kinds, and using your logo with them, can positively increase these metrics. However, not all promotional product strategies are created equal.

    Find a Product that Fits Your Brand's Message

    Before anything else, find a product or a few potential products that would fit the message of your brand.

    Don't give away random things just because they seem "cool." Find something that would remind a customer of your brand. You might even go with something that fits with your product line or adds a new "feature" to an existing product.

    Get Something Useful (and Give it to the Right People)


    If you make software for application developers, give them one of your new custom mouse mats. If your target market spends most of their time outdoors, offer them branded sunglasses.

    Find something your audience can use in their day to day life- even if it's consumable.

    If your customer or prospect can use what you give them, they'll probably see your logo less often. If you provide them with something they find to be useless, it's likely to end up in the charity bin.

    Use Branded Products to Promote or Assist a Great Cause

    All great businesses have core values. What causes and organizations can you team up with that share those values?

    Can you use your promotional products to raise awareness in addition to spreading your logo and company message?

    Create an Alliance with Another Brand

    hat products would work symbiotically with yours? Can you find another brand that has similar ideals that might team up to create a stellar promotional item or item set?

    For instance, if you offer high-end tea, you could sign up to have a set of branded, borosilicate cups etched with your logo. Then you can create a jointly-branded tea sampler for the glassware company to use as a promotional item.

    The brand exchange serves as a recommendation for you to the other company's customers and vice versa.

    This method, if used with compatible brands and products, can be highly effective – potentially doubling your pool of customers.

    Create a Surprise or a Surprising New Feature


    Some promotional products can seem a little tired: pens, mugs, t-shirts, etc. If you can come up with something surprising, or find a unique way to use a product that's common, your customer might just be impressed.

    In fact, you could even take a hint from another company. Candles with gemstones hidden inside are nothing new but what if you put

    Associate Your Logo and Brand with Another Activity

    What do your customers love to do, even when they're not using your products? What are they passionate about? If you can identify a few of these things, you're well on your way to creating a promotional product that they'll love.

    For instance, during the Halloween season,Netflix came up with the idea to allow their customers to create a doorbell that played the theme song to their favorite show. Similarly, animation brands create easy to fold, papercraft action figures for their customers to put together and display.

    The critical point here is that you don't always have to give away a product with high physical value – it has more to do with what your fans value personally and would appreciate. Branding is often more about culture an emotion than it is about a monetary exchange.

    Create an Experience Around Your Logo and Products


    Capitalizing on that emotional pull can bring the highest overall return, too. Your logo and promotional products can be used as a reminder of an experience your brand provided to its customers and prospects.

    Creating a members-only event for your best clients is a good start. Open experiences, like Ikea's kitchen experiment , can create buzz, too.

    Creating any event, even something as small as a street stall can give you the chance to use innovative promotional products.

    As big a brand as Colgate is, one of their most memorable and noteworthy campaigns came from handing out ice cream and candy on the street. Inside the ice cream bars were toothbrush shaped sticks engraved with "Don't Forget – Colgate."

    Then, once the event is over, you can hand out an item that epitomizes the experience. It could be something as simple as a sticker pack, or as nuanced as a personalized WordPress plugin.

    There are creative, memorable options for every kind of business, no matter how small.

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    A good logo is half the company's success. I do not agree with those people, who consider the development of the logo a waste of time. As the experience of companies with a worldwide reputation shows, a quality and memorable logo will make your brand recognizable. Accordingly, the number of customers of the company will increase. The perfect example of a well-chosen logo is the Janus logo. The history of its creation inspires many people to create their own masterpiece logo.

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