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    How to Hire the Right Leadership Team for Your Startup

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    Every startup needs a team that will become the main force of business development.

    This is not a secret that the new companies usually have no financial resources to hire a huge number of professionals who will work together for reaching success.

    There are many other fields that require money investment like developing a product itself, offline and online promotion, participation in different events for establishing contacts with sponsors, etc.

    Many startup owners don’t know whether it is possible to run a business successfully having a limited number of people working for you. Indeed, this is possible although it requires some effort.

    The main problem is to find people who will work together successfully and who will be able to cope with the most complicated tasks. This is a leadership team and if you are able to create it, you may be sure in your success.

    However, the main question remains unanswered.

    Where can you find the team that will reinforce your business?

    In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know as a startup owner.

    Recruiting process will definitely become easier for you as you will get to know where to find the best candidates, how to attract them to your business, and how to build long-term relationships with the employees.

    #1 - Look for smart and well-educated people

    As a startup owner, you should get ready for the situation where most of the candidates will refuse to work with you. The matter is that everyone knows how difficult it is to work for the company that earns almost nothing.

    Of course, there are some extremely successful startups where everyone wants to work but if that’s not your case, you need to develop your own approach to hiring candidates.

    We strongly recommend you not to give up and never hire people who have no idea about how business works, have no ambitions and no desire to learn new things. If you feel that it will be impossible to find an expert, it’s better to stop your search for a while.

    If the position is urgent, look for the candidates who are smart enough to get another qualification and young talents who are ready to grow professionally.


    If you are looking for a CEO for your project, it becomes even more difficult. Of course, it is quite risky to offer this job to a person who has no idea how to manage the team.

    Consider hiring assistants who have been working with CEOs for a long time but could not get promoted. In some cases, this is even better, as the person will develop skills and knowledge that will perfectly suit the position in your company.

    When conducting the interviews with the candidates, do remember to ask them how they can solve the problems that may appear.

    If you are totally satisfied with the answers, do not hesitate to invite this person to your team. Being smart is better than having 10 years of experience but knowing nothing about problem-solving and shifting responsibility on the team members.

    #2 - Consider hiring retired militaries

    If you have no idea what candidate is perfect for a certain position, try checking veteran or military contractor resume. For leadership teams, they are perfect. Although they may lack some knowledge and have a poor understanding of what your business is about, they may become a huge support for your startup.

    The matter is that retired military people have a proper understanding of how a good team should work, how to organize the working processes, and how to control everything.

    Besides, as a rule, they have perfect communication skills, do not need thousands of explanations, and are great with problem-solving.

    #3 - Build relationships with your team

    Finding a perfect candidate for your leadership team is only a part of the job. You need to do everything possible to keep them attracted to your company. It can be good to develop some system of encouragements and to take yourPay attention to the resumes that you get

    If you receive tons of resumes, it still does not mean that you will find a perfect candidate quickly. Moreover, it may become a challenge for you.

    Many think that to get a job of their dream, it’s enough to create an effective resume. They order resume writing services that make them look like a perfect candidate for any position.

    However, the reality is absolutely different. Even though a person may have all the experience needed, they still may turn out to be unsuitable for the position.

    It’s always better to check the candidates’ personal profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thus, you will be able to get to know everything about this person and make a proper choice.

    #4 - How to attract the best candidates?

    The truth is that professionals are not always interested in money. Some of them have already earned enough to live happily ever after but they love their job and are in the permanent search of interesting and challenging tasks.

    To attract such candidates, you need to make sure that your vacancy description contains everything that may be interesting to a person who wants to solve complicated problems. Additionally, those who are not able to cope with these tasks will immediately understand that they are not the best candidates for you.

    Another thing that will help you attract more applicants is the possibility to develop personally and professionally. Unfortunately, most of the companies still ignore this and their employees do not want to keep working for them.

    For example, in many companies when there is a team leading position, the management gives preference to the candidates that come to the interview rather than to their own employees who can cope with this job even better because they already know everything about the inner workings and the team.

    Thus, you should send a clear message that when working with you, each employee will get the desired promotion. However, do clarify that to get promoted, a person needs to make employees to conferences and events where they will represent the company and build strong relations with other team members.

    For a startup, as well as for any other kind of business, the atmosphere inside the team has a vital importance for success. If there is no understanding and no one wants to listen to the colleagues and never pays attention to what they do, the results are always disappointing.

    Always pay attention to how comfortable each of your employees feels and how satisfied they are with the job they do.


    #5 - Running a startup

    Running a startup is always a challenge. You have thousands of things to do, dozens of ideas to implement, and hundreds of opportunities that may determine the success of your strategy.

    If you have a great leadership team, you will get a chance to share this responsibility with other people who are also dedicated to the results and are ready to work hard for success.

    Remember that your team is your main value and your main tool for reaching success. Always feel grateful to the people who have decided to join you on this complicated journey and do not forget to tell them about that!

    Author's Bio:

    Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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