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  1. money in forex is clearly there, and every trader who want to want to mendapakan money in forex it should be with their learning and how to be patient, and in running the study did not take a minute, but it needs with a long time, with the risk of it one to be managed properly
  2. with her great risk in forex trading business can we know how where a good way to in order to minimize could still survive in the run, and do not forget to always strive to learn well in order to have the motivation to be more focused in running the business of forex trading
  3. note that the way to learn to do with the risk of uncontrolled well be, as well as good analytical way in order to enter and exit the market could be more focused and disciplined. which is important to do the struggle for the desire to be successful in forex can be obtained
  4. a lot of advantages that can be obtained from this forex business, including profit, profit and more. should be seen in terms of psychology is more stable, because in forex we are required to be able to control emotions and exercise patience
  5. forex trading business is indeed my love, because of the presence of huge profits can also be used in the job primary, but should be aware of the risks that exist in the forex trading, and the need for more training in forex trading this well so that the matter of risk will unmanageable
  6. but we remember also the issue of the risk, not only benefits can be obtained. or better yet we do in a way to continue to work in a way to study hard in order to benefit that can be obtained
  7. leverage greatly assist us in we do with small capital. but we need to balance the first in the capital with a leverage which will we choose to be balanced
  8. we can anticipate the risks that may be we will make trading dapetin we got so much better because the possible risks from a shower can be minimized by good. so the chances we created dapet greater profits. That's why we always learn improve the ability to utilize a demo account to be learned
  9. in a way to make money in forex trading business is not something easy business to run, but need to process and requires a long time. And I also constantly strive and struggle to learn how where this way of doing business by bringing in the success we can get to it easily.
  10. success in forex trading business is in need with the preparation we did, especially in the analysis should be the maximum we need to do our best in the predicting dynamic market. and with that in stages in learning can be a way to do the demo account for learning in science's ability to train and how to analyze them accurately
  11. certainly in forex trading business has a very high risk, and we need to be able to manage the risk so in running a business can survive long forex trading, and seek to continue to learn in science maximizing trading skills to be able to benefit can be obtained
  12. very well in a demo account to learn. especially in beginners important: once in use the demo account to improve trading skills in order to get more leverage. which is expected in the forex business by bringing a consistent success in the profit obtained
  13. evaluation activities we can certainly do better in running a business its forex trading. Businesses that there is always a process in the success and especially in making learning very important to improve trading skills better way to run in the forex trading business correctly
  14. so we can also do with learning in a way that passion to be able to produce a maximum in running a business is forex trading. major in forex trading business should know how where to manage trading well and also manages the financial manajmen