ePN - Chinese Stores affiliate program

ePN CPA affiliate network.


The huge Chinese economic expansion is obvious. It causes customers to take an interest in chinese online stores, such as GearBest.

You can cash in on it with our ePN.bz Affiliate Program.

Our CPA affiliate network features programs for such online stores as GearBest.com, AliExpress.com, Banggood.com, etc.
7 Facts About Our Affiliate Programs:

  1. We offer you best commission rates on market;
  2. We have progressive reward system (commission rates from 5 to 12%);
  3. 11.11.2016 at AliExpress November Sale during the one day of promotion we’ve paid our webmasters more than $1 300 000;
  4. ePN community consists of more than 150 000 worldwide affiliates;
  5. We pay twice a month via WMZ, ePayments (without fee), Wire Transfer, etc.;
  6. We have 5% referral program;
  7. Worldwide GEO targeting;

How does it work?

  •     You get affiliate link via our webmaster tools;
  •     You post a link and bring traffic;
  •     You receive a commission from 5 to 11% of customers’ orders;

Make money with ePN!
Why we are better?

  •     Detailed stats;
  •     Responsive support;
  •     Accelerated payments;
  •     Quality promo tools (LPs, smart banners, etc.)
  •     Own (built-in) URL shortener for social media;
  •     CPA and RevShare income opportunities
  •     3 years on affiliate market

Webmaster affiliate commission rewards


AliExpress from 8,5% to 12%

Banggood 6%

GearBest from 5% to 11%

ASOS from 3% to 7%

Our affiliate managers are always ready to help you. Feel free to ask any questions via e-mail ( partners@epn.bz ) or reply this topic.

Join ePN affiliate program and start making money today!




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      UNDERSTAND THIS! One of the great advantages of joining us is that your commission rates will never drop – even if your traffic stops. This will crush your competition in the long term! You can earn millions like this affiliate:

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      Create Passive Streams of Income with Rebills That Will Make Your Head Spin!
      Online gambling has the most lucrative rebills, and this is a fact! Players play for years and although the average customer lifetime value is between $1200 and $1800 (depending on the markets), many players spend millions of dollars.
      Let me picture these rebills for you:

      The point here is not to impress you with the profits.
      Take a closer look at the visits and registrations!

      Yes, this is possible, when working in the online gambling vertical ;)
      Your depositors will be a passive source of income for you. Money will come to you on autopilot. Not in every case and with every player, but in most of the cases. And as unbelievable and “too-good-to-be-true” as it may sound, this is a reality for many of our affiliates.
      And now YOU can be one of them!
      Save Thousands of Dollars and Hours on Manual Work with a Single-Point of Access
      You will Get FREE access to our cutting-edge software which integrates all your stats, reporting and cash-flow between hundreds of affiliate programs and platforms.
      Not only that, but instead of having to deal with hundreds of casino’s affiliate managers, you will have your ONLY one Af2Af iGaming PhD who will take care of all the hard work for you.

      And there’s more:
      ==> Get UNLIMITED FREE support and consulting from affiliate experts with 10+ years of experience dedicated 24/7 on you
      ==> Get Flexible, Secure, and Custom Payments depending on your needs
      ==> Get FREE access to our creative materials masterfully crafted by our skilled designers and copywriters
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      ==> Get compensated if you are planning to switch niches

      How Can You Earn $9 000+ Per Month Easily And Without Much Effort?
      It’s very simple.
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      4.  You watch your stats growing and withdraw your earnings with a Big smile on your face.

      Now…Let’s say that depending on your traffic, your player lifetime value is $1 500, and your commission rate becomes 45%. That is $675 net profit per player for you.
      In order to earn $9000 per month on average, all you have to do is refer JUST 13 new players each month.
      Many of our affiliates bring waaay more depositors than that. So can YOU!
      Af2Af until recently was a closed community of big affiliates. We are now open for the public and anyone can join, and we’ll be especially happy to welcome all fellow affiliates at TGF.
      Joining our network is 100% free but we are interested in serious affiliates ONLY.
      It’s your call now.
      And make sure that you add me on Skype!
      Skype: zac.flynn91
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