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    6 Tips for Balancing Digital Marketing and Creative Writing

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    Many people take writing jobs because of one simple reason: they like to write. They are passionate about it so much they want to spend as much time as possible doing what they love.

    However, this isn’t as easy as it seems. Writing for money isn’t always as creative as people expect: it requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and can also cause creative burnouts as well. 

    This doesn’t mean you should stop trying, though. While balancing digital marketing and creative writing does require some effort, this is completely possible once you learn how to do it right. In this article, I want to offer some tips that can help you with that. 

    1. Create a writing schedule.

    Probably one of the most challenging things about combining writing for money with creative writing is that the lines become too blurred. In order to avoid it, you need to create a schedule.

    If you are a freelance writer, try making a schedule both for your work projects and for creative writing. If you are an office worker creating texts for a custom writing service, for example, schedule some time after work to spend on writing.

    Stick to these writing hours no matter what and it will become much easier soon.

    In order to make it easier, try making this schedule as comfortable as possible. Choose hours when you won’t be distracted often (for example, this can be early morning hours before your work starts or an hour before you go to bed). Experiment with your schedule to find out, which time is the most comfortable for you. 

    2.    Don’t forget about setting deadlines.

    Some people think that deadlines have nothing to do with creative writing: after all, would it be good to limit your imagination and creativity with such things?

    However, if your goal is not only to enjoy writing for yourself but actually finish something (be it a book, a novel, an eBook, etc.), the deadline is a must. It prevents your work writing from consuming most of your time and allows you to reach your creative writing goals slowly but surely.  

    3.    Write down every idea.

    Good ideas don’t arrive on demand and so it’s very important to save them somewhere once they appear. Take a notebook with you everywhere you go or take notes on your phone using any app you find convenient for that. Write down every idea that comes to your mind.

    Sure, these ideas not always come when the time is right. However, it’s still important to find some time to write them down. First of all, this will eliminate the risk of you forgetting about them.

    Second, this will help you clear your head from them instantly, allowing to concentrate on your work better. Third, you’ll most likely find most of these ideas useful.

    Of course, I’m not talking only about plot ideas here. It’s important to write down everything you consider useful, starting from work ideas and ending with details you might use in your novels later. 

    4.    Create rituals.

    Sometimes people find it hard to switch from working to creative mood. For freelancers, it could be even harder: their workplace and their creative writing place are basically the same and so they might struggle with leaving the work behind even when the workday is over. 

    However, this could become easier once you start using some tricks. For example, you can develop a ritual that helps you set your mind on creative writing. This can be a cup of tea you make before you start writing, a writing playlist you turn on, and so on.

    Find out what works for you and start using it. Once you make it a habit, it’ll be easier for your mind to switch to the right mood. 

    5.    Don’t be afraid to mix work and creative writing.

    Many people think that it’s crucial to separate work and hobbies. However, sometimes the only way to find enough time for creative writing is to mix it with your work.

    Of course, I’m not telling you to write a novel during your working hours. But you’ll still have some breaks and time when you don’t have any work to do.

    Use this opportunity to focus on things related to your creative writing. For example, re-read some of your writing, make edits, try to develop some plot twists further, and so on. 

    6.    Don’t stress over it too much. 

    Even if you have a schedule, a deadline, and a strong desire to combine work and creative writing, there’s still a chance that you won’t always have enough time to do so. Some unexpected work problems might appear, distracting you from your writing habits or making you too tired.

    If you fail to meet your deadline or fall behind your schedule because you are too busy and exhausted due to your work, don’t punish yourself for it. Instead, think of a way you can adjust your schedule to these circumstances.

    Probably the most important tip to combine work and creative writing successfully is to don’t be too strict with yourself. Learn how to balance your work and your passion but don’t turn your passion into second work at the same time – and everything will be fine. 

    Author's Bio: Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging.  During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

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    A very diverse article. I like it. If you want you can check one of my articles.  Darwin in the 21st Century is my last creation. 

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