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  1. HI, I am using moneybookers from last few years. And the method of cashing out I used always was by Bank. Bank account verification is very easy, you only need SWIFT code and your full bank account number. Moneybookers account can be easily opened also, sometimes they need your verification that YOU EXIST in this world. You have to provide scanned copy of your ID card or Passport (means your English name on an authenticated card). Anyhow, the problem comes here. I had enabled USD $ as my main currency in moneybookers, and used to withdraw funds to my bank in local currency (rupee), money used to come at normal good rate. Until once it came on a very low rate, then i changed my bank and withdrew, again same thing happened. The bank said that they did nothing the money came in was the same amount that you received. Upon further inquiry I came to the conclusion that Moneybookers default currency is in Euro and they turn it in USD for my account then send to my bank which turns it in rupee. Hence so many conversion and in those days the forex rates were disturbed. I have stopped using moneybookers after that though, i loved moneybookers a lot. Anyone else having similar issue? please share!