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  1. Hello @johnmartin0789 and welcome on TopGold Forum. Tell us more about you and your passions, hobbies and if you are making money online
  2. Matt Cutts, the head of anti spam division of Google announced in 2014 that Google is paying a lot of attention to paid guest posting as it was a method used a lot to gain unfair ranking advantages. You may read the blog post here - So as Google is looking into this matter I can't consider it at all a safe method for SEO. Also, there are a lot of legit blogs that will accept your quality content for free so why paying for publishing when you can get it for free in first place. Better you focus to create quality content that bloggers will beg to publish on their blogs. Of course you can do it, I'm sure there are a lot of bloggers right there that will publish for few bucks but if you do it SEO for customers you risk to get their sites penalized. That's because when Google is catching a blogger that takes money for posting it penalize his websites and all sites that published on that particular blog (especially if their link profile doesn't look natural) In conclusion, is not worth the risk.
  3. This really depends on the SEO company you are hiring. There are companies that will provide you only the analysis (a SEO audit) of your website that you should implement in-house or to hire a company to do it. Others will take care of implementing the changes as well. AS a SEO service provider I've worked both ways. They were companies not willing to share access to their website or have a development team in-house so I've only provided them an SEO audit and then monitor the changes done by their development team. Other customers asked me to do the changes as they said they give me full access so I'm the only one responsible for success (or failure) In my opinion, if you don't have anything agains giving editorial access to your site and the company you hire is trustworthy you should go with second method as you will be able to track results better.
  4. Haven't heard anything about this game; not in press; not from my buddies so I suppose the hype is gone..
  5. Hello @milakg. Welcome on TopGold Forum. Nice to have you here and looking forward for your contribution on our community.
  6. You may use Open Site Explorer, the official tool from MOZ (creators of the DA and PA metrics) For bulk checkings you should try:
  7. Google rankings top is made up of 200+ ranking signals. But while it’s definitely useful to know what all of those are, the entire list is a very time-consuming read. It’s somewhat vague in terms of the impact of each individual factor, and all of those things don’t seem doable if you try to get each one right. With the news about another Google update or algorithm change rolling out every other week, how can anyone keep up, ever? 2017 Seo Trends Alameda Internet Marketing Agency reached out to 39 experts and asked them What are your top 3 SEO trends for 2017 and beyond? Among the main trends identified by experts are optimization for Mobile (18 votes), Quality and Epic Content (13 votes), Voice Search (9 votes), Micro Formats (7 votes), Artificial Intelligence (5 votes). 1 Link to authority sites If you are going to link to other websites, make sure that the website that you are linking to is a quality site and doesn’t have SPAM on it. The higher the quality of the websites that you are linking to, the more qualified your website will be seen. Another reason to link to authority websites is to show Google that your content is relevant and well researched. Read the remaining nine seo strategies here
  8. Hello @proxyhotdeals. Welcome on Top Gold Forum. I'd like to know more about SEO services you are offering.
  9. There are now many useful twitter automation tools that can really help to put power behind your Twitter marketing efforts. The amount of time you have available for twitter will depend on your budget and resources, but making use of some of the online twitter tools available will not only save you time but also help you to find your target audience, keep on top of trends in your local area and also help you get more twitter followers. So let’s find out what kind of marketing software, dashboards and publishing tools are the social media gurus actually using to juggle these multiple accounts?
  10. 200 Google Ranking Factors List While trying to keep on all of Google’s changes can be a hassle, there are a large number of SEO factors that are unlikely to change any time soon. To help make SEO just a little easier, digital marketing firms Backlinko and Single Grain have created the infographic below, collecting some 200 factors that Google considers when ranking sites in its search results. The information was compiled from hundreds of sources, including SEO blogs and from statements made by Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts. Read the full article on
  11. @ORLOVA Check there two guides on how to do SEO for e-commerce websites. These are well written and explain in detail every thing you should take care of: Both Kissmetrics and Ahrefs are reputable companies that gives solid information.
  12. I disagree. Alexa Rank is mostly based on data gathered from their toolbar installed by voluntaries. So as long as you increase the traffic for your website you will increase alexa rank as well. Even traffic from traffic exchange programs is good.
  13. Use Google Alerts to identify new blog posts related to your niche. We've written an effective tutorial on how to use Google Alerts for maximum results.
  14. I'd like to wish all our members, partners and visitors a happy and better new year. Have a great journey and make sure everything you do it counts. All the best, guys and gals. Btw, whats your new year resolution? Mine is to launch my own digital marketing agency and invest more in digital assets. Yours, Dennis
  15. I'm interested in this service. Whats the price ?