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    What You Should Know About Branding in E-commerce

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    E-commerce is one of the most saturated markets, yet new companies pop up faster than we can count them.

    On one hand, we have the constant evolution of demand and on the other, a logical progression of ways to supply that demand.

    In order to succeed in the cut-throat world of e-commerce, you need two things:

    • a well-developed brand
    •  an excellent customer service.

    You cannot have one without the other, as good customer service only reinforces the brand and a good brand cannot warrant respect without an adequate care for its customers.


    However, there some are things every business owner should know about developing their own brand.  

    Take the time to design your brand properly

    First things first, you need to develop the physical aspects of your brand, which includes the logo, color and contrast schemes, specific fonts and typefaces, etc.

    Think the now iconic Coca-Cola white on red or Starbucks green on white. These logos are renowned worldwide and all it takes is a single glance before you realize which brand is it.

    Furthermore, colors have a large influence on human behavior and they can be used to calm down customers, decrease or increase appetite, enhance mood or reduce the perception of time.

    Use your products as a marketing leverage

    One of the easiest ways to ensure the loyalty of your existing customers and attract new ones is to be reliable. Whereas a unique selling proposition can literally be any positive aspect of your brand that will make you stand out, using a product as leverage depends on the specific qualities of products and services.

    You can highlight the ethical practice of sourcing for your materials, their quality, sustainability, the exceptional build of the final product or simply market it as something that no one else is offering.

    Personalize customer experience


    The online shopping experience has become rather automatic and monotonous for the average customer. They click through product pages, review images and descriptions, validate their purchase by reading different reviews and finally, add the item to the cart.

    Returning back to the store results in the exact experience as they already had and does absolutely nothing to stimulate them into making another purchase.

    As an e-commerce store owner, you can personalize this experience in two ways:

    • using demographic
    •  behavioral targeting

    Use these two to provide them with a tailored shopping experience or relying on on-site targeting through the modal header and footer banners, pop-ups, sliders and dynamic content.

    Develop a unique selling proposition

    A unique selling proposition is one of the cornerstones of a well-thought-out brand strategy. It is used to differentiate your particular brand from the competition and provide potential customers with a good reason to invest in your company.

    Whether it is a specific product feature, outstanding customer service, easy-to-use website or an excellent return policy, having a distinguishing characteristic will make you stand out from the rest of the competition.

    If you don’t have the necessary experience to find what makes your product truly unique, you can always schedule a consultation with a professional such as this branding agency from Melbourne.

    Tell your story

    Tales are the ones that attract the most attention. This has proven to be right throughout the history of mankind and your brand deserves the same treatment.

    People in general, can easily connect emotionally with others and better remember them if there is a story that connects them. So, your brand needs a good story which needs to be told in a way that it builds trust with customers.

    Also, it should give them a small glimpse into the mysterious life of your business.

    The logical conclusion is telling your start-up story! Since there are thousands of other online and offline businesses, you will need something that will make you stand out.

    One of the best strategies includes honesty. Thus, you can start with telling the story of why you exist in the first place and why people should turn to you and give you their money.

    This may be a tough story to tell, since you need to convince them that you are slightly better than the competition, but try and build their trust with your honest intentions.

    Simply, let them get to know you and your brand, just like you would like to know them.

    Basically, you should tell them about how your business started, all those great ideas behind the scene; tell them who you are and what  you care about.

    Explain what you stand for and why you do it, and you can include any other things you find relevant and trustworthy. The end result will be a nice tale for the prospective customers who will gain your trust and help you achieve your goals.

    Show gratitude

    Satisfied customers reward businesses by telling their friends and family and providing social proof of their purchase. This behavior can further be reinforced by sending personalized emails of gratitude for their purchase, leaving a note inside the package, adding them to loyalty programs and responding and re-sharing their social media posts.

    Additionally, you can reward the most loyal of customers with discounts and special one-time offers, which rewards them but also adds a sense of exclusivity at the same time.


    Branding is a field of business where everything about your company gets decided, ranging from the look and feel of your brand, the voice you use to communicate with your customers to the incentives you will use to reinforce your brand and ensure customer loyalty.

    Do a proper research into the market, your customer and, most importantly, your competition and see exactly what it is you can to be different and make your company stand out.

    Author:  David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant,online marketing analyst and a writer. With six years of experience and a degree in online business strategies, he is driven to help people to better understand this new digital age. In his free time, David enjoys writing, travelling and an occasional night out with his friends.

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    Another way to brand an online business is by using traditional marketing methods as well, for example, to use different promotional items. Business cards can include QR codes and links to your website and social media profiles.

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