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  1. Thanks Dennis, I hope it will attract more people as well. With also adding PM that should bring them in as well.
  2. G'day Jimmy hear from AuExchanges, Just thought I would tell you all about the new site design and the new features. I have taken out the need of creating account and signing in which with some people not remembering there password or username was common, I decided it was best to just have the same order form with a few different thing needed ie, name, email, number. This is to just get a bit of info about you when you place the order and this info is kept "under lock and key" so know one but you or I ever see this info. I have also added Perfect money to my exchange list, they are a very big and well known company now and should have added them long ago. But I have and should be accredited/verified exchanger with them this week some time. I also have now been verified by ECUmoney and HD-money as exchangers which I think will be two very big currencies in the years to come. I hope you all take some time to check the new site out I know it looks simple but thats what I wanted clean and easy. No fancy stuff just quick easy and SAFE each and every time. Hope you all have a great week Jimmy
  3. G'day GREAT NEWS NEW FEE FOR LR NOW ONLY 2% TO ANY ECURRENCY!! Which is one of the lowest in the business today! Hope to hear from you all soon Yahoo: Auexchanges Skype: caujames. Jimmy AuExchanges
  4. G'day I'm very happy to tell you all that as of today we will be dropping our fee's for both Solidtrustpay and strictpay. STP will now be %5 And SP will be only 6% I know this is only a 1% drop which does not seem like much but on the bigger exchanges it can be a lot of money. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend. Jimmy AuExchanges
  5. G'day OK thanks look forward to your business. Jimmy
  6. G'day Im happy to tell you all we are back online after a very serious DDOS attack that last an entire week. The attack was very bad and now have gone to extra measures to make my site even safer and more secure. The good thing that as come from the attack is that Im on top after it. If i was a scammer I would have closed up and taken off with everyones money. But Im a serious person and here for the long run. This was my first attack and most likely not the last, But Im on top and already have done orders last night and this morning. So now I do hope more people will trust my site and my service. Im not going away Im here to strive to be one of the best and most respectable exchanges online. Hope to speak to you guys soon. Jimmy
  7. G'day Yes we most certainly do exchanges for people in the US. website Jimmy
  8. G'day My name is Jimmy and I would like to introduce you all to Au Exchanges the exchange from down under. Im here to offer you a safe and secure exchange each and every time. I exchange all the major Ecurrencies at a fair and reasonable rate. Im working on adding the Instant exchange option which should be a good new option and will be dropping all fees to 5%. Im verified exchanger with LR and STP and accredited by VFS. If you have any questions please contact me at or via YM auexchanges or skype caujames. Have a great day everyone. Jimmy
  9. Welcome to the forums AuExchanges :)