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Casino Money Transfer

"Get Back In The Game"

You have to check out the Casino Money Transfer website at the links provided below!!!

We offer the ONLY 100% anonymous card solutions available today, since all the IMF, WBO and other political sanctions and banking regulations have drasticlly affected many card issuers globally since around 2007-2008 to present.

:cool: Imagine, NO LOAD LIMITS… Up to $10k/day from ATM’s… $25k to $50k/day in POS transactions, etc. We are the #1 provider in the industry. The card options are issued through banks in Anguilla, Belize, Cyprus, Canada and Norway! Anonymous OFFSHORE solutions... $500k limit Visa... $5 million limit Maestro... and our BLACK JACK (UNLIMITED) MasterCard solution.

:biggrin: We also offer 2 card options with NO ID/Passport requirements!

Casino Money Transfer (Casino Card Trading, Limited) is the ultimate source for pre-paid debit cards and anonymous debit card solutions!

See for yourself, visit us at:





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