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  1. @Trituy We've just wrote an article on this specific question. Check it here: " If you have optimized your blog properly and traffic is consistently growing, typically, you may start to see some revenue within 6-12 months following your blog’s launch. However, in most cases figures will be a bit disappointing first comparing to the effort you may be putting in your blog. "
  2. Alexa rank is measured using a toolbar created by Alexa team that users install it. I have it on my computer. So in order to increase your alexa rank you need to have more visits from people having the toolbar installed. But as you can't target those users you just need to increase the traffic to your site. I've seen good results by purchasing traffic.
  3. "Pagination can occur in many formats. First is article pagination when a single article spans across two or more pages. Next there is gallery pagination when every item in a gallery has its own page. There is also forum pagination where threads can span many pages. Category pagination is when listings span several pages. These lists can be in the form of products or anything else that can be placed in categories. A newer form of pagination is infinite scroll pagination, where data is pre-fetched from a subsequent page and added directly to the user’s current page as the scroll down the page." I agree with the author of this article: "Pagination is complication. I hope that this article provides enough insight so that you can plan a proper strategy and provide the search engines logical paths and quality content. These methods will allow the search engines to crawl efficiently, resulting in strong rankings for your site content."
  4. Bitcoin trend is an interesting matter. Just found an article about it: @SACtrading I agree with you. Gold trend is for me at least quite strange in last couple of years. I've also closed some orders on negative. I was expecting gold price to rise but it didn't.

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  7. @unichangeme do you accept C-gold ? I have some for sale.
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  10. Hello Lucky Lu, That's a really nice introduction and I appreciate you speak about yourself and what you are doing. You can definitely help us in the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Affiliates sections of our community and your help is appreciated. I'm interested in the project you're in now so let's talk more about it. Once again, nice introduction and have a great stay here in Top Gold Forums.
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  14. These are great news @xmlgold. You should also add the debit card/prepaid card offer in our Marketplace -
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