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    Top 10 Trends In Digital Marketing For 2017-18

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    The state of Digital Marketing industry

    The popularity gained by Digital Marketing in 2016 from small and large business ventures is huge.

    In order to let their target audience be subjected to the likability of the brand, digital marketing has enabled such companies to rocket through the competition market using target messages to attract the attention of the target audience using social media channels to reach out to them.

    However, in 2017, the expansion of the internet space is believed to be happening as more companies and startups are taking it to the social media platform to present themselves to the public, on the other hand, a complete makeover is anticipated so as to give preference to huge amounts of data which was available from Google

    In the vast digital marketing industry, competition is huge and in such a situation, striking on the right pulse of the consumer can change almost everything for the company.

    Social proof matters a lot when it comes to digital marketing, here, an authority needs to reach out to the mass in order to collect their attention towards the company.

    This also includes a strong message which synchronizes with the crowd so as to reciprocate to their needs.

    Trends taking Digital Marketing to a new height in 2017 and 2018

    #1 - Video advertisements

    As reaching out to a tech savvy mass is a necessity, the best way to do so is through video advertisements. In the past, selling a product required a lot of patience and perseverance for door to door persuasion.

    However, online advertisement in not just restricted to TV, it has started to spread its wings across Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and all the social platforms.

    This helps in notifying about the consumer acceptability to online advertisement falling under Cialdini’s Theories.

    #2 - Overpowering of Desktop by Mobile phones

    Internet marketing is now focussed upon mobile technology. We know this as Google has started to to enable Mobile Optimized Website. As dekstop traffic started to decrease, smart money started to be in the hands of Mobile Digital Marketing.

    #3 - Importance of Apps

    Applications offered on the mobile website are more convenient, intuitive and accessible rather than real time marketing. In this case, the mobile app will be provided with all the important features required to enable purchasing experience. Now, app indexing has been offered by Google.

    The replacement of websites by dedicated applications will take some time, however, they have created an existential pivotal change in the digital marketing industry this year.

    #4 - Social Media Conversion

    The websites, initially used to customer- company interaction amongst the communities online will extend its way into improving conversion rates from prospective consumers to buyers effectively. This is how social media will empower sales in marketing strategies.

    #5 - Smart Wearable Technology

    In the past few years, the unveiling of smartwatches had made a change in the world of technology as they were directly connected to the mobile’s applications. Gradually, this step will be taken seriously as the gap between online and real marketing will reduce by connecting to the digital world.

    #6 - Change in Search Algorithm

    Pages usually receive the most filtered algorithm after being filtered and unfiltered from the internet every second. This makes the search engine like Google and Bing  to update the flooding algorithms and limiting them to attain a certain criteria in order to reach the SERP. The criteria is to keep the message, informative, original and helpful.

    #7 - Increasing expense of online marketing

    As the invention of digital marketing had taken place over the past few years, in the recent trend, it is supposed to expand its services further.

    Marketers believe that PPC is going to get discontinued as the surge of online marketing takes its place in the coming years. This will be enhanced as a process as online advertisement receives priority and hence the competition will lead to an increased expense for it too.

    #8 - High Quality Content

    Content has always been of utmost importance as that is the platform through which the company will connect with the audience through a marketing campaign. Hence, there is a huge demand for niche based content writers who are experienced in this job in order to bring forth the specific, high quality and interactive content to the audience base. Message has always been the key to marketing.

    #9 - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Conversion Rate Optimization is a new method developed to keep a track of the traffic in a website. It helps in understanding the conversion rates of prospective consumers to buyers and also which content increased the surge in traffic of the website, and which will induce the traffic to disperse. Hence, marketers are now at an advantage as they can funnel website traffic into sales targets without having to shell out a huge budget to advertise.

    #10 - Growth Hacking

    The growth if a startup depends upon the programmer or a designer inputting an action to revolutionize the growth of the company. Every drop of water makes a mighty ocean, as they say, Growth Hacking is supposed to stay in the digital marketing phase for a long time.

    Evolution of Digital Marketing

    Marketing was stated under 6 theories by Cialdini, which influenced the psychology of persuasion. Initially, the marketing model consisted of introducing, persuading and reminding.

    As technology has started to advance, only 2 of the 6 theories of persuasion tactics hold true; social proof and likability. In the new model, demonstration, involvement and empowerment are the growth tactics in the competitive digital marketing arena.

    That is how the market is changing drastically and is now going to be more technologically inclined.

    Author Bio: Sejal Parmar, is an enthusiastic blogger who has a passion and interest in SEO. She covers topics on SMM, SEO, social media, digital marketing, blogging and much more at Web Ratna!  

    Edited by Dennis#MD

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