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Selling: Vba,vcc (For Shopping,verify Paypal,ebay,moneybookers,alertpay,facebook Etc)

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Hi, I'm selling vcc for following account verifications

<Instant Verification>


PayPal - $8

FaceBook - $8

eBay - $8

Adword - $8

AlertPay - $8

PayPal AVS - $25

VCC For Paypal USA, UK : $15

ExP VCC : 1 Year

( Note : If U want VCC exp 3 month same another seller , We sale with cheap price : $6 )

VCC Information:

1) Get 16 digit no.

2) Cvv2 code.

3) Expiry.

4) Card Type.


VBA for US PayPal Verification - $8

1) Checking / savings.

2) Account no .

3) Routing code.

4) Userid and Pass for instant verification.

How to order:

Contact me via PM or Y!M: MakerViet

If I'm Not Available In Chat Please Send Me Mail To:

Payments accepted:

Liberty reserve, Moneybookers, WMZ


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