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    How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

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    The laws governing drug testing vary from state to state. Organizations also have limits as to when and how they conduct drug screening at the workplace.

    While this may be the case, you should remember that your employer can conduct routine or unexpected drug screening to find out if workers are playing by the rules.

    Notwithstanding, many persons who smoke marijuana also known as weed, ganja and pot will continue to do so either for pleasure or for medicinal purposes.

    Types of screening used for marijuana

    There are different types of drug screening that can be used to find out if weed in your system.

    1. Blood Screening

    A blood test is one of the most common tests used by many employers. Blood tests can tell the amount of marijuana in your blood during the time when the sample is taken. Cannabis can be detected in your blood from 2-7 days after your last smoke.

    2. Hair Screening

    Hair tests can be the most challenging of all drug screening methods. If you smoke marijuana regularly, be prepared to face this particular test at your workplace. It takes up to 90 days after the last smoking activity for weed to show up in your hair. Hair follicle screening is very accurate, so if you are facing a hair screening for drugs it’s important for you to know the way to pass a hair follicle drug test in an easy way.

    3. Mouth Swab Tests

    Mouth swab tests can detect existing drug use. They’ll detect usage within a few of hours but cannot show anything after two days before.

    Mouth swab screening is most commonly required by employers for job applicants. Its fairly easy to pass if you stick to the steps included here.

    4. Urine Screening

    Urine screening is usually used for pre-employment and is the most common one used in random drug testing. Urine tests can identify illicit drug use from 3 to 30 days.

    If you used drug just once, a urine test will only work no more than 3 days, moderate users will need 5 days, while heavy users will go up to 10 days and if you’re addicted, detection period will go up to 30 days.

    Preparing for a test

    If you work in a company that usually require unexpected testing for drugs, you really should stop smoking while you’re employed there. If you are using marijuana for medical purposes then it’s best to inform your employer so some changes can be made.

    If you’re planning to work in a company that request drug screening, then knowing the date of the test will give you ample time to ensure you pass it.

    Check this URL: https://americanaddictioncenters.org/marijuana-rehab/how-long-system-body

    Here are some of the best guidelines on how you can get ready to pass a marijuana drug test.

    1. Stop smoking marijuana

    The most important thing to bear in mind about removing all signs of weed use from your system is that it’s not a simple process.

    The more time you have, the better your chances of testing negative. So, don’t go smoking weed the night prior to your urine test and then you try to flush out your system with water. That certainly wont work.

    The ideal is to stop smoking long before the test so the metabolites will not show up in your body.

    2. Flush your system

    Flushing the system can help to minimize your chances of testing positive for drugs. Diluting your urine is possible. However, drinking too much water can dilute it to the point where your urine will look suspicious.

    This most likely will lead to a re-test. The ideal level you should have is below 50ng/ml of THC-COOH.

    In the last 48 hours before your drug testing, you should use the toilet as often as possible so you can have the best chance of passing your test.

    3. Take Zinc supplements (for urine screening)

    There is some debate as to the effectiveness of using Zinc supplements to help pass drug screening. However, research has shown that Zinc impedes THC discovery in urine samples.

    In actual fact, if Zinc is taken within 12 -18 hours close to time you will be providing a urine sample, a negative result will be detected.

    Actually, there were no detection of THC metabolites residues in persons who took the tablets in the 12-18 hours’ time slot prior to testing. There’s no harm in taking a few tablets since it could really get you out of a ticklish situation.

    4. Do detox

    In the detox process, there’s a combined strategy, which is taking zinc supplements and flushing the system.

    All in all, the purpose of detox drinks is not only to expel THC metabolites from the body but also to disguise their existence inside your body. If you’re planning to use detox then ensure you get a product that is fully laden with diuretic substances.

    Once you can get the right detox drink, you will be able to visit the toilet often so you can expel the unnecessary residues. This will help you to achieve a negative result and help secure your job. See more here

    5. Exercise

    THC is naturally stored in your fat cells. If you can stay active and burn the necessary fat, the THC amount in your system will be reduced. Since the exercise method takes a longer time, you cannot do it close to the date for your marijuana drug screening.

    Getting sweaty with your heart pumping will send fresh blood cells all over your body and get rid of stored toxins.

    What if you cannot run hard enough? Well, try sitting in a sauna. That’s another great way to release stored toxins.


    It’s not easy to pass a drug screening if you smoke weed regularly. However, if you have the time and you take the necessary precautions, you can get rid of the THC metabolites in your body.

    Stop smoking once you are aware of the date of the testing. Use detox drinks and water to flush your system.

    Don’t forget to exercise.

    You want to pass your marijuana test with flying colours, don’t you? Well, you certainly can, if you follow this guideline!

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    Hey thank you very much for the guidance, it is very nice and useful. It is not the only one I saw that explains all these facts about how to pass the drug test. You can enter site where I found several facts that look like your data from the site, maybe you can find some information that could help to add to the site.


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    Wow never seen any similar guidance in the web before, thank you very much for the comprehensive post. By the way I am not a stoner and never smoked recreational weed, but I highly tolerate cbd oil and even regularly vape it with my Lookah Snail vaporizer. 

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    I never thought I can find an article about how to pass a marijuana drug test on this forum 🙂
    It was very unexpected for me. But anyway, I sent it to a friend to make fun of him (you know what that means :0). He didn't like the joke. Despite that, the article turned out to be quite interesting and with a lot of important details. I'll read you more often.

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