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    Find Out More About The USCIS Translation Certification and Their Requirements

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    A certified translation is necessarily a statement declaring the translator’s skill to translate a document from the one language to the English language correctly.

    These are a particular type of translation required by U.S. Immigration, high school and university administration and enrollment, passport office usage and several other local, state, and federal official uses. Certified translations are word-for-word and presented on letterhead including a signed and stamped Certificate of Translation Accuracy, which attests to the thoroughness and accuracy of the translation and the qualifications of the translator.

    Why does USCIS require a certified translation?

    According to the law of the Code of Federal Regulations (8 CFR 103.2(b)(3)), Any foreign language document presented to USCIS needs to be followed by an English language translation which the translator has confirmed as correct and precise, and by the translator’s certification that he or she can translate from said foreign language into English.

    If you have added any foreign language certificates with your USCIS application, you must also submit translations into English which follow the USCIS translation certification requirements.

    Typical documents that need a translation hold death certificates, passports, birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, and academic records.

    The USCIS translation requirements

    The critical point of any translation is the accuracy and concentration to details it has been made with. The translation agencies are all for branding, marketing, and offering as if they are the excellent agencies out there. These cases put the clients in indecisiveness and hold them from following through a particular option. Here is where the certified translations come through. The case of translation which confirms the accuracy that it has been considered fit with.

    The need for certification also shows itself when the immigration offices require a certificate maintaining the accuracy of the particular document. This particular certificate is held to as the certification of the translation. It is taken out by a specific translator who is allowed to follow through the specific service.

    In the US, though, this service is recognized as USCIS certified translation and is a condition of the immigration agencies if you want to follow through your immigration process being managed in the United States. The legal courts have targeted this as a requirement for anyone wanting to come in and live in the boundaries of America.

    Accuracy is critical

    The layout needs to be according to the one displayed by their respective office. It is available on their website. It demands the translator to declare the power he has been allowed with and additional promise that whatever he or she has written in the translation is of absolute precision.

    Furthermore, the translator is needed to fill a form giving with the relevant individual information associated to candidate's identity; birth name, residential address, the date of certification and the sign verifying the design of this identity. You cannot just present a poorly translated or certified translation to the USCIS and give it to be admitted.

    The client should include this service with proper importance because if the certification of the translated document has poorly resulted, then the consequences will be just as poor. If the USCIS certified translation is not true and correct and meets the standards of the USCIS office, then the translator will be needed to perform the verifying documents accompanied by the translation.

    It is recognized as RFE (request for evidence). This will pause your immigration process, and if you are in a critical circumstance, it could result in the additional disturbance.

    You will still be a piece of the entire process and will be required for the certification again. But, if the deadline is not reached, then the translation will be denied without further warning, and the status of your immigration will be put to stop.

    Another thing that one should remember is that this translation or certification is not something that the client should be managed by themselves. There is a specific protocol which the professional translation agencies are informed of and have earned the necessary control in. The job of the client is to search for their benefits and reach out for an expert translation agency who can meet your goals as well as the USCIS translation requirements.

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