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  1. In my opinion, broker selection is getting harder every day as there are many new brokers starting each day and many old winding up as well. So we should trade or choose those brokers which have certain repute in past. This could be done by checking their feed backs on reputed reviews sites.
  2. I think we should trade with reputed brokers and should withdraw profits regularly by keeping the only capital behind in order to stay safe while trading with any broker.
  3. In my opinion, proper risk and money management can bring success in traders life so it is good to focus on that particular expertise,
  4. It is better to avoid mistakes as the forex trading market is very professional market which does not spare mistakes. SO it is good to keep a trading journal and review it properly to evaluate our mistakes.
  5. Demo accounts are good tools for testing any strategy before putting them to live accounts however the performance tested on the past results does not guarantee any future progress so we need to be bit careful as well.
  6. But the thing to be noted about leverage is that it could bring high damages if chosen unattended, as the new traders being unaware of the market may ruin their account by choosing higher leverages.
  7. I better say that we can short list a few decent brokers and check their feed backs from review sites before finalizing them.
  8. Yeah..! choosing any right broker really getting harder these days so we need to trade with those brokers who have some good repute in the market.
  9. In my opinion predicting the market requires analysis that only comes through experience so traders should also take patience while learning forex trading.
  10. I see they didn't even deduct any fee on my profit withdrawals but once they came in skrill then skrill charges a lot, IMO!
  11. The USD has already have its impact on the Wall Street as the stocks fluctuated downwards due to the improvement in the value of the USD.
  12. Spreads are also associated with the trading costs, so if our trading costs are low then we will be able to make more profit on our trades. However, some traders also prefer trading with zero spread account while paying commission to the brokers.
  13. I still have my demo account with hotforex and most of the times, i use it just for the sake of testing any strategy before implementing it to my live trading account.
  14. I guess this is because major pairs have less liquidity risks and they also have lowest spreads than the other non popular pairs.
  15. Regulated plus reputed too..! We need to trade with those brokers that at least have some repute and a good past background. It is also good to check traders insights at different review sites before finalizing any broker.
  16. Losses are inevitable however we can minimize the risks by learning from our past mistakes, some also consider losses as the compensation or cost paid for learning.
  17. The secret behind the success of any successful forex trader is the strategy as how he foresee and manages the associated risks with his investments, so money and risk management is the key to success in my opinion.
  18. I also vote for wordpress as a good cms solution however PHP knowledge also help in handling any wordpress site.
  19. New traders should scalp with extra care as if scalping helps making good amounts but at the same time is riskier as well.
  20. In my trading opinion, EUR USD are the two very popular pairs that are most of the time being volatile due to the news impact however they are good to bring nice profits so i mostly stick to them.
  21. I guess it would be better to learn the forex trading while doing it in part time along with our primary jobs, save money from primary job and invest in forex trading with the acquired knowledge and make profits on your savings.
  22. Its actually works if you predict that the value of underlying asset will goes up within a specified time frame, if it goes up your prediction helps you win extra amount and if it goes wrong then you will be loosing your own investing money.
  23. I don't think he tried connecting at the website support as there is a chat button over there which needed to be pressed in order to talk with the company representative. Last time i had any issue and i did the same, connected with the support staff immediately.
  24. Same here ! However i joined hotforex directly so am i still able to get any IB rebates?
  25. Agreed with this post and in my opinion we need to optimize all the necessary elements in order to boost our business website in every aspect that our competitor is doing and we should also practice those which our competitors are not doing, then we can see sky rocketing results.