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  1. What Type Of Proof You want? And They Did Many things To us:- 1. Not Send Card 2. Deducted Money $75 and Not Recharged Mobile 3 Changed Automatically Personal Account To Business Account 4. Changed Verified Account To Unverified 5. Not Allowing to Withdraw Money And If Anyone Knows Site Where We Can buy Products Through cashx Like Laptop, Mobiles,Etc.
  2. My Money Is Also Scammed By Them Approximately $2800. But they Are Not Ready To Pay My Money Can You tell Me My Friend What is Virtual Money Program Is And How Can I Withdraw Money Or get Something Out Of It. And They Are Real Scam They Dont Reply To Tickets And They Deducted $95 for Card And Not Send Card Also From Last 3 Months.
  3. Welcome to the forums atulvij89 :) Enjoy your stay and thank you for being a member. If you need help or have questions don't hesitate to contact me and other mods. We are here to help you.