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GIfthulk is the ideal site to join if you already haven't because if not you could be losing out on lots of free giftcards. They offer a variety of different gifts and giftcards and it is so easy to earn, that it really is hard to believe, but it's true. They also offer a weekly payout every Sunday you will receive your reward as long as you redeem it before Saturday at midnight. So all you have to do it click the banner above and get a 50 HULK bonus point start up. Below you will find an overview of what is offered.

The BONUS bar is the first thing that I'd like to introduce and in my opinion it can really help you earn a pretty big bonus. In the Offerwall and EZ Coins you can get a bonus for completing a particular amount of points in that center. In the Offerwall they change it daily to a new incentive like if you earn a certain amount of points you can get a so many point bonus or a permanent key. A permanent key is something that you'll recieve daily in the treasure box area which means daily you'll have that extra chance to win hulk points,daily key,more permanent key ,ect. The EZ Coin center is where you can get HULK points for doing offers that are simple and easy to complete. The bonus bar incentive rests on a weekly basis rather than a daily bonus, but offers a big reward when you reach the requirements.

I'd like to next introduce the Offerwall and give you basic understanding of what it is. So the Offerwall is a place where you can get a lot of points because they are currently 10 different offerwalls with over 50+ offers,task,videos,surveys and more from each. You can really easily find offers that you'd like to complete and get rewarded. There is no limit to how many offers you can do daily and there are so many that you can earn points and redeem your rewards on your time. One of my favorite offerwalls is offerwall #8 Peanut Labs because they have surveys that you can complete and they offer a lot of points for there surveys and most of them you qualify for.

Next, EZ Coins is where you can complete simple and easy offers and get rewarded. It also tells you on each offer how real people rate it and the number of people that have successfully completed it. It almost instantly credits offers after complete so as long as you do the requirements it should credit without a problem.

Daily surveys is the place for you if your a survey taker. There are two survey panels one that offers 50 HULK credits and another that offers 60. You just have to complete one of the surveys on the panel and you get rewarded. If your not a big survey taker you might change your mind because that is an instant 110 credits daily if you complete both them that's about $1.50 in value of points. If you can't get an offer to credit then a survey is a nice way to get those points to redeem your next reward.

Tasks is another way to get points here. You can complete tasks from Crowdflower or just do things to help the Gifthulk community to get points. You help the community by liking them on Facebook and twitter or posting a YouTube video about them. You can use your imagination to earn lots of points in this section.

In the Daily Poll you can get a point for voting on it. Just that simple it's small but all adds up quickly.

The Fountain of Youth is where you can redeem promo codes that you can win in the treasure box or find in the toolbar. Periodically they offer these codes and you can get a small amount for redeem them but entering the code here. That is really the only purpose of this section.

The Playground is where you go if your a gamer for sure. You can play games and compete with others to earn to earn points. There are always a nice little variety of games here just play and compete and if you win you get points.

The toolbar is where you can find out if there are any promo codes. And if you search and use this toolbar you will earn more points and rewards and you can even earn a $1 amazon giftcard for using it.

Search & Win is where you can get points for just searching the web. BUT, be careful if you search to many times without click a search result you will get a temporary ban from this section for 1 day(24 hours). If you continue several more times to get a temporary ban then you can get you account deleted. So please use it responsibly which is just to search and get some points and other rewards.

The Treasure Box is where you just click a button and have a chance of winning several different rewards. The following rewards you will win from there are: daily keys, permanent keys, Hulk coins, gifts like amazon or Paypal $1 giftcards, fountain of youth codes, boosts, and store discounts. Just check back daily and you can win and in the EZ Coins section you can get more daily clicks in addition to the amount of points you get when you complete an offer.

The GiftHulk TV is next and you can get points for simply entertaining yourself. You can watch videos from lots of different sections to choose from. When you watch so many videos you'll get credit but, you have to like then on Facebook to be able to earn from this section.

Another way is Giveaways or as I call it sweepstakes. Just put fourth some many points for each entree and it gives you a chance to win the item. You might win you might not it is all about lucky. I'd say that you won't win anything but if your lucky enough you might.

And finally one of my favorites referrals. You will receive 1 permanent key whenever you referral gets 50 hulk points. And you will get 20% of what your referral earns from the daily surveys, offer wall, ez coins, tasks and search & win earns for LIFE.

They also have a referral contest every month. So if you like referrals and you can connect to them easily you can get a lot, first place get 500 and there are a lot of other place to win from too.

So join the community today by clicking the banner above or click my referral link here: http://www.gifthulk....efer/Joshua8095 . I have redeemed a lot of amazon giftcards and have received them by email. I might even consider posting them on here so you guys can have a look. But anyhow this is one of the best programs out there I wouldn't want you to miss out on something this big so please join today.

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