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  1. I dont know which leverage can be handle by which trader but if you are skilled and know how to work with leverage then no matter what number it has. You can make money with it.
  2. I dont think that any trader has ever regret about his mistake. He might get disappoint with his work but he cant leave it without any solution. But there may be, most of the trader after loss, they leave this work.
  3. See, every trader does trading mistakes in his trading life. So there are many common mistakes of trading, like over trading is one of the big issue with traders. Then, not controlling emotions and doing wrong trades without any analysis.
  4. It is not much difficult for finding right broker for scalping trading. There are tons of broker in market and websites or forums which having real person's reviews with those broker so you can easily find one for your trading work.
  5. Right, Demo is beneficial only, if you work with it serious attitude. If you are using demo for fun and not serious about your work then wasting time is not good idea. Always keep in mind that, as serious you are in demo account it will help as much as you will be in real account.
  6. Many traders are using scalping as their strategy in Forex and earning well as well. But for that we need spreads according to it so that in short time we can gain good profit. But not every broker is supporting it.
  7. Manual trading is best if you learn Forex well, but not every mind is same so they depends on robot or other system for earning. But after using automate system, they always come back to manual work.
  8. Scalping is widely used strategy in market. I think every second trader has use it for their trading. But it needs sharp mind which can works for mini time frame of forex, handling trade for small time frames is difficult.
  9. Right, regular and reputed broker are always first choice of many experience traders, as they know market well and having experience about brokers mind..
  10. Spreads are important because if spreads are small number than we can make more pips and our profit can be bigger. But when come to choose right broker, i always check first security of broker rather than spreads.
  11. I think learning every day a new lesson can make huge difference in our trading. If person is having skills and mind set then he can surly win this market no matter what happens, dedication to works is important.
  12. Demo practice is good way to get idea about market and learn how market works. But newbie should take it seriously so that they can learn it otherwise it is just waste of time.
  13. People give up this market very easily as they start facing loss with their account but they dont understand that they can learn from it and make a new system so that they can earn also the same.
  14. Every newbie start Forex as part time only because if they learn it well then they know how risky is market and they can not start it as full time trader.
  15. Right, there is no best thing exist in broker or in any business. You can make it easy but not best. You can find comfortable one but no best one. The same for broker, each broker has its own pros and cons, you can not find all good things in one broker.