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Some of the best forex brokers in the world

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    • By Investland
      I`m not admin
      Start of the project - 11/02/16

      Register Here
      Technical description:

    • By benjikt
      First what is "Binary option", this is a forex trading way , its new method to trade forex, its time trading.
      here is some info :
      I try this method more than a year and I make some good money, but its not 100% sure , its high risky investment, but the profit is something like 1:15 or more . For example if you risk 100$ you can make 1500 - 2000$ . Wha is the method???
      The most of the binary option broker give 70% earning, for example if you invest 100$ in this trade you will win 170$ - 70 $ pure profit, but this is not a great ... right. But I find a way to make more money with this bullshit :D .
      The system is called "Revers martingale" (you reinvest everything that you win previous). Example:
      1.You invest 100$ - WIN 170$ (100$*70%)
      2.You invest 170$ - WIN 289$ (170$*70%)
      3.You invest 289$ - WIN 491.30$ (289$*70%)
      4.You invest 491.30$ - WIN 835$ (491.30$*70%)
      5.You invest 835$ - WIN 1419$ (835$*70%)
      6.You invest 1419$ - WIN 2413$ (1419$*70%)
      And here you STOP..... Simply you invest (risk) 100$ to make 2413$ pure profit.
      But for this you need good trading strategy. And this is the most hard thing in this method.The most of the best strategy cost 200-800$ but here I will share on stategy that I test it and I make some money with it.
      If you are interested inbox me or just post something in this Thread :) I will try to help 
    • By chetanepic
      Hii everyone,
      Myself Chetan Yadav, and i am from India. I am generally a stock, commodity and forex market research analysts and works in a Multi-National company Epic Research Ltd.
      Its very good for me to join this forex forum.
      Thanks & Regards
      Chetan Yadav
    • By FxNet
      About FxNet
      As a global, fully licensed STP broker FxNet offers uparalelled trading conditions desiged to meet all realistic expectations from both professional and new traders. From our headquarters in Limassol FxNet has created a secure trading network consisting of high end trading technology and prestigious partnerships all of which enable FxNet to be a secure, transparent and reliable broker.
      Visit FxNet's Page Now
      FxNet Account Options
      We offer a variety of accounts to cover all the different needs of traders, with fair and transparent conditions.
      Standard Account
      Minimum Deposit: $50
      Leverage: 1:500
      Spreads: from 2.3 pips
      Commission: None
      VIP Account
      Minimum Deposit: $2000
      Leverage: 1:500
      Spreads: from 1.9 pips
      Commission: None
      Platinum Account
      Minimum Deposit: $5000
      Leverage: 1:500
      Spreads: from 0.0 pips
      Commission: 12 points per round lot
      Additionally choose the type of account you want to open: MAM Account, Islamic Account, Corporate Account
      FxNet Platforms
      FxNet offers a variety of platforms all STP under world renowned MT4 (MetaTrader 4), choose from the following platforms:
      MT4 Desktop
      MT4 iPhone/ iPad
      MT4 Android
      MT4 iOS
      FxNet Products
      Choices of trading instruments are endless with FxNet. We offer all trading categories, Forex (Majors & Minors), Commodities, CFDs on Shares and Equity Indices. Between these categories there are over 85 instruments, the most prominent of which are the following:
      Gold Silver
      USOil Brent
      Apple Amazon Coke Google
      eBay McDonalds Visa Bitcoin
      More FxNet Features
      FxNet provides more than just trading, but a whole system of support for traders, new and experienced. Browse our website and view the
      following benefits among others:
      Daily Technical Analysis (in over 10 languages)
      Daily Market News
      Financial Articles
      Economic Calendar
      Free VPS (for clients)
      and more
      Contact FxNet
      Visit our website and contact us any time through Live Chat, phone or email, our team will be ready to take your questions and inquiries and offer you all the help you need. For updates on the go follow us on Social Media:
      Facebook Page
      Facebook Group
      Twitter @FxNetTraDinG
      Instagram FXNET_TRADING
      Visit FxNet's Page Now
    • By benjikt
      Hello guys, in this post I will promote a great "Money Making Course".
      I am a forex trader, I trade 2 years, Lost alot of money by buying differents trading systems. 
      And finally I found system that WORK very good. The system include pdf e-books and user template. The price of the system is 200$ 
      But I will give to you ONLY FOR 50$. YES only 50$(one time pay).
      This is not some SCAM this is a education material.You invest in your BRAIN.
      You do not lose anything just 50$ :D 
      If you want more information inbox me!
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